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Do you use OneNote Mini Translator ?

One Note Translate

OneNote comes with an excellent tool, Mini translator for reviewer who deal with foreign language every day. This tool comes as pop up when you select a text or over any word within seconds. The pop-up lets you copy the entire translation and also helps you in pronouncing the text via speech. To get more detail you should click on search icon which ...

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How to Plan your travel in Outlook

Bing Travel Task Details

Bing Travel Planner for Outlook is a plugin which brings Bing Travel Search inside your Outlook. The major advantage of using this tool with outlook is that it creates, Reminders, Appointments and Out Of Office response automatically inside your outlook and if you are connected to the exchange server your colleagues can see when you are not there. Though this plugin facilitates booking ...

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Adobe Reader to get Protected Mode

PDF Protected View

Dont get surprised after the next update of the PDF reader from Adobe, you start getting message saying that the PDF document is in protected mode similar to what have in Microsoft Office 2010 ( Learn More about Office Protected View ) and in Chrome Browser. Adobe announced on their official security blog that they are working with Microsoft and Chrome ...

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How to recover deleted sections of Office OneNote 2010

OneNote Recycle Bin

OneNote is a major life line for many Microsoft Office power users, specially who want a completely paperless office.However there was no recovery system available for OneNote in 2007 because of which when you delete any page or the notebook it was completely out of your hands. In Office 2010 there is a new feature, Recycle Bin for OneNote is added.  This feature is ...

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How to check web compatibility of Access Database

Access Check database Web Compatibility

Access 2010 database can now be published to web which is an extremely useful feature for small business group where buying a SQL product might be costly. To save and publish an existing database to web follow the steps below : Click on File > Save and Publish Publish > Publish to Access Service. Here you will have to configure your ...

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How to type the Rupee Symbol from Keyboard ?

Indian Rupee FontTyping

New Indian Rupee Symbol is already finalized but it has to complete the process and it will take quiet sometime to get into the keyboard layout but Thanks to Mangalore based company, Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd which have created a font used in the Indian Rupee Symbol and can be used by installing the font they have created. Apart from this you can use ...

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How to extract images from DOCX file

Docx Format

Docx is the popular extension of Word File which was introduced in Office 2007. As a smaller introduction, DOCX are XML based files and are similar to archives e.g. zip files. To copy images from a DOCX file is a bit of pain but like we know that DOCX are also archives, you can always extract them. Follow the steps below : Make a ...

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Office 2010 : Protected View and Trusted Documents

Protected View in Office 2010

Often documents originating from Internet or Email attachments carry potential risk which can harm your data and your personal information. You can obviously have your antivirus do the check but Office 2010 team though why not get this into the documents.  With Office 2010 there are new features introduced to help you protect documents : Protected View and Trusted Documents. Protected View : Whenever ...

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How to open Office 2010 documents in Protected view when you want

Open in Protected View

Protected view is a new feature in Office 2010 which allows you to safely view any Office document like word, excel etc. By default Protected View only appears when you have downloaded a document from untrusted location and try to open on your computer. However if you would like to open the document in protected mode when you want ( required when ...

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Download Facebook Outlook Social Connector

Manav Social Connector

Outlook Social connector is small section under every mail you read using Outlook 2010 which gives you an overview of the mail senders recent activity like recent mails, attachments, meeting etc. Now when this connector integrates with sites like  Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace and Windows Live Messenger and gets you the latest updates into the Outlook making it easier to see what that ...

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How to use OneNote to make notes with Office Word

Office 2010 Word One Note Link

While reviewing or reading a Microsoft Office Word File, we often have doubts or some extra notes to add which is helpful for our reference. If you are totally into digital note taking mood, One Note and Word Integration in Office 2010 just got better for you, Linked Notes. Using Linked Notes you can add your points into OneNote and keep ...

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How to Remove background from images using Office 2010

Remove Background Images

Office 2010 has this new Background Removal tool which helps you in getting rid of background by using new capabilities and algorithms from the Microsoft Research.  It allows you to select parts of images which can be cropped or just select what to include and you are done. Steps to remove background image : Select any image and click on Picture ...

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