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USB Read only at Startup

Make USB drive Read-Only when you plug it in your computer

Catching a virus from a USB drive is as common as getting common cold. This is one reason why you see every Cyber Café or even your friend scanning your USB...
Unlink MS Skype Account

How to Unlink Skype & Microsoft or Facebook Account, Mind the Limit

If you have always wondered if there was any option to remove the linked Microsoft Account with your Skype Account, then there wasn't any actually. Good news is that According to...
Extract Now for Windows

Extract multiple archive files in a go

Windows users who deal with archive files on day to day basis must have always though for a tool that can automate this job and extract all archive i.e. ZIP, Rar...

Automatically organize Files on your Desktop using Fences Rules

Fences is a pretty old software which is the best way you can organize your desktop. It creates grids or area on your desktop where you can keep files and it...
Testing Live Theme Plugin

How to Test & Setup New WordPress Theme on Live Site

When it comes to testing and setting up a new theme, its more or less a nightmare because you not only need to test it but also make it live on...
Free Instagram Downloader

Bulk download all your Instagram Images (or any User)

Instagram is one of the most popular image sharing services across social networks, and if you are one of those users sharing the awesome pictures with everybody but always hated that...
SubIt Caption Downloader

Download Subtitle / Caption of any Movie using SubiT

If you are one of those movie fanatics who love to watch movies even in foreign language but always get stuck because or watch it half understood because, the language is...
Multi Monitor Tool

MultiMonitorTool : Save Monitor Configuration, List Apps with Drag Drop support between Monitors

Using Multiple Monitors is not only a geeky trend but also one of the productivity idea which helps many perform, and track multiple stuff on the fly.  So now if you...
Archived clipboard manager

Archive Clipboard remembers Copied Text, Files and Images forever

Many a times when you do a lot of copy-paste work, which includes text, image, files or folders, there is a lot of repetition, because Windows can only remember what you...

Cliplets can now create GIF files, Helps you create 10 second movie clips

Cliplets is a software from Microsoft Research which helps you create small movies, and add some cinematography, effects, video texture etc. This is typically useful for users who do not want...
Find out unknow devices

Find out which device is that Unknow Device on Windows

Windows 7 has done a good job when it comes to identify devices, but many a times but it is possible only if the hardware is known to windows someway, but...
Add Scheduled Plan Power Management

Schedule to turn off / on Windows to Download Files and Save Power

Considering a regular windows user who likes to keep his windows turned on even during the night so that he can download software, movies in free hours,  computer stays turned on...

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