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Software which can help you make your work faster and more productive. We talk about tips and tricks with detailed explanation of how to use it efficiently.

Soluto PC History

Soluto figures applications which slows Windows Boot

Past couple of months my computer running Windows 7 started taking lot of time to boot.  The problem wasn't the actual boot process but what happened once I logged into my...
Xobni and Dropbox Integration

Share Dropbox Files from Outlook

Xobni Addon for Outlook allows you to access all your Dropbox files and then email a shared link with anybody. The advantage is you don't have to open Dropbox in a browser. Also the shared files are moved to Public folder so any update is not reflected unless you need to.
PhotoMe Image MetaData Details

PhotoMe edits and export EXIF, IPTC-NAA and ICC Profile data from Images

PhotoMe is a free Metadata editing software which allows you to change, add and export EXIF, IPTC-NAA and ICC Profile data from Images. It provides wide variety of option and support large data formats when it comes to editing.
USB Immunizer

Protect your computer from infected USB Drives : USB Immunizer

If you take good care of your computer against antivirus, chances are you will never get your USB drive infected also but this cannot be guaranteed if one of your friend...

Organizing your Favorite Files and Folder in Windows for Quick Access

Accessing couple of folders and files on a daily basis is a common action every computer user does. We always want one click or the shortest possible way to access them....
iBlackBoard app for iPad

Notes taking app for iPad / iPhone Roundup ( Stylus, Voice and Keyboard )

iPad is an excellent replacement for real notebooks, not just because battery runs longer, but there are some amazing notes taking apps which can use your voice, gestures, sync online or...
Display Device Detection in Windows

Turn your iPad into a secondry wireless monitor | DisplayLink

If you ever wished to turn your monitor into an extended display i.e. Secondary Monitor so you can move some applications or windows from your primary to here, such as videos,...
Starter Guide Dropbox

Starter Guide for Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best solutions when it comes to seamless file sync between your computer and online storage, sharing files with your friends, transferring files between computer and so...
Search and Download Music from Grooveshark

GrooveDown Downlods Music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark is an online music community where you get to listen to songs and download it without worrying much about DMCA and legal stuff. The song which is yours stays yours...

Watch your Webcam at home from anywhere

Turning your webcam  into a surveillance device so you can watch whats going on in your room or wherever the webcam is set, is an excellent thought specially if you can...
How to create Shareable Link of any Dropbox Folder

Periodically check Shared Links of Dropbox Files to save yourself from Embarrassment

Dropbox allows you to share files and folders even publicly even if one doesn't have a Dropbox account.  It is possible that with time you have shared lot of files but...
Double Twist

Universal iTunes for all the Mobiles and Smartphones : Double Twist

Every Mobile Manufacturer provides their own custom software which helps you transferring what you love most, music, videos and photos so if you want to share or just spend sometime watching...

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