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What are Sparklines in Excel 2010

Sparklines Tool

In very simple words they are small graphs or charts embedded withing a cell of an excel column but still gives you an overall idea of the data you are looking at. Yes exactly your Manager might just start hating to look at those big excel charts on your slides!!. What you see under column “Total Post Completed” is how sparklines ...

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How to directly add contacts from Office Outlook to Windows Live Messenger

Add to WLM from Outlook

Once you are signed into Windows Live Messenger, Office Outlook 2010 becomes presence aware which means anybody online in your Windows Live Messenger will have a green icon displayed when seen in outlook. Here is how it looks like : Now with Windows Live Messenger Beta it has become possible to add contacts directly from Outlook to Live Messenger. Hover over the ...

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Auto Change Font Colour when replying / forward in Outlook

Reply forward colour in Outlook

When replying to somebody on email it is always a good idea that you change the font colour or even type so that the person who receives email can distinguish between his and your comment. In Outlook this can be achieved by going to Signature > Personal Stationery > Font You will need to select the check box which says Pick  a new ...

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How to search within Audio and Video in OneNote

Audio Video Search in OneNote

Office OneNote allows you to embed audio and video inside the document which is good if you are recoding some meeting or when you want to leave a note to the people with whom you share this.  What is interesting is that OneNote also allows you to make a search withing the audio and video which makes it lot easier for users ...

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Insert Maths formula in OneNote using Ink to Math

OneNote Maths

If you are a maths student and use a Digital Pen to write down everything on OneNote, Ink To Math is a great feature in OneNote which allows you to write down the mats formula by hand and then insert it into OneNote. This is useful for complex forumals and is defibetly faster. However you should practice it so that ...

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How to Backup and Version Online OneNote Files Across Network

OneNote Dropbox

Online Office does not have any feature of backing up your data or have version support but using the Desktop Office and few features inbuilt you can make do both backup and version your files on your computer. Facts : It is possible to edit the online document in your desktop  and sync with Online Document. Office OneNote App has an ...

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How to remove syncing between Online and Desktop OneNote

OneNote Web App Sync Break

Office OneNote is now on the web which you can see as soon as you login to your Skydrive account. Getting it online has one big advantage that you can sync it online as you edit it on your desktop but what if you want to stop syncing or completely break the relationship with the online file ? There are two ways ...

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Change advance Outlook settings and data folders tool with Outlook Tool

Outlook Tools General

Outlook tool is an advanced tool which allows you to change lot of settings in Outlook and associated data folders settings which generally are not availble directly to the users. Though you can change the settings from registry but this tool does that for you. Before going ahead I would recommend this tool for Advanced users who understand the effect ...

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Get Free Microsoft Office 2010 Licenses

Office 2010

I am sure you must have attended the Virtual Launch of Office 2010 which started today, if you havent dont worry there is another session due tomorrow specially for developers. It is completly free so just go and attend it. Now coming to what you wanted to hear. We are giving out 2 Licenses of Office 2010 but read on how you would ...

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Extend 30 days trial of Office 2010

Extend Office 2010 Trial

If you have already downloaded the trial pack of Office 2010 which lasts for 30 days, WeCode’s Office 2010 Trial Extender can extend the trail 5 times which gives you 6 months of time to evaluate product before you plan to buy it.  ( Why ? That’s Why ) The only condition here is you need to rearm it just before one day ...

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Quickly access the recent documents in Office 2010

Recent List Overload

Microsoft Office 2010 applications like Word, PowerPoint etc display the recently accessed document list in File > Recent which has one big problem.  This is complete overload which you don’t need unless you are really searching for a file used long back. Luckily Office Team did thought about it and you can add any number of recent document which is displayed just before Info ...

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Managing Office Documents when offline

Working Offline With Files

Microsoft Office allows you access documents from web servers like SharePoint or Office live ( using Windows Live ID ) even if you are offline by using caching fundamentals. In this post we will take a look at how you can access, update and upload back when you are not connected to internet. Microsoft Office 2010 comes with a tool, Microsoft Office ...

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