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Control your Computer using Email and Twitter

TweetMyPC: Control your Computer using Email and Twitter

TweetMyPC is free software that allows you to control your Windows 10 PC from Twitter. It will enable you to shut down, lock, and run custom commands from Twitter on the...
copy clone USB drive

How to create an exact copy of a USB drive or Clone it

You must have created an exact image of your Windows or any bootable cd but how about creating an image of a USB drive? Why you need it? Many a time,...
Portable Password Manager Windows

KeePass: Portable Password Manager for Windows

KeePass is a portable password manager for Windows, which you can carry around on a USB drive. You can also place it in one of your cloud drives, and it will...
Edit Music Tags

Read Lyrics while listening to songs with Lyrics Plugin

Lyrics Plugin is an excellent add-on, crafted for music lovers. You can read the lyrics of the track being played by you in Winamp or Windows Media Player and iTunes, It's...
Free Download Manager Tips

Free Download Manager Tips to get you started 

Free Download Manager is a decade old, or probably more, software that allows you to manage download, organize, schedule, speed-up Internet file downloads, and faster when optimized. In this post, we...
Memory Usage Alert Windows 10

How to get alert about excessive memory usage in Windows

Many times programs running in Windows hang because of excessive memory usage and even hang other running programs because they lack memory. In short, they make them not responding. Keeping this...
create Multiple Folders

How to create Multiple Folders at the same time in Windows 10

Creating a single folder is what we do all the time, but let's say you would like to create ten folders. Little hard work right. Even we face problems like it,...
find compare hash value

Find and compare Hash value of any file in Properties window using Hashtab

Ever heard of words like MD5 Hash or seen text, which says, please verify your file is intact with these hash values? To speak in a layman's language, Hash Values represent...

How to see the folder size in File Explorer on Windows 10

Sometimes back, we talked on how to find the biggest folder of file size in Windows, but its a bit of manual process and needs to be done. Today we are...
find empty folders Windows

List of Free software to find empty folders in Windows 10

Many a time, you create folders and then empty them but forget to delete.  Now when you try to clean up your computer, you keep getting into the folder to see...
batch delete empty folders

How to find and batch delete empty folders on Windows 10

FMS Empty Folder remover finds and deletes empty folders in batch mode.
find empty folders Windows

Delete empty folders with Remove Empty Directory

Empty folders are common for many windows users, and there is no particular reason for that. Sometimes the folder refuses to delete because there is some system file in it, or...

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