Tips N Tricks

How to tweak your XP performance

There are many hidden techniques that make XP run faster than usual. At Microsoft, the folks are more focused in giving us many features. They pay less attention in optimizing it for faster performance. This article gathers top notch tricks that boost XP speed dramatically. All these tricks are tested at TechnoPark office with 4 XP systems. Get… Set.. Go.. ...

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Get the Vista Look on Windows XP

With all the talks of Vista going around, its human that we all want the looks and feel of it running on our xp machines.There are some solutions like Style XP and Windows Blind but they all don’t change everything completely. One of the magazines i was going through caught my eyes.They have tested it and this is what they ...

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What to look for in a Digital Camera

Digital Photography is one the most common and fascinating art.Everybody wants a camera, but then when we go to buy, we have no idea of “what should be the criteria?”.I went out on the discussion with my friends 2 days back, who went through a lot of magazines to get the right idea.So here the post which can tell you what ...

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