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Software which can help you make your work faster and more productive. We talk about tips and tricks with detailed explanation of how to use it efficiently.

Game Mover

Move Installed Games to another partition without reinstalling

Games take a lot of space and you quickly run out of space in your C drive or any other drive where you are installing it. On top of that some...
Open With Suggestions

Open With gets you alternative programs to Open any file

Sometimes it happens that you receive a file but you do not know how to open, rather you do not have a program to open it. Not every file extension is...
Dziobas Rar Player

Watch compressed movie without decompressing it

Dziobas Rar Player is a MPlayer based movie player which can let you watch compressed movies or movies which are zipped so you watch them without extracting them. Why not extract...
DNA utorrent

Enable DNA to increase uTorrent Download Speed

DNA in uTorrent is a service from BitTorrent which helps you increasing utorrent download speed. The technique used is very simple, it accelerates by downloading in parallel from multiple sources and...
Colour Picker Tool

Pixie : Handy Colour Picker tool

Pixie is a handy colour picker tool which can get you HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK and HSV Colour codes as you move your mouse anywhere on your computer. It comes along...
Resize Windows with Mouse

Resize windows with Mouse Wheel

Feel the Wheel is a free windows application which helps you in quickly resizing any open window using your mouse wheel. Apart from this it also allows you to change the...
Mirror Folders

Mirror Folder keeps your folder structure in sync

Keeping same data in your laptop and on your computer is what many of us do but what if you do not want the complete backup but only sync files you...
Free tool to hide the Files and Folders on your Windows Machine

Free application to Hide Files and Folders

Folder Hidden is an awesome utility to hide and unhide the folders and files, it is damn easy to use, and has a very simple interface.Once you install Folder Hidden, it...
FR Reload New Name

File Renamer which backsup old names

We had reviewed couple of File Renamer applications which work on mass or batch mode but today we found one which comes with a very useful feature, keeping your old file names in...
Email Notfier Gmail Multiple Account

New Mail notifier for Gmail’s Multiple Account Feature

Gmail recently introduced multiple account sign in which lets you switch between different google accounts making it easier for you to check emails quickly. So now how do you get notified when...
WordPress Installation

Carry WordPress in your Pocket : USB Webserver

Many WordPress users / developers install the blogging script in their local computer to test out various plugins or new versions to see if it breaks or not or even create sample...
Ram Hook Keylogger

Remotely monitor all keyboard input on your computer

RamHook is a free open source windows application which lets you record all the activities when keyboard is used. It can record menu actions, tabs and whatever is typed into a log file. Technically...

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