How to hide / remove All Programs from Windows 7 Start Menu

Hide All programs

All Programs is the easiest way to find which programs are installed on your computer which also means that your friend can sneak peek too. Now since Windows 7 Start menu lets you find a program by just typing the initials, Removing All Programs totally from the start menu sounds like a good idea now. Start menu All Program is ...

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Change how often Windows Clock syncs with the time server

Atomic Synchronization Interval

Windows does not gives you any control on how often your clock in Windows syncs with the time server on the internet and by default it is set to sync one every week. Though this can be changed using some registry hack but we found a decent software which can do this. Atomic Clock Sync can help you set a ...

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Do you switch work place a lot ? Quick Config can help you

Quick Config Settings

Availability of Internet has made it possible for people carrying laptop to work from any where they want, Coffee Shops, Airport, Home, Office and it’s absolutely seamless. Sometimes back we talked about NetSetMan, which aids in this process by changing IP configuration when you switch network. Now what if you want to change few things more, say the default mail ...

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Increase your Windows clipboard history size with xNeat

xNeat Clipboard Manager

Windows replaces copied item by the next item you copy which means you can just have one item in your clipboard. Now if you just want to increase that count and not a complex Clipboard Manager, xNeat is a great application. This application increases the count I have tried to any number you want and all you need to is ...

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Free Software to change Windows Logon Screen

Clear Lock

Windows by default doesn’t allow you to change the Windows Logon Screen i.e. The screen which asks for a password for your account ( if it is enabled ) or when you have more than one account on your computer. However customizing this is another passion for us here like we use themes for Windows 7.  Today I have picked ...

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All in One Tray helps you managing lot of open windows

Send to Tray

Even though Windows 7 comes with grouping of open windows there are users who always have a lot of open windows even if it is not by choice. This leads to problem of clarity and ultimately you run out of space on your taskbar. All in One Tray is a simple utility which solves this problem by acting as a ...

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Use Your Favorite Pictures from Flickr as Wallpaper


Getting a new desktop background or wallpaper every day makes anybody’s day interesting. Today we are talking about a software which helps you use your Favourite Flickr Photographs including one from your account as desktop background without you taking effort to download them individually. This application is called as Flickr Wallpaper Rotators which downloads and uses pictures from Flickr and use it ...

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Bulk Picture resizer just made for Digital photo frames

Digital Fotoframe Image resizer

Digital frames are one of the common gifts gives these days but you always want to fill them with images that the person would love to experience when he or she gets hand on it. Though importing images to these digital frames is not touch at all but if you add very high-resolution into them, the viewing experience is ruined. ...

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How to hibernate or standby your computer after a restart

Boot Snooze

Many of Window users hate to restart our machine, primary reason because if you have loads of application installed, chances are that the computer takes a lot of time to come to a state where you can start using it.One way is to restart your machine when you got and take a break but if it is password protected you ...

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Google Transaltion App for iOS : Video Review

Google released its translation app for iOS devices i.e. iPad, iPhone and iPod which comes with voice support for 15 languages and you can translate by typing in between 57 languages. Below is a video demo of how this app works. ( Direct Link ) Features : Save your translation. Full screen view of the translated words, useful when you ...

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Free tool to Split large files into parts and Merge them back

Free tool to Split large files into parts and Merge them back

There are times when you want to split large file to smaller parts, so that you can easily send them across via email, or maybe you have two 1Gb flash drives and you want to carry a file of 1.5Gb. so, for such scenarios here is a free tool, named as FileDivider. FileDivider doesn’t only split a large file into ...

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