How to buy a Digital Camera and Why Megapixel doesn’t matter

Canon Camera

For the last few years, I have been continuously listening to the same thing all over again. A universal concept what the general public has in their mind is “My 10 Megapixel Camera can take a better picture than your 3 Megapixel Camera”. Well For these days at least the said sentence is purely a Myth. I am going to ...

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[Guide] How to Choose Between a dSLR and a Point and Shoot DigiCam ?

Canon DSLR

Hi People , this is Kuntal Gupta , again with something about Photography to share with you , this time Presenting a “Doubt-clearing” Guide (Well Sort Of). From a few months as my Friends Circle have grown  , I have been asked by many about whether or not to go for a DSLR or just stick to Digital Compact Camera (We will ...

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Control your Digital Camera from Computer and take snaphots

If you are kind of person who wants to control your digital camera with not expensive solution, CCC is one solution which lets you take screenshot from your computer when the digital camera  ( A620/640, S80, S3/5 IS, G7/9/10, and SX100/110 IS )  is connected to your computer via USB. Like i had mentioned not all digital camera will work.Since ...

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Canon A580 : Best Digital Camera under 10000 RS ( INR )

Canon A580 is probably the best digital camera which balances out both price and quality. Its priced 10000 RS ( INR ) with a megapixel of 8 , 4X optical and 16X digital zoom and with 2.5 inch LCD screen. After quite a long hunt a saw a review of can a580 review on TV from guys. Even they ...

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Few things to get good results from your Digital Camera

This article will tell you how you can take good photographs / photo by understanding some of the terms in easy words. An advanced camera will always take good photographs but with digital camera its difficult. So just read on and I can bet at the end of this article you will learn things which will make you a good ...

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Download Free Webcam Software

False Camera Demo

Web cams are always fun whether its friends or professional work. Here is a collection of  free ( you can download for free) plus 1 commercial webcam software which allows you right from stream virtual video streams, capturing images, uploading it to ftp, capturing videos from TV Tuner or friends webcam to Making the images funny and decorative. They even ...

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What to look for in a Digital Camera

Digital Photography is one the most common and fascinating art.Everybody wants a camera, but then when we go to buy, we have no idea of “what should be the criteria?”.I went out on the discussion with my friends 2 days back, who went through a lot of magazines to get the right idea.So here the post which can tell you what ...

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