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How to mass delete Instant Upload photos quickly

Mass Delete Instant Upload Images

Google Plus app for Android and IOS brought in some seriously cool feature apart from communities.  One of these features is Uploading Images on Full Resolution which is geared with UPLOAD ALL option. Now if you aren’t aware, All the images uploaded are stored in Picasa and it shares the 5Gb space with Google Drive. This means if you have too ...

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Automatically Keep watched YouTube Videos out of Browsing History

Pause YouTube Viewing History

There can be thousands of reason why you would not want some YouTube videos showing up in your browsing history. Does not matter if they are those videos which you accidentally land on or videos which are just too private for you. Even if somebody cannot track your videos but its embarrassing if any one get to see it. So ...

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Fix : Make YouTube Centre Align from Left Align

YouTube User Script Left Alligned

YouTube today rolled out their new layout which is pretty sleek and pretty fast but, has a load of whiteness which many of you would not like it and there is no way to customize it as of now. Now what is really annoying is the alignment which is completely towards left resulting in even more white space and its ...

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How to Add Jetpack Comments in a WordPress Theme

Jetpack Comment Form

If you are aware of JetPack from WordPress, you must be also aware about the new comment form they introduced in one of the Jetpack extras which integrates Facebook, Twitter & WordPress integration along with the standard form of comment box.  This is what it will look like if somebody who is not logged into your WordPress blog which has ...

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Dealing with Long Named Folders

DelinvFile Long File Renamer

Simple tips and software to help you rename long folder names which does not get deleted and give error message as "The folder contains items whose name is too long for the Recycle Bin"

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[Guide] How to Choose Between a dSLR and a Point and Shoot DigiCam ?

Canon DSLR

Hi People , this is Kuntal Gupta , again with something about Photography to share with you , this time Presenting a “Doubt-clearing” Guide (Well Sort Of). From a few months as my Friends Circle have grown  , I have been asked by many about whether or not to go for a DSLR or just stick to Digital Compact Camera (We will ...

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Flip your Facebook homepage upside down

Flip your Facebook homepage upside down 1

Facebook is the online home for most of the internet users these days. If you too are there on Facebook, here is a something to have fun with your account. Have a look at the snapshot below – Though this can’t be called as turning your Facebook homepage upside down, but yeah, this is quite closer to it. This can ...

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Click on YouTube to avoid re-buffering of Videos in New Page

Watch on YouTube

When watching a YouTube video which is embeeded in a webpage, the only problem is you sare stuck with that page. Now if you want to leave that page and open it in new window, you loose all the video buffering. Right ? Wrong if you do it right you will never loose it. There is a YouTube button, which ...

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Find When did Anybody Join Twitter

Twitter Account Number

If you are curious to find out who joined twitter first, you or your friend it can be found.  This online tool takes in any user account and returns the joining date. Now to verify this I needed another tool which came from tweet of marshallk who noticed this in Twitter for iOS, that the # right under your ...

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Change the flame colour of Bunsen Burner in Google Doodle

Google Doodle on Bunsen

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Robert Bunsen , the guy who gave us Bunsen burner we used in school days. What is very remarkable about the animated doodle this time is that the colour of flam changes based on where your mouse is on the Google Search Page. Fore example Yellow : Top Left right corner Blue : Top ...

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