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How to create custom slide show with PowerPoint 2007 / 2010

Custom Slide Shows

Sometimes we have really long slide show but not every slide is important. What if you want to show only few selected slides out of them. Instead of copying it into another slide show now you can customize to choose particular slides in Power Point 2007. Where it can be useful ? Lets take a case where you just need ...

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How to make PDF file compatible with Offset printing

Recently we had some PDF files with high resolution images which we needed to be printed as a book. After creating the PDF we sent it for printing , but the output was really bad. The images were printed in black and white. In further discussion with few more experts we came to know about two new terms “CMYK” and ...

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How to change resolution of slide show on fly with Office PowerPoint

Many a times it so happens that while giving your presentation / slide show, the experience becomes slow specially when your presentation has to display an image. I face the same problem once and looking around I found that my image resolution in the slideshow was higher than the supported resolution of the monitor. Looking around I found this unique feature available ...

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How to disable image compression in Microsoft Office PowerPoint

By default any image included in slideshow created using Microsoft Office PowerPoint is compressed, resulting in loss of quality i.e. High quality images are reduced to low quality. Though for most of the cases this is ok as it saves time,specially when you want to run it on a website but if you are preparing a slideshow where quality of images matter and putting a ...

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