Free download Internet TV and Radio recording application

Play Internet TV or Radio For Free Solway's ITV and Radio Player

If you searching for a nice Internet TV and Radio application, your search ends here, here is a small application named as Solway’s Internet TV and Radio Player. Once you download and install this small application you can have an instant access to several Radio and Internet TV stations. Using the radio button option as shown in the above snapshot, ...

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Tabbed Image Viewer

Tabbed Image Viewer

When you sit for watching images after coming back from trip or a party, checking on this one by one is slow and boring and windows default viewer doesn’t allow you to switch between images which are not in sequence. Tabbed Image viewer allows you to do so. Like it says, all the images that are opened using this are available as tabs ...

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Dual Monitor Tools : Make the most of your multiple monitors

Working with Two Monitors

Working on two monitors for many of us increases our productivity but with that there are a lot of other things shows up and you feel like if you had something to manage this too. Dual Monitor Tools are set of application which helps you make the most of your multiple monitor scenario. Here is the list : Dual Snap : ...

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Find and replace multiple words in a file with wReplace

Multiple Word replace

Find and replace is one of the most powerful feature which is availble in most of the standard editors. Though powerful but when it comes to do a batch replacements of multiple words in a file, wReplace is what you will need.This application lets you add multiple words which is searched in document and for each of them a replacement ...

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DocFetcher makes searching faster with smarter Indexing technique

Search for specific text within the Documents on your Computer DocFetcher

Generally we download files, and save them with the same name as they have it on the server where they are hosted. In such case biggest issue is faced when you know that you have the file, as you remember downloading it lately, but you don’t know the name of the document file. Here is a search utility, which can ...

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Share and Post sticky notes on any computer in your network

Advance Sticky note app, create Sticky on computers in same network

Windows 7 and Vista have the inbuilt program which allows you to place Sticky Notes on your desktop but what if you want to share it over network ?  Here is another Sticky notes application, known as StickIt which like other applications you can create notes but the most eye-catching feature of this application is that you can post this notes on any machine which ...

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Browse and Read electronic comics on your iPad

Browse and Read Electronic Comics on iPad

If you have an iPad and you love comics, here is a must have app for you. Comic Viewer is an iPad app, which allows you to browse and read electronic comics. Comic Viewer supports almost all the general image file formats (such as JPG, PNG, and GIF), as well as CBR and CBZ Comic Archive Formats. Here are the ...

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Increase hard disk speed and life with MyDefrag

Defragmentation Options

Defragmentation basically means reorganizing and in computers it comes to organizing data on hard disk in such a way that your files are accessed faster giving you an better experience. MyDefrag is a free hard disk defragmentaion software which helps you increasing hard disk speed and life.   According to MyDefrag, beginning of the hard disk are faster and if the files are sorted according to the usage ( which ...

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Solve and Create Sudoku Puzzle with this

Create Sudoku at Home

Many of us who love puzzles play around with Sudoku in newspapers or even online. Today I found a software which can create as many Sudoku you want and if you want to design one on your own, you can do that too. This will be useful for any game session in a competition or if you want to keep somebody busy. Apart ...

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Windows Shifter moves program between computers

Shifter in Windows 7

Does exactly what it says, Windows Shifter allows you to transfer or access running program from one machine into another even on cross platforms like Windows to Linux, Windows to ubuntu, Windows to Mac, Windows to FreeBSD and even on Open Solaris. The only condition is you need to install the application on both the machines and they should be ...

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