Amazon releases #fail fancy File uploader disguised as Cloud Drive App

Amazon Cloud Drive

Looks like competition is driving everything on cloud also, because finally today we have an App for Amazon Cloud Service for both Mac and Windows users. If you are not aware,  Amazon gives out 5Gb of free space for Documents, Pictures, Videos and has deep integration with its music service.  This is another cloud service you can add to your list after Dropbox, Skydrive and ...

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Starter Guide to New SkyDrive

Skydrive on Computer

In light of recent changes made to Skydrive, which made it really useful, we thought of making this starter guide to help users know about it and use various features of Skydrive with their devices. Before you set your expectation bar way too high, I will suggest you not to, specially if you been using other services. My experience with ...

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Skydrive now Supports ODF, 300 Mb File upload from Browser and New Short URL

Sharing Skydrive files on Twitter

Seems like as date of Google Drive is getting closer Microsoft is adding new features to Skydrive more often. Today Skydrive Team announced few major changes for Skydrive which many users will welcome. First Skydrive  now supports ODF or Open Document Format, which is one of the popular file format used by many Open Source Office Suits and Online services ...

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Automatically Record Skype Voice Calls on Windows

Skype Call Recorder Settings

Recording Skype Calls is really useful if you want to recall what your client said in case you have missed some points even when you took effort to note it down.  Now there are couple of software which can do it for you, one of which is Skype Call Recorder which works fine but today we have found a better ...

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Soluto brings Web Based Remote Management for your Windows PC

Soluto Web Management

If you havent heard about Soluto you seriously are missing something. We did review it long time back and been using it since ever. This tool for windows basically helps you reduce the boot time your windows machine is taking by analyzing the apps and then recommending you to pause, delay or keep as it is the apps to speed ...

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Selective Registry Backup Tool : SMARegistry

Smart Registry Backup Tool

I will call this Registry Backup Tool for Geeks and for users who know what is registry and how to handle it when it crashes, so unless you know what you are doing, ignore this and use the inbuilt registry tool ( regedit ) to backup all your registry settings or system restore if you mess up things. What this ...

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Movie Apps to Organize Movies and Search them quickly

Movie Monkey

An average computer user has tones of movies on his laptop or over a network drive which results in one simple issue for a Movie Enthusiastic, How do you search for a Movie where a certain person is an actor or how do you find if the movie has a good rating or How do you which category the movie falls into ? ...

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Bitcasa Invites : Sync hardrive to cloud and use it without plugging it back


One of the major problem of users carrying a hard drive everywhere you go seems to be getting resolved soon with the upcoming service, Bitcasa which is like Dropbox but still has differences with huge selling point  which I have discussed next. ( Beta Invites included in the post “Look” for it 😛 ) Three selling points and really makes it stand ...

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Volume 2 Changes Audio Level when you switch change audio output

It so happens many a time that you switch from Speakers to headphones and then you just rush to lower the volume because it’s too loud or when you are playing loud music on your laptop which already has low volume but you connect to 5.1 Channel Speakers and wake your family up because you had no control on the ...

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Best desktop app to perform onscreen OCR [Works offline and Free for limited time]

Best tool to perform OCR offline

There are so many ways which allow you to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition), in case you are not familiar with OCR, have a look at this definition – “Optical character recognition, usually abbreviated to OCR, is the mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. It is widely used to convert ...

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