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Why Miami Is The Best City In The World For Tech Lovers

Miami is full of iconic artwork, and it’s a true tropical paradise by definition. What you probably don’t realize is that this beach-side city is full of entrepreneurs, and many of...

Simple passwords are also strong if you can make it special

Passwords are a critical way to secure your data online and on your computer. To make sure they are not hackable, we tend to create passwords that have Alphabets in uppercase,...
Laser Guided Robot for Cleaning

A robot to do the job of a Vacuum Cleaner

If you are wasting your energy everyday asking your maid to clean properly or your vacuum cleaner doesn't seem to be just enough, in future, A robot will do it for...
iOS Update

Apple iOS 4.0.2 Removes JailBreak iPhone 4

Apple hs finally released fixes for all its devices in 4.0.2 version. This update will make sure nobody is able to JailBreak by using online tools like JailbreakMe. The release is...
Sync iPhone with any iTunes on any computer

How to sync your iPhone with iTunes on any computer

Apple is tough when it comes to devices such as it doesn't allow you to install application unless you Jailbreak your iPhone or the application is approved in iTunes library. Same way every iPhone is...
NetFlix on iPhone 4

How to install Flash on iPhone ?

Yes you read it right!!, Thanks to Grant, Flash ( Popularly know as Frash ) can now be installed on your iPhone4 (using iOS4 and an armv7 device. )and you can...
Pushfix iPhone4

Automatic Fix for Different SIM Detected on Jailbroken iPhone 4

Its surprising to see how apps  for Jailbreaking iPhone come back. Thanks to hackers and software experts who do this. JailBroken iPhone 4 and other versions like 3G and 3Gs has...
Different Sim Detected

How to fix Different SIM detected (emergency mode ) after Jailbreak

If your iPhone 4 after Jailbreak and unlocked gives you an error message of Different Sim detected ( Please connect to iTunes)  and asks for emergency mode, this ie because the loophole of using...
NetFlix on iPhone 4

How to make NetFlix work on iPhone 4

ModMYI user SchMilk has posted a cool solution to make your iPhone 4 work with NetFlix which for many users was not working even when they had their iPhone 4 JailBreak using the...
FaceTime Skype over 3G

Make FaceTime & Skype work over 3G with My3G [ iPhone 4 ]

After the release of  JailBreak iPhone 4.0 app which allows you to install 3rd party applications not approved by apple over iOS 4.0 and above, My3G now lets your FaceTime work...
JailBreak Me

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 with iOS 4 and above

Now that JailBreaking an iPhone is legal, approved by the Library of Congress, specifically allowing jailbreaking there is a new App ready to do so. JailBreakMe 2.0 app  removes the restriction made by Apple...
iPhone 4 Bumper Refund

How to get refunded for iPhone 4 Bumper

Apple has put up a web page which you can use to request to get refunded for the iPhone 4 bumper you had bought to keep the signal up all the...

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