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Google Alerts Non Gmail

How to create and transfer Google Alerts to Non-Gmail Email Address

Google Alerts is one of the services that always needed a Gmail account to receive it. But let's say your primary email id is not on Gmail but instead on Yahoo or Outlook or...
Buy from US and ship to India Easily with this service

How to buy Mobile, Tablets, Gadgets from US, UK and Ship to India

Most of the Gadgets are introduced & Sold in US & UK Market first and then added later in the rest of the world. Now when scorching devices like Pixel, Samsung, and  Surface Laptops...
Few basic tips to get good results from a Digital Camera

How to buy a Digital Camera and Why Megapixel doesn’t matter

For the last few years, I have been continuously listening to the same thing all over again. A universal concept what the general public has in their mind is “My 10 Megapixel Camera can...
delete folders which refuse to delete

How to delete folders which refuse to delete

Sometimes folders on windows though deleted, still remain even if you had restarted it. However using command line file and folder removal tool you can delete these kind of folders. You will need to use the shortname file while deleting.
How to export only Name Email and Phone number from Google Contacts

How to export only Name Email and Phone number from Google Contacts

Years back, there was a trick which allowed to export Google Contacts in the much cleaner way, i.e. in case you only wanted some particular fields, using the print option of Google Contacts. It...
Yahoo Promotuonal Email

How to Unsubscribe from Yahoo’s Promotional Newsletters and Targeted Ads

My Uncle has a Yahoo Mail Account and he was pretty annoyed when he saw a lot of email started coming in which was basically Yahoo's promotional emails about daily stories, offers, news and so...
Vine Video Download

How to Download Vine Videos on your PC

Some of the Vine and recently announced Instagram videos are just super awesome because they allow you to express something in very short period. Now that said if you ever though how you can download...

Jetpack brings Universal Search for WordPress Admin Panel — Omnisearch

If you are running a website powered by WordPress, then here is a big news for you. Jetpack Plugin has introduced a new feature -- Omnisearch which allows you to do a universal search...
YouTube Multiple Users

Linking YouTube with Google+ Page allows Managers to Upload Videos

It's a common scenario that YouTube Accounts are managed by multiple users when the video makers separated geographically. Now YouTube itself does not allow to add multiple users to their channel and till date it was only...
Google Plus Page Link to YouTube

Link Existing Google Plus Page with YouTube Channel (Different Google Account)

I have all my Google Plus Page managed by a single Google Account. Today when YouTube asked me to choose between existing username or choose something else, I saw there is an option to link...

How to Change Adsense Code for Mobile Design

Google AdSense recently announced that publishers can change their Adsense code to adjust according to their Mobile Theme or the Responsive Theme for their website. This came directly because of the increased adoption of responsive theme...
SMS Notifications for Hangouts

Get SMS Notification When Idle on Hangout (New GTalk)

When Google rolled out Google Plus, it was damn straight that Google will put all its effort to get as many people  on board it can. Though you can always opt out of Google...

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