Save priority for each program from Task Manager

Priority Saver

Task Manager in Windows allows you to set priority of running application. This helps when you want to control on which should finish of the job first and what should be next. However Windows Task Manager is not built to remember it ( Possibly because things are dynamic ) but with Process Priority Saver you can. This application adds an ...

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Set default printer for any program

Automatic Print Switcher

Windows 7 has already solution for changing your default printer when you switch network but taking this concept one step ahead, Automatic Printer Switcher lets you set default printer for each application. For example if you want to print images as pdf using tools like NitroPDF or when you print from Word Document you want to use your Office Network ...

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RegDump gets you Registry Hive dumps in simple text format


Ladislav Nevery, like many of found it difficult to find what has changed in registry hive  like many of the administrators or programmers. The problem he explains is : Well recently I had nasty worm/rootkit problem and naturally I wanted to know what he changed in my system. So i started seeking for some tool to detect registry changes. some simple tool to dump ...

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Automatically backup your site files with FTP Synchronize

FTP Synchronize

Taking backup of your server files is very important and one only knows its importance when one’s server crashes and there is no way to recover it. Though its is recommended to ask your host to back up everything everyday for which you might have to spend a minimal fees like 5 to 10 $ for 10GB of backup. Today we found another ...

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Record actions on your computer and mimic it back

Mimer Record Steps

Mimer is a simple java based tool which can repeat exactly the same steps once you record it. For example if your cousin or friend is trying to do something on computer and you aren’t able to replicate it, his steps can be recorded and played back again exactly. You can also save each recording and can run it when you want, however if your ...

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uTorrent Apps : P2P softwares gaining next level

Utorrent Apps

In today’s world you will hardly hear anybody not using torrent or torrent like software to download, well could be anything from music to pirated softwares but everything had the same idea, Downloading stuff at night and watch movies in evening. But  with uTorrent introducing apps in the next version and complete framework where third part developers can do magic its going ...

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Send to Toys makes Windows Send-to lot powerful

Sendto Toys

Right click on any file or folder and use Send-to. This is one of the most powerful feature in Windows which I had used right from the time I started using it, specially when I needed to sort files. Though this is useful for many of us but there is no direct way you can manipulate it to work lot better ...

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How to find which song is getting played Anywhere

Audiggle Find more

Audiggle, Thats the answer. This small application quickly finds out information about Artists and Track of the music which is played in videos even if it is on sites like YouTube, it supports  DVD, TV Shows and the Internet radio station. May be if you can get your Zune or iPod into Windows 7 Line in, it will work with that ...

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Missed adding dates to snaps ? Date Stamper does it all

Date Stamper

In Digital Cameras there is an option which prints the date in the images when taken. This is useful if you don’t mind a date showing up in the picture. We did that in our Rajasthan Trip and it came very handy though arranging images by date can be done in any OS. However if you don’t have it and you want ...

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Sync / UnSync / Add any folder with Dropbox in one click

Sync and Unsync any folder with dropbox

Here is another add-on for DropBox Lovers and probably which should have come as one of the features of Dropbox is not available as an add-on.  Drop Box Folder Sync allows you to sync or unsync any folder with Dropbox with just one click. Just select any folder, right-click  and choose Sync or UnSync with Dropbox. Installing Dropbox Folder Sync : Download the software and ...

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Automatically play music when you do something boring like slow downloads

Configure Elevator Music

Who doesnt get bored of downloading stuff especially when the file is pretty huge and even though you had used the best download managers. So what to do you do ? Well I just switch to TV if I don’t have to work but when worked I often switch often if the download is complete. Instant elevator Music is an interesting application just built for ...

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Auto upate image attributes in web pages in batch

Add image size attributes

Giving the correct size i.e. height and width attributes is very important if you want to speed up website load. Though this is not the only point but if you give size the browser can find how it can handle image better and it was also pointed for my site when I tried the Google’s Page Speed Plugin. For websites ...

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