Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Keyboard Shortcut

Remote Desktop Connection is an application in Microsoft Windows which allows any user to get a remote assistance from another windows user. However there are lot of trouble while using it specially with keyboard shortcut. You cant use the default keyboard short cut like ALT + TAB to navigate using Remote Desktop. So what do you do ? , Most ...

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Create Personalized MSDN library with Package This

Create Packged Files from MSDN library

Microsoft Development team has release another tool which can help you making your own personalized Help Library from MSDN Documentation. This GUI tool allows you to choose which help files you want to import from MSDN Library and make a .chm file out of it. The help file created gives both help file formats also give full text search and ...

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Download iTunes Filter: Create Play list that suits your mood

You want a romantic music to run on your ipod and it plays “rock”, We all face this situation when we use shuffle mode. Another way is to create a play list manually but who has so much of time with ever growing itune music list. So whats the other solution: Use this software called as “The Filter”. This can ...

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Nokia introduces widget support for S60

Nokia has introduced “widget” support for S60. It will be the first mobile software platform that enables the creation of widgets using familiar standards-based Web technologies. Available to all S60 licensees, widget support enhances the Internet experience on a mobile by bringing a personal Web experience to a personal device. Here are quick terms you should know first : S60: ...

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GUIDe technology can remove the mouse in future

Mouse is one the most essential part of computer which make things faster to do. Pointing devices such as touchpad do the same. Now imagine if you can do that with a blink of your eye. Open your email by just looking at it and everything that you do with your mouse A researcher at Stanford can make mouse a ...

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Get Licensed Software for Free

It is a convenient initiative allowing you to get the best commercial software for free.Every day offer licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise, for free! They are giving away one software each day which you can download it from their site directly. Each Application given on has a fixed Active Giveaway time left for that day after ...

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Carry your Laptop in USB drive with MojoPac


Mojopac is a small tool which can be installed on your usb drive, and it gives you virtually your own Windows Xp / Vista / 7 environment. This way you can use your applications, install new software on the USB Drive, and use it by attaching to any system. Want to use Acrobat on any system you use, But you ...

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Five Best Porn Blockers

The worst thing children do when they get computer is accessing porn sites. Porn sites are filled with viruses and scripts which can get access of your computer data, and if children are smart enough they would enter the credit card number too. I looked forward for some porn blockers to stop my friends accessing it and here is the ...

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