How to see the folder size in File Explorer on Windows 10

Sometimes back, we talked on how to find the biggest folder of file size in Windows, but its a bit of manual process and needs to be done. Today we are talking about a small software—Folder Size—which integrates with File Explorer in Windows 10 to display folder size. How to see the folder size in File Explorer on Windows 10 ...

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List of Free software to find empty folders in Windows 10

find empty folders Windows

Many a time, you create folders and then empty them but forget to delete.  Now when you try to clean up your computer, you keep getting into the folder to see if its containing files or not, and all you end up is with peeking into empty folders. In this post, we will share a list of software that can ...

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Delete empty folders with Remove Empty Directory

find empty folders Windows

Empty folders are common for many windows users, and there is no particular reason for that. Sometimes the folder refuses to delete because there is some system file in it, or sometimes it is so much into the folders that you cannot find. For me, the most common reason is when I convert images i delete few and keep some, ...

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Show Hidden Files, Folders and File extension with a right-click

Show Hide Files Folders Extensions

Many a time we need to keep files hidden, and while Windows offers to show and hide Files and Folders quickly, it still takes some steps. The same goes for file extensions. At times you need to check the extension, which again takes a few steps. In this post, I am sharing a shell extension that can add a right-click ...

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PDF WIZ — The Truly Free PDF Converter for Windows

PDF WIZ — The Truely Free PDF Converter for Windows

PDF is the most popular document format that is used everywhere. At times we need to edit the document and finally convert it into a different format. Converting PDF into Word, Excel, PowerPoint is not straight forward in Windows. It is where we are introducing you to PDF WIZ. Its 100% free PDF software converter for Windows which offers more ...

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Manage Windows Startup programs easily using these set of Software

Manage Windows Startup programs

Many a time when you install programs in Windows, they register themselves to start in the background as soon as you log in to your computer. While some applications need to launch with a start, some can be delayed or started when required by the users. In this post, we will share a list of programs which help you manage ...

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How to Stop Programs from Adding themselves to Windows Startup

Stop Programs Windows Startup

I am sure you have noticed that the more software you install, Windows boot becomes slower. These programs which you install are the reason. They register themselves to start when the computer starts, and open in backgrounds as soon as you log in to your computer. In this post, we will share how you can stop programs from adding themselves ...

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Configure and Manage Windows Startup with Autoruns in Windows 10

Configure Windows Startup

One of the major problems faced in windows is the time it takes to load. Have you ever thought why your Windows is loading slow even though you have a good amount of memory and processor? I have heard people saying that Windows keeps on getting slow as they install several programs, and they have no idea about it. In ...

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Auto Shutdown, Sleep or Hibernate Computer when Overheated

shutdown computer overheated

Many of us sometimes face a problem where our computer shuts down all of a sudden, and you cannot figure out the cause. CPU overheating is one of the issues that can cause it. I did face it a few months back and had to replace the heat sink. In this post, I will show you can take preemptive measures ...

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How to quickly change monitor resolution with Keyboard Shortcut

change monitor resolution Keyboard Shortcut

Changing the resolution of the monitor usually takes 3-4 steps. You need to open Display Settings, and then select the solution, preview and then apply for it. Instead, if you want to change monitor resolution quickly, here is two free software you can try which works with Keyboard shortcut. How to quickly change monitor resolution with Keyboard Shortcut While most ...

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Find your misplaced cell phone by making it ring (US and Canada only)

Find misplaced cell phone

Consider those scenarios, like you are sitting in your bed, watching your favorite show on the TV, and somehow you get reminded to make a call. You start searching for your cell phone only to find it later somewhere inside the couch. The second scenario where you just returned from office, and while entering your house, you casually threw your ...

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