Control remote computers over network with DShutDown

Shutdown Manager

Windows Only : System Administrators manage lot of computers over network and keeping an eye over all of them and controling them is a big job. Though there are lot of proffesional tools availble but if you have tight budget, DShutDown is an excellent app to try. Features : Log Off, Shutdown, Power Off, Reboot, Stand By, Hibernate, Force, Lock. Control network by disabling the ...

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Automatically Wakeup your computer from Hiberation and Standby

Wake from Standby Hibernation

WOSB is a free windows application which can bring can turn your computer back again from Hibernation and StandBy on a scheduled time. However your motherboard should have support for wake from Standby (ACPI S3) and from Hibernate (ACPI S4). And yes you need to keep your power cable plugged in and switch on. ! Apart from this you can batch ...

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Track Recently changed files on Windows Taskbar with POW

Piles for Windows 7

Jumplists is one of the most appreciated feature of Windows 7 which is used to create quick access to menus and actions of any applications right from the Windows TaskBar. On similar lines, Piles for Windows brings a list of files which has changed in any directory on the Taskbar. It also lists the folders in which there had been any modification making ...

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Download Free Poster Designer Software

Poster Designer Interface

When you think of organizing an event at home or on small-scale where your budget is tight for getting Posters Designed, Posteriza is a free poster designer software which can help you save that cost. This application lets you choose an image which is broken into 6 sections and each of them can be individually edited with Text ( including the font ...

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Easiest way to quickly edit your photos for that perfect look

Preview the perfect photo with PPE

So, you just returned from a nice vacation, or may be from a weekend outing and now when you transferred your photos from your digicam to your Pc, you felt some of them aren’t looking so good, and you want to edit them to improve. There are several photo editing apps (Photoscape is my favorite), however if you are not ...

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Record a video of activities done on your Computer in your absence

Create Video of activities done on your Computer Nepflex Screen Recorder

There could be several reasons because of which you would like to know what all was done on a particular computer while you were away. Sometimes just to keep an eye on your kid, or may be to know about the activities of your employee, or colleague, etc. Here is a nice application, named as Nepflex Screen Recorder, which can ...

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Search, Listen and Download Mp3 for Free

Search, listen and Download with Free Mp3 Downloader

MP3 Free Downloader is a desktop application, which allows you to Search for songs, listen to them online, and if you want you can download it as well. As seen in the snapshot above, you can easily search for any Mp3 song; options like advance search, browse hot songs, and browse by category are also there and can be found ...

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How to add a shadow effect to the Windows

Add shadow effect to Windows

Ever thought what it look like if the Windows had a Shadow effect, i.e. you could see a shadow of any open window on your desktop, let it be a simple folder or some application in you Windows PC. Would you like to have a Shadow Effect in your Windows? If yes, here is a small app, Y’z Shadow, which ...

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Add a grain effect to your photos, like grains in old analog photos

Add grain Effect to Photos to make them look like old Analog Photos

There are so many ways to add some special effects to your photos; probably all of us enjoy playing around with photos. We have featured several tools, using which you can enjoy adding effects to your photos, here is another tool, named as Film Grain, this standalone app can be used to add grain effect to your photos (remember those ...

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Importing images using Windows Live Photo Gallery

WPG CD DVD import Profile

When importing images from  Camera or Video camera Windows Live Photo Gallery  has some excellent configuration which you should make use. It not only helps you doing it right but also saves a lot of extra work you spend time in rearranging all the stuff. Launch the Import configuration which you can find under options. Here you would see that ...

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