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Download Free Amazing Seven Windows Vista Themes and Suit

Vista themes are like skin on your default Vista. These themes will make Vista look amazing by providing different icons or wallpapers and yeah the sound and graphics effect.Windows Vista is growing everyday and becoming popular among 3d Fanatics. Directx10 , the secret of Vista has been boon to both game players and user experience on desktops. If you haven’t ...

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How to tweak your Vista performance Part -2

In the How to tweak your Vista performance Part -1 of this series we covered the following vista tweaks to increase performance A) Disable some useless start up items first. B) Disable the not required services. C) Disable UAC (user account control) in Windows Vista. D) Disable Network Printer Search.Now lets move on to few more tweaks to increase performance ...

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How to tweak your Vista performance Part -1

Microsoft just released of Windows Vista started to hit the market with lots of sales of licensed copies of windows vista with lots of flavored releases according to different type of user requirements .But some of the people actually using Windows Vista are not satisfied with their experience as it is heavy on the system with so much of graphics ...

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Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista Coming Soon

Yes, this is what Yahoo Messenger will look like when installed on Vista. The interface is super cool and users have more control over the looks which allows changing the color ( Take a look at the end of image, a slider allows you to do so ). The only bad news is , you might have to wait for ...

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How to Tag Your files in Windows 7 / Vista

Add tags from Windows Explorer

Now its easy to search files on Windows 7 / Vista with a new property called as “tag”. With all previous edition of windows it was very difficult to search a file if you have forgotten the exact name. Even if you remember partial name, search was difficult.But with this new feature of of “tagging” a file in Vista, searching ...

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How to tweak Windows XP performance

tweak Windows XP performance

Many hidden techniques make Windows XP run faster than usual. At Microsoft, the folks are more focused on giving us many features. They pay less attention to optimizing it for faster performance. This article gathers top-notch tricks that boost Windows XP speed dramatically. All these tricks are tested at the TechnoPark office with 4 XP systems. Here are the best ...

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Get the Vista Look on Windows XP

Get the Windows Vista Look on Windows XP with Transformation pack

  With all the talks of Vista going around, its human that we all want the looks and feel of it running on our Windows XP machines. There are some solutions like Style XP and Windows Blind, but they all don’t change everything completely. One of the magazines i was going through caught my eyes. They have tested it, and ...

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What to look for in a Digital Camera

Digital Photography is one the most common and fascinating art.Everybody wants a camera, but then when we go to buy, we have no idea of “what should be the criteria?”.I went out on the discussion with my friends 2 days back, who went through a lot of magazines to get the right idea.So here the post which can tell you what ...

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