Find which program is blocking USB device when ejecting

Program blocking USB ejecting

Many a time when you try to unplug your USB drive, you get an error message that the drive is in use by some program. It’s a reasonable precaution from Windows. It keeps you warned about a data transfer that might be taking place or any other use. If you unplug during that, it can result in data corruption. However, ...

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Torrent Privacy : Download with Encryption and Dynamic IP

Torrent Privacy Dynamic IP

As the downloading habit of people has increased, it had triggered alarms withing the ISP’s around the world. The reason is the increasing bandwidth, and then they had also started blocking as they know exactly what you are doing, which is more than enough for them to slow down your speed. However, if you want to download files shared by ...

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Copy To Synchronize: Folder Backup, Sync, History, Compression, Revision History

Copy To Synchronize

Copy To Synchronize is yet another powerful folder backup and synchronizer tool for folders which need constant backup, sync files, etc. Though nothing beats DropBox, the software shares some standard features that are available in most of the backup/sync tools we have seen, in this post, I will talk about the essential elements here. Copy To Synchronize: Folder Backup, Sync, ...

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Pure Sync: Best folder sync software on Windows 10

folder sync software windows 10

Many a time you would like to keep a few sets of folder always in sync. For example, you have an essential document folder which you want to sync to another folder on a network computer or maybe on a backup drive. So anytime you add a file or change a file, the same is reflected in the destination folder. ...

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How to Hack Someone’s Snapchat Using SpyMyFone

Snapchat has emerged to be one of the most utilised and busy social application among WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram in 2019. Some key features such as countless filters, many ways to take, edit and share photos (including stories) and videos and disappearing messages have made this application more versatile for the younger generation to use. Why need to hack Snapchat? ...

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How to Remove Noise from Video using Sony Vegas Pro & Audacity

Open Audio in Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is one of the best video editing tool if you are using Windows. Even then it does not come with a Background Noise Removal Program of its own which brings in significant drawback unless you are using a powerful microphone. Now since not everyone can afford such costly microphone, in this post, I will tell you how ...

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How to Clear Printer Queue in Windows 10 (Stalled Print Jobs)

Stalled Printer Repair

How many times you had wanted to print a document, and it never printed because it was stuck in the printer pool. Now if you are wondering why it is stuck, even your tech guy will have a hard time figuring why do print jobs get stuck in the queue?. The problem is that some of these jobs do not get deleted ...

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Free Commander : An alternative to Windows File Explorer

Free Command Explorer

Tired of using File explorer where you need to copy one thing then go down and click and then paste to the destination? Here is an excellent alternative, Free Commander. It’s a stand-alone program which I would say its a Double File Explorer which makes your file related activities much more comfortable. You can copy the whole installation files in ...

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