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WhatsApp Desktop App Crashing or Freezing

Fix: WhatsApp Desktop App Crashing or Freezing on Windows PC

Many Windows users use the WhatsApp Desktop application on their laptops for personal or professional work. However, several users have stated that the WhatsApp desktop app frequently crashes when they use...
Save Scan Result Stellar Photo Recovery

Review: Stellar Repair for Photo. Repair distorted, blurry, pixelated, and greyed-out photos

At times, you may encounter issues with your photographs - they might become inaccessible, distorted, blurry, or grayed out. The causes can range from incorrect file transfers to memory corruption and...
Best Trading Software for Windows

Best Trading Software for Windows: A Comprehensive Review

In the fast-paced world of financial trading, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. For Windows users, an array of trading platforms, applications, and programs are...
Lightweight Alternatives Windows Applications

Top Lightweight Alternatives to Essential Windows Applications

There are different kinds of in-built apps on Windows PCs. But, they need more advanced features and size compared to the functionality. To avoid it, choose third-party apps on your Windows...
Open With Free Tool to Open Any File Extension

How To Find Alternative Programs to Open Any File

Do you want to open files with a different application? Generally, when users double-click on a file, it opens with the default application. However, you can change the application and open...
Turn off Monitor Using a Keyboard Shortcut on Windows

How to Turn off the Monitor Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows

Turning off the screen/monitor in a laptop or desktop can serve the purpose of saving power as well as maintaining privacy as well to an extent. The security outlook is very...
TrID File Type identifier

TrID: Smart Utility Designed to Identify File Types

Encountering unidentified or obscure file types can be a common challenge for many users. This is where TrID (File Identifier) comes to the rescue. TrID is a smart and versatile utility...
Find All Bluetooth Devices

How to Find All Bluetooth Devices Near Your PC?

If you want to keep an eye on how many devices around you have Bluetooth turned on, if someone is trying to connect, or if a Bluetooth device has left your...
The Best Alt Tab Switcher for Windows

Review: Alt-Tab Terminator an Alt-Tab Replacement for Windows

We all multitask to work without a hassle, which comes with a lot of tab switching. However, you would often find it convenient with Windows' inbuilt features. Tab switching is known...
PhotoScape Guide

PhotoScape : Guide to the Ultimate Multipurpose Image Editing Tool

How about an all-in-one photo editing app that is easy to use and doesn't require you to be familiar with software like Photoshop? If yes, we have covered one of the...

Review: Toodledo -Your Online Planner and Organizer

Are you looking for an excellent planner online? Sometimes, it becomes tough to organize and manage several day-to-day activities seamlessly. There is always a fear that you might have missed something....
How to Export All or Selected iTunes Playlists

How to Export All or Selected iTunes Playlists?

Do you want to export your iTunes playlist from one system to another? You might want to have a copy of the playlist on another computer. Besides, you might also need...

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