Track handles, DLL and Processes with Process Explorer

Process Explorer

Process Explorer gives you an extra hand to manage the process, handles, DLLs in Windows. Task Manager gives you a basic set of control over processes running under Windows. Process Explorer goes on a step ahead and can tell you the files and DLLs that are open and loaded for any running process. Here is how you can Track handles, DLL, ...

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Find and replace multiple words in a file with wReplace

Find replace multiple words

Find and replace is one of the most powerful features which is available in most of the standard editors. Though powerful when it comes to doing a batch replacement of multiple words in a file, replace is what you will need. In this post, we are talking about wReplace, which is a powerful utility to replace multiple words in a ...

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Find and replace words in multiple files on Windows 10

replace words multiple files

While reviewing a lot of files and folders, it is difficult to search and then, later on, replace words in multiple files and folders. A typical scenario is where you need to make sure files do not have block words in the files. In this post, we will share how you can find and replace words and phrases in multiple ...

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How to search a word inside multiple files in Windows 10

In this post, we will share tools and Windows inbuilt service to help you search a word inside multiple files in Windows 10. While Windows 10 offers a powerful search, especially compared to Windows 7, sometimes the complexity is such that Windows 10 default search might not work. So we will have to use third-party applications to meet the need. ...

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How to install and run Windows 10 on USB

Install Windows 10 on USB drive

During Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 time, I wrote about this software—Mojopac—that allows you to install Windows on a USB drive. It allowed one to use Windows on any computer without the need to use a guest account on another computer. Fast forward today, it is still possible to install and run Windows 10 on a USB Drive. I am ...

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RedCrab is a Powerful Maths calculator with support for Formulas

Redcrab calculator

Love Maths and those trigonometric formulas?  Then RedCrab Calculator is a Powerful Maths calculator with support for Formulas. You should give a try. I am petty sure you are going to love this full-screen maths formula editor. It allows you to Insert Symbols, supports complex algebraic equations like fraction, exponents, and lets you save and load the formulas to create ...

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Download Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7 and Windows 10

Free Antivirus Windows

Virus, Trojans, Ransomware, worms, and whatnot. They belong to the same family trying to steal your data or lock down your files while you browse the Internet. You can accidentally download it on the computer, and stay unnoticed if you are not using anti-spyware or a good antivirus. Some of them are available for Windows 7 as well, and most ...

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Automatically change the brightness of your monitor as the day passes

Automatically change the brightness of your monitor as the day passes

People who spend much time before the computer and especially those big and full monitors face one small problem. Have you ever noticed you feel like reducing the brightness of the monitor when its night? Yes, Why? The explanation is simple. If there is not enough light in the room or from behind, light from the monitor will stress the ...

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Copy Folders to Dropbox with a Right Click

Send to Dropbox Right Click

A couple of years ago, we used Dropbox Shell, an add-on for Dropbox, which allows you to copy or move a folder to Dropbox instantly. This feature was then officially rolled out by Dropbox late as Dropbox Folder Sync. Still, I don’t see the option Move for folders to Dropbox anymore. It is only available for individual files. So in ...

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Send to Toys can customize Windows Send To be a lot useful

Customize Send To Windows

Send To is one of the most underrated features in Windows. It allows you to send a file or a folder or another folder but is limited. We had always wished that that Send to can be improved, but until then, you can still use a third-party application. You can use it to quickly copy or move files to another ...

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Add more locations to the ‘Send to’ menu of Windows 10

Customize Send to menu of Windows

There comes a time in everybody’s life, when we want to organize the files scattered here and there on our system, and relocate them to the relevant folders. Especially the people who are much into downloading several types have to face this pretty often. Now, this process of organizing the files in the respective folder could be a real pain. ...

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How to Search and Replace text in multiple Files

Search replace text multiple files

Most of the Document editing tools like Office application come with an inbuilt utility to find and replace text. Still, when it comes to search and replace text withing multiple text files or even HTML files, there is hardly any option. Most of the applications can work only with one open file. In this post, we will share applications that ...

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