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Filter Trick to update all unread message

How to mark all unread emails in Gmail as read

So when I signed up for MWC, I had tons of emails rolling in every few minutes. Unfortunately, I was mostly reading only interesting ones, which resulted in a lot of unread emails.Then the...
WordPress Create Live Posts

How to create live blog using WordPress

When you are attending events, covering it live makes a lot of sense for your users. Essential part of running a live post is you don't have to hit the publish button all the time...
Copy Embed Code of uploading youtube video

How to get embed code of a YouTube Video while it’s still uploading

Many of us like to schedule blog posts on WordPress. However, if there is a YouTube video which you need to embed inside the post, we get stuck.So today I am sharing a small tip which...
Webscan for HP Photosmart printer

How to use Printer’s Scanner when it’s out of ink

I happen to have an HP Photo smart printer which has all the functionality like Scanning, Copying and Printing, etc. Now it ran out of Ink recently and I had no time to get it...

Windows RT Jailbreak Tool : Run Desktop Software

We all know that Windows RT does not allow you to desktop applications or any executable files which makes sure that RT users can only apps which are installed using the Windows Store. Some...
Mass Delete Instant Upload Images

How to mass delete Instant Upload photos quickly

Google Plus app for Android and IOS brought in some seriously cool feature apart from communities.  One of these features is Uploading Images on Full Resolution which is geared with UPLOAD ALL option.Now if...
Pause YouTube Viewing History

Automatically Keep watched YouTube Videos out of Browsing History

There can be thousands of reason why you would not want some YouTube videos showing up in your browsing history. Does not matter if they are those videos which you accidentally land on or...
YouTube User Script Left Alligned

Fix : Make YouTube Centre Align from Left Align

YouTube today rolled out their new layout which is pretty sleek and pretty fast but, has a load of whiteness which many of you would not like it and there is no way to...
Jetpack Comment Form

How to Add Jetpack Comments in a WordPress Theme

If you are aware of JetPack from WordPress, you must be also aware about the new comment form they introduced in one of the Jetpack extras which integrates Facebook, Twitter & WordPress integration along...
QR Code generator

JavaScript based QR Code Generator lets you send website links between Mobile Phones

It may so happen that you need to leave your computer or existing mobile device for some work in between reading a webpage because somebody else wants to use it. This becomes inconvenient because you were...
Google Plus Photo Tagging

Video Tips to manage your Google Plus Profile

Video Tips for Managing your Google Plus Profile. Includes how you can add photos, control circles, backup data and even downgrade your Google Plus Profile.
DelinvFile Long File Renamer

Dealing with Long Named Folders

Simple tips and software to help you rename long folder names which does not get deleted and give error message as "The folder contains items whose name is too long for the Recycle Bin"

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