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Manav Mishra Tagged

Auto tag your Facebook friends in all the photos

I remember after new year tweet-up in Kolkata, Kuntal has loads of pictures and he called up on all of us asking to tag whoever we know which was a heavy...
Xbox Cover

Design Game Case, Magazine cover and Posters on your iPad

If you want to change or redesign the game cover or the one which is on your cd with something of your own, discCover app for iPad is the quickest solution.This...
Classical Guitar

Download Free iPad App to play Guitar

If you do not want to buy a real Guitar but still would love to play it, Classical Guitar is a free iPad app which lets you play guitar on your...
Trim Movies using WLMM

How to trim multiple parts of same video using Windows Live Movie Maker

When using Windows Live Movie maker to create videos at home, one of the biggest problem is to produce a final video which has only parts of the original video. This...
Precision Booster Assiggnment

Change Mouse click actions for specific programs ( Microsoft Mouse )

Many a times when using certain applications we feel if the default mouse actions i.e. Left Click, Right Click ,  Middle Scroll can be changed to some common actions of the...
PowerCMD Multiple prompts

PowerCmd is powerful windows command prompt ( CMD ) alternative

Windows Command Prompt is still very basic even though Windows has gone far ahead with Windows 7.  Most of the time command prompts are used mostly by either developers, deployment experts...
Hide All programs

How to hide / remove All Programs from Windows 7 Start Menu

All Programs is the easiest way to find which programs are installed on your computer which also means that your friend can sneak peek too. Now since Windows 7 Start menu...
Atomic Synchronization Interval

Change how often Windows Clock syncs with the time server

Windows does not gives you any control on how often your clock in Windows syncs with the time server on the internet and by default it is set to sync one...
Quick Config Settings

Do you switch work place a lot ? Quick Config can help you

Availability of Internet has made it possible for people carrying laptop to work from any where they want, Coffee Shops, Airport, Home, Office and it's absolutely seamless. Sometimes back we talked...
xNeat Clipboard Manager

Increase your Windows clipboard history size with xNeat

Windows replaces copied item by the next item you copy which means you can just have one item in your clipboard. Now if you just want to increase that count and...
Clear Lock

Free Software to change Windows Logon Screen

Windows by default doesn't allow you to change the Windows Logon Screen i.e. The screen which asks for a password for your account ( if it is enabled ) or when...
Send to Tray

All in One Tray helps you managing lot of open windows

Even though Windows 7 comes with grouping of open windows there are users who always have a lot of open windows even if it is not by choice. This leads to...

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