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Date Modified Windows Search

How to track for changed files and folders in Windows 10

Many a time it becomes hectic to find what files got changed every day either from your web server or even your file system on the hard disk.  The only way...
Chat Lan Messenger

How to chat on Lan with IP Messenger (Local Network)

IP Messenger is one of the excellent tools which allows you to chat on LAN or network with other people if they are using the same software. The software can discover...
Repair Windows 10 Problems

Instantly Repair Windows 10 Problems with FixWin

Windows has come a long way, but then, in the end, its a software. It's not without its cup of problems. Microsoft offers an inbuilt troubleshooter for many common issues, but...
EX 100 Create ISO File Windows 10

Create Custom Windows 10 Setup or Installation Media

If you have ever wondered how OEMs can create bootable DVD with OS, drivers, and custom app installation, then today I will help you understand not only it but also suggest...
Robocopy Copy utility Windows

Robocopy: Powerful Copy utility for Windows with user interface

Robocopy is a GUI version and utility of the copy command for Windows 10. It offers advanced options of copy command without using the command line. The power of Robocopy makes...
Convert Video to Audio

How to Change Video Format or Convert Video to Audio for Windows

Need the help to convert video formats or convert videos to audios for Windows? For example, your downloaded Titanic cannot be played on your smartphone since your device doesn’t support the...
Copy Windows Setup USB

Quickly create copy of your Windows Setup into USB Drive

If you are planning to install Windows by using a USB drive, WintoFlash is a quick option that lets you create an exact copy of Windows DVD or CD to flash....
Windows bootable USB ISO

Create a Windows 10 Bootable USB or a DVD from ISO file

One of the common ways to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB is using the media creation tool. However, it takes a very long time as the download happens in real-time....
How to sync folders using SyncToy in Windows 10 (Internet not required)

How to sync folders using SyncToy in Windows 10

SyncToy is an excellent tool, which allows you to sync folders in Windows 10 in few clicks. Synchronizing a folder pair is required pretty often, especially if you download a lot...
Remove broken shortcuts Windows

Remove broken shortcuts and links in Windows

Shortcuts are, handy but at the same time, as you keep installing software and uninstall them, there are chances that some shortcuts either created by you or system stay. This state...
How to check if your AntiVirus is working on Windows 10

How to check if your AntiVirus is working on Windows 10

Most of the time, we install the  Anti Virus or the antimalware programs and relax that they are working fine. One beautiful morning you see things not working, and finally, you...
Process Explorer

Track handles, DLL and Processes with Process Explorer

Process Explorer gives you an extra hand to manage the process, handles, DLLs in Windows. Task Manager gives you a basic set of control over processes running under Windows. Process Explorer...

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