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Linking YouTube with Google+ Page allows Managers to Upload Videos

YouTube Multiple Users

It’s a common scenario that YouTube Accounts are managed by multiple users when the video makers separated geographically. Now YouTube itself does not allow to add multiple users to their channel and till date it was only possible if you share the account credential with the editors. However, I recently discovered this has becomes possible after Google started rolling out an option where it was asking ...

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How to Change Adsense Code for Mobile Design

Google AdSense recently announced that publishers can change their Adsense code to adjust according to their Mobile Theme or the Responsive Theme for their website. This came directly because of the increased adoption of responsive theme over mobile theme which kept down the complexity of managing two different theme and multiple ad units. So instead of publishers figuring out screen sizes and ...

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Get SMS Notification When Idle on Hangout (New GTalk)

SMS Notifications for Hangouts

When Google rolled out Google Plus, it was damn straight that Google will put all its effort to get as many people  on board it can. Though you can always opt out of Google Plus when in browser but Google now has hit on the soft corner, Google Talk. This messenger service from Google has been a major part of ...

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YouTube Earnings in Adsense showing up all Zeros ? Here is how to view them.

Seems like starting with April 2013, YouTube has stopped showing up earning in your Dashboard. I remember YouTube did announce something on similar lines where YouTube earnings will be shown only at the month end, at the time of final calculation, like YouTube Earnings. The Problem is that YouTube Estimated earnings are getting displayed as Zero while total earnings are still ...

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Two Tips to Show Only Best Videos on Your YouTube Channel

Re-arranging Sections in YouTube

YouTube recently updated (again) its YouTube Channel design for all the publishers. Looking at it, it is definitely headed towards a better way and for all devices like TV, Mobile and PC. In this design, when you visit the channel, you will see a couple of sections already listed. These are playlists, new uploads, most viewed videos of your channel. Now ...

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YouTube Now Lets You Bulk Add / Remove Tags in Videos

YouTube Tags

Looks like YouTube have finally opened up Tag access in much better way for video publishers. Those who are not aware, Tags are like keywords which can be used to identify content inside the video. Prior to this, publishers were able to add or remove tags using the edit video mode. There are distinct advantages of this feature: First you get to ...

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How to mark all unread emails in Gmail as read

Filter Trick to update all unread message

So when I signed up for MWC, I had like tons of emails rolling in every few minutes. I was mostly reading only interesting ones which resulted in lot of unread mails. Then the question came in, How to mark all of these mails as read so the inbox count can drop to flat zero. Gmail does not have any direct ...

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How to create live blog using WordPress

WordPress Create Live Posts

When you are attending events, covering it live makes a lot of sense for your users. Essential part of running a live post is you don’t have to hit the publish button all the time as it wastes lot of time and your readers don’t have to refresh your page for new updates. Now there are lot of third party plugins ...

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How to use Printer’s Scanner when it’s out of ink

Webscan for HP Photosmart printer

I happen to have an HP Photo smart printer which has all the functionality like Scanning, Copying and Printing, etc. Now it ran out of Ink recently and I had no time to get it refilled. The best part was that all of a sudden I had a lot of document to be scanned and sent over email. So I happily ...

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Windows RT Jailbreak Tool : Run Desktop Software

We all know that Windows RT does not allow you to desktop applications or any executable files which makes sure that RT users can only apps which are installed using the Windows Store. Some of the developers found a hole at the kernel level which made sure that Windows RT user will be able to not only install Desktop Application ...

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