Copy Handler makes file copy process in windows Useful and Smart

Copy Handler

Copying and moving files is one of the things that has not changed the way it is since it was when it first came with a GUI except the progress bar in Windows 7 and Vista got shiny. This gave an option to applications to do it better and we have talked about many such applications like RoboCopy, which is ...

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Convert Files by just drag and drop : File Blender

File Blender

If you are looking for a killer conversion software which ease of use, File Blender beats out most of the converting tools by supporting major audio, video and image formats all in one place. It uses libraries used by popular software like Irfan View. Though it acts as a GUI to many tools which are either heavy or only available ...

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Quotepad is perfect for creating quick records and reminders

QuotePad Notes

I am heavy user of OneNote Office application and most of the things like schedules and to do is posted right there but for users who are looking for a lighter solution which can take quick notes and put a reminder on the back, QoutePad is an excellent solution specially looking at the under 1 MB size and simplest interface. ...

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File Renamer which lets you skip numbers when renaming multiple files

File Renamer Skip Numbers

We have talked about lot of file renamers which have features like keeping the old names preserved, regular expressions and even those specially designed for Images created in Digital Camera and today we have another in the list which lets you choose how numbers in files can be treated. For example if you file names as Windows1,Windows2,Windows3 you can skip ...

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Convert Video files to any other format, extremely handy tool: Eusing

Convert Video files to almost any format with Eusing Free Video Converter tool

Video conversion from one file format to other, or simply changing the resolution are types of things we often need to do. There are several reasons to do such things, like in order to get your favorite video on your phone, or portable video player, etc. Here is a desktop application named as Eusing Free Video Converter, this is one ...

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Pin files, folders & Web Pages to Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 Taskbar by default allows only executable or programs to get pinned to Windows 7 Taskbar. But what if you want to pin a folder or a file which you often visit ? You might argue that I can drag and pin any folder to Windows 7 Taskbar but then it does not get listed as separate pinned item but within ...

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Customize Start Menu & Create Themes for Windows Media Center

WMC Entry Point

Theme lovers love to customize everything and now its the turn for Windows Media Center lovers who would love to add their own image, change the start menu icon, the splash screen etc of the Windows Media Center which is also one of the most common tools to watch TV on Windows Machine and used with Home Server to stream ...

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All My Apps remembers what you install : Makes switching windows easy

AllMyApps Windows Application

All My Apps is a wonderful application for windows which gives you freedom from remembering what apps you had installed in your computer and from where you need to download it. Well most of them. This application has a list of free and paid applications and the most popular applications used in Windows ans acts like a marketplace where you ...

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Dropbox for Business : Go Team!

DropBox for Team

Dropbox today gained another level by introducing a complete business solution which has features which fits best for companies or people working in a team. Below are the features : Storage quotas are shared by the team and not bound to each account. Control account access and billing from a single administrative account. Complete User management system. High level of ...

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Simple tips to control on Dropbox Bandwidth Usage

DropBox Pause Syncing

Dropbox is one of the most simplest and powerful tool when it comes to synchronizing files between multiple computers. Drop and you are done but with this there comes a small issue which our Author Manav faces a couple of time.  Dropbox takes over the bandwidth heavily and slows down your Internet experience.  This mostly happens when you are on ...

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Find what is inside an EXE with 7-Zip

Open Inside 7Zip Executables

Looking inside an executable comes in handy when you are suspicious of a program you downloaded from the internet or if you want to extract resources out of it. On Windows you can anytime use the command line option  /extract along with the setup i.e. zoom.exe /extract <path to extract>. Now if you don’t like the command line tool, 7 ...

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Free application to count the number of left and right mouse clicks

Free application counts the total number of left and right mouse clicks individually

Here is a free application, Mouse Clickr, which counts the number of mouse clicks, i.e. once launched; this tiny application keeps track of total left and right mouse clicks. Mouse Clickr has a very simple interface, just run the Mouse Clickr.exe found in the downloaded rar file, and starts counting the clicks. Have a look at this animation below – ...

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