Archive Clipboard remembers Copied Text, Files and Images forever

Archived clipboard manager

Many a times when you do a lot of copy-paste work, which includes text, image, files or folders, there is a lot of repetition, because Windows can only remember what you copied last which gets erased by next copy action. Apart from this disadvantage, it is also not possible to recall what you just copied or what inside your clipboard ...

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Cliplets can now create GIF files, Helps you create 10 second movie clips


Cliplets is a software from Microsoft Research which helps you create small movies, and add some cinematography, effects, video texture etc. This is typically useful for users who do not want to spend lot of money on expensive software and do not want something very complex.  This was recently updated to support, creating GIF images which you can easily post ...

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Find out which device is that Unknow Device on Windows

Find out unknow devices

Windows 7 has done a good job when it comes to identify devices, but many a times but it is possible only if the hardware is known to windows someway, but there are many scenarios when windows fails to find a device is listed as unknown Device in the Device Manager. Now the pain begins when there are a couple ...

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Schedule to turn off / on Windows to Download Files and Save Power

Add Scheduled Plan Power Management

Considering a regular windows user who likes to keep his windows turned on even during the night so that he can download software, movies in free hours,  computer stays turned on for a long time even when the file download is complete, but since the computer is left unattended, a lot of power i.e. electricity is wasted. For example, if ...

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Smart Clipboard Manager for Windows : Shapeshifter

Visual Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Managers always help us when heavy copy paste work is required. Today we found another such application, Shapeshifter,  which is a very rich application when it comes to usage and visual interface. This interface is built using .net framework 4.0 and has minimal configuration, compared to others. To compare we took two best clipboard manager, Archived Clipboard and Clipboard ...

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Easily Manage multiple Remote Desktop Connections with RD Organizer

RDC Apply Card

Remote Desktop Connections is one of the most used inbuilt application in Windows, Specially by System Admins or Developers who connect to a lot of remote machines to either deploy or fix computers. In Windows it is possible to save each such Remote desktop connection settings including credentials as .RDP file but if you have a lot of them, it ...

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DotNetZip : Powerful replacement for Zip Utilities

Dot Net Zip Tool

Dot Net Zip is an easy to use and excellent and free  replacement of many paid zip tools if you are looking for some advanced features like Split Archive and Encryption Support. Built as part of project this application can be use both by developers to develop their own application and end users on a regular basis. Features : Read ...

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How to automatically extract multiple archive files quickly

Extract Now Multiple Archive Files

Many a times, you might want to unzip multiple zip / rar or archive files in one shot and that into their individual folders. Below I am listing list of software that will help you get this job done. Should Work in most Windows version. Extract Now : Extract now is an ultimate tool which is just made for extraction ...

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Download / Preview selected files from hosted ZIP / RAR files

LocalScount Zip Preview

LoudScout is a free utility which allows you to get a preview of what is inside a Zip / RAR file before you actually download it. This comes very handy when you want to preview whats inside a zip file without wasting much of bandwidth downloading it. Next,  if you want to download only few files from the zip file, ...

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