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Create Packged Files from MSDN library

Create Personalized MSDN library with Package This

Microsoft Development team has release another tool which can help you making your own personalized Help Library from MSDN Documentation. This GUI tool allows you to choose which help files you...

Download iTunes Filter: Create Play list that suits your mood

You want romantic music to run on your iPod and it plays “rock”, We all face this situation when we use shuffle mode. Another way is to create a playlist manually...
What is GUIDe

GUIDe technology can remove the mouse in future

The mouse is one of a computer's essential parts, making things faster to do. Pointing devices such as touchpads do the same. Now imagine if you can do that with a...
Apple iTunes is now Vista compatible

Apple iTunes is now Vista compatible

iTunes from apple confirmed a few hrs ago that the media player now should run on most of the editions of Windows Vista. A separate document says: A new version of iTunes that...

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