Mapping network drive when you switch computer is no more a pain now

Network Drive Mapper

Windows Only : If you had been complaining of connecting to drives again is cumbersome when you switch your computer, Network Drive Mapper is just for you. This portable application stores all your configurations including username and password in a secure encrypted file which you can carry with the application in USB. Mapping all network drives on a new computer ...

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How to print from iPad even on non ePrint HP Printers

Dropbox HP iPrint Issue

iPad by default only supports printers which can work with AirPrint technology. The latest HP ePrint  printers work fine but the problem comes with the older printer which do not have ePrint technology and cannot be upgraded. Below is my technique to print documents ( PDF and TXT only ) from iPad using a non ePrint HP Printer which in ...

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Using Foxit Create PDF toolbar as standalone PDF creator

Create PDF files for Free with FPDFCT

Foxit has launched a PDF Creator Toolbar for Windows; this is an awesome way to create PDF files from almost any printable file. You simply need to download the executable file as setup to Foxit PDF Creator Toolbar, later; you come to see a Toolbar in your web browser window, as shown below. This toolbar, like any other toolbar has ...

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RightLoad : Image uploading to multiple sites made easy with right click

Upload with Right Load

Uploading to multiple sites takes a lot of time when you have a lot of images,  browsing selecting where it is and so on is another time-consuming part. RightLoad is a simple but powerful image uploader which First lets you configure which sites you want to upload and then integrate that in the right click context menu of Window. So ...

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Take Wikipedia Offline on your Computer : WikiTaxi

Wikipedia Database Importer

If Wikipedia is one of the major sources for your searches, WikiTaxi is an excellent tool which can download ( almost ) Wikipedia on your local computer so you can still make searches to find information, definitions and carry on your project when Internet is not around. WikiTax has three components. One is the WikiTaxi Search which searches to offline ...

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Reduce MP3 File size with MP3Packer

MP3 Packer for Windows

Many of us have songs and audio recording in MP3 format which takes a lot of space as your collection increase which in turn we backup in an external hard disk or some online storage service. One more option is to reduce the size of MP3 files which is commonly done by reducing the bit rate at which it is ...

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Call Facebook Friends from Skype without adding them

Skype Facebook Integration

Skype recent update has two new features. The first one is group video calling and second is Facebook integration and both of the updates are huge. Lets take a look at the Facebook Integration in this post. First thing to notice when you update and login to Skype is the new tabbed home. The Home Tab lists all your contacts ...

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Dropbox Shell : Copy / Move files to DropBox Folders Like Send To

Send to Dropbox

DropBox Shell is a Dropbox add-on which adds a right-click context menu making it easier for you to send files or folders to either Public Folder or to one of the folders inside Dropbox something which DropBox Folder Sync add-on was missing. . Once you install the Software from here, right-click on any folder or file and you will get ...

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Find duplicate photos on your computer even without EXIF

Duplicate Photo Finder

After a new year party or a birthday you always get to have lot of photos which ultimately results in getting copied at lot of places and you go into a mess where you have same copies of the photo everywhere. Duplicate Photo Finder is simple tool which reads all your images and finds all the duplicates when two folders ...

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How to move files between multiple USB drives simultaneously

Transfer data between multiple drives

Exchanging files, movies and sounds are the most common things which people use USB  Flash drives for and how much time do we spend on that ? Totally depends how many friends are there to get the data from you. So you copy first to your hard drive and then ask them to plug in the usb to your laptop ...

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Screensaver to display text from file : Coders will love it

Code Saver Mock Compilation

Many of us when start using computer are explained how to change screensaver too. I had played with this option a lot like displaying the 3D text and so on but it has always one feature missing, displaying text on screensaver which I had stored in a file which could be my project report or even my code ( This ...

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How to load test your Windows Machine for Peformance

Heavy Load Test

When you take a windows machine to perform some heavy work it is important to find out how much load the machine can take specially when you take a server machine which is expected to work with high performance on heavy conditions. Heavy Load is stress testing software for Windows Machine for both home and windows server which simulates heavy ...

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