Extract EXIF data from your photos in text or CSV format

Extract EXIF data from your photos in text or CSV format

EXIF data is a set of information which is stored with in the image files of your photos. There are several set of information in EXIF, which is helpful in many ways, like you comparing the EXIF data of two images you can get to know the date when the photo was shot, also you can know about other specifications. ...

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Love Handbrake ? Use DropFolders for Automation

Drop Folders using Handbreak

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows which comes with its own GUI for converting videos etc.  Joseph has developed an Air Based app, DropFolders which can help you automate your video conversion using handbrake libraries in the back. So as a summary, if you have a lot of videos that gets ...

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How to avoid the screensaver launch, even if the system is idle

Jiggle mouse to avoid Screensaver

Suppose you are working on something which requires lot of thinking or may be lo of some kind of offline reference, your system might irritate you by launching the screensaver, you keep hitting some key or you make a mouse movement. In such case, one option is to either set a very long delay for your screensaver or just completely ...

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Auto Saver automatically saves the changes as you work

Set time interval for automatically saving files while you work on it AS

AutoSaver is a small nifty utility for automatically saving the changes after every specific interval in a file as you work on it, i.e. suppose you are creating a word document, the AutoSaver will automatically keep saving the changes after a certain interval, without any manual intervention. All you need to do is download the AutoSaver and run the exe ...

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Get warning when your disk drive health gets critical

Disk Drive Health

Data is critical specially when its on computer or any digital device and devices do get out-of-order which in turn can make your data inaccessible completely. So there are two ways to take care of it. First take regular backups and secondly check your device’s health. Taking computer as one example, hard drives are the place where our entire data is stored and we ...

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Remove what you dont want in Right click New menu

Enable Disable Right Click Context Menu

Windows Only : Shell New Handler gives you the power to control what appears when you right-click anywhere on desktop and select NEW. As you install more and more applications, the new context menu gets cluttered and instead of this acting as quick action it becomes tedious to find everything. Just download it from here and run it under admin ...

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How to automatically restart a crashed application

Restart on Crash Application

If you had used IE 8 or any Office Product, there is a crash recovery system built inside it. This recovery system helps you restart the application and take you back to place where the application crashed. Very handy specially with the browsers where I can get the tabs back. Same functionary can be attained for every application running in windows by ...

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Do you wait a lot in US Airports ?


Waiting for security checks, flight delays etc are all one thing nobody likes and there is no way you can find anything about them except if you are going in and out of US Airport, there is an APP for that!! Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Department of Homeland Security have developed an iPhone App and a mobile version just to ...

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Is your Program Finder / Launcher Smart ?

Executor in Action

A program launcher which can just find and help you launch windows program is what most of us have but have you ever though if your launcher which uses index behind the scene to find apps can understand if you are looking for word inside application name or if that starts with the name, This is exactly what Executor is ...

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Find more about processes in Windows

Process information

Any time you get doubtful of either a process which is running in your windows or is sitting in your windows startup, Exe File Information can help you understand that. The advantage of this software is that you can easily find out if there is any malware on your system even if your antivirus was not able to check it. ...

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Rotate, Merge and Split PDF with PDForsell

Rotate Merge Split PDF

PDForsell is an amazing free utility which allows you to rotate, merge and split PDF files within seconds. I find this useful in case where : You want to correct some pages of PDF files which have incorrect rotation. You can create a book preview of your e-Book by splitting parts or one chapter and give it out for free. You can ...

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