Saving Electricity Consumption of your PC and Desktop : Granola

Granola App for Windows

Many of us now have multiple desktop and laptops in our home and small business can even have 20 to 50 machines running all the time. Known fact that every machine costs us a bit being constantly running all day and sometimes you need to have it turned on for downloads. Now what happens in usual case is your machine ...

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Track Windows Registry changes with Regshot

Installing software on windows results in change of registry which acts as big database for saving settings , trail period time, trial keys etc in Windows. At the same times its very difficult to find what changes had been made by any software because you never know where it going to add its settings unless you understand the registry completely. ...

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Advance Copy File names and Path for Windows

Path Copy Copy options

Since Windows Vista and in Windows 7 Copy As path had been one of the most productive feature which allows you to copy the exact path of the file which you might need at many places such as when you want to upload a file. This lets you skip the annoying browse file option. However many a times you would ...

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Jet Clean : Cleans up Windows 7 with Rescue Center in Place

Rescue Section of Jet Clean

We have seen lot of software which help you get rid of Junk Files, Invalid Files and unnecessary files which occupy a lot of space on your computer accumulating over days you used your computer but today we will discuss about JetClean Software which comes with some great features packed in one place which many novice users would love to have in ...

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Track and Get notified when a Windows Service stops

Service Configuration Watch List

Many a times you might have seen error messages which says that particular service in Windows is not running and so the app you are trying to run will not work unless the concerned service goes up and if this happens often it becomes difficult to go and re run the service again and again. Any service can be run ...

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Android 4.0 / ICS for x86 Released

Android x86 Desktop ICS

Devs at Android-X86 have been working hard to make the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich work on other plantofrms apart from mobile and they just posted that it is ready for x86 platform which means if your computer is x86 or 32 bit you can install it like any other OS like Windows or Linux using the Boot ...

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Remove Unwanted Formatting from Clipboard before you paste it

Clipboard Format Editor

When you copy something from a webpage, lets say a bunch of text, many other things get copied also such as HTML, Plain Text, Unicode, Image Format etc. So when you paste it elsewhere it is completely off from what you had expected. Now though many editors like Office come along with Smart Paste which lets you choose what you ...

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List of Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals ( Windows / Office / Laptops )

Microsoft Stores Deals : Microsoft Stores US has opened up their Black Friday deal for lot of products if you are planning to buy something around Windows. Offers are valid while supplies last from 12:00 AM PST on 11/25/2011 through 11:59 PM PST on 11/28/2011. Below is is the list of deals you can grab upon  which includes Laptops, Microsoft Office and ...

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RunasDate lets you launch apps with any date [ Windows ]

Launch Program with different date

Most of the time when you start using a trail version of  any application which can be a game or software, the time limitation does not allow you evaluate it complete so you can go and buy a full version. Though time limitations are there for a reason but if you really want to try it out by extending the trail period for sometime, ...

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File Name Copier makes saving file names easy to Notepad / Clipboard

File name Copier

If you have ever wished that all your thousands of file’s name can be just saved to a notepad like magic, your wish has just come true with File name Copier.  It allows you to copy the name and then immediately send it to one note which you can save immediately.  It makes you so lazy that it will even open the save ...

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Backup to Restore Office Product Activation to avoid reactivation

OPA Backup Steps

Every Microsoft product you have bought goes through an activation process which can be either online or offline. Even when you do it offline you need to call the customer support to get an installation id. Now imagine a scenario of a IT company where computers are restored from time to time or even re installed from ground up and calling on phone and activating ...

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