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Click on YouTube to avoid re-buffering of Videos in New Page

Watch on YouTube

When watching a YouTube video which is embeeded in a webpage, the only problem is you sare stuck with that page. Now if you want to leave that page and open it in new window, you loose all the video buffering. Right ? Wrong if you do it right you will never loose it. There is a YouTube button, which ...

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Find When did Anybody Join Twitter

Twitter Account Number

If you are curious to find out who joined twitter first, you or your friend it can be found.  This online tool takes in any user account and returns the joining date. Now to verify this I needed another tool which came from tweet of marshallk who noticed this in Twitter for iOS, that the # right under your ...

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Change the flame colour of Bunsen Burner in Google Doodle

Google Doodle on Bunsen

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Robert Bunsen , the guy who gave us Bunsen burner we used in school days. What is very remarkable about the animated doodle this time is that the colour of flam changes based on where your mouse is on the Google Search Page. Fore example Yellow : Top Left right corner Blue : Top ...

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Add to Home Screen : One tap launch to play Amazon MP3 on iOS

One Tap Launch Amazon MP3

Amazon Cloud Player doesn’t support playing songs on iOS device but you can download and listen them in Safari inbuilt player.  We know it’s not a solution but here is something better. This will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod. Select a Song and Tap on Download in Amazon Cloud Player The song starts downloading and then playing in Safari. ...

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How to listen songs from Amazon Cloud Player on iPad / iPhone / iPod

Play music from Cloud Player Amazon

Seems like Cloud Player, recently introduced to listen music from clouds, doesn’t work on Safari Browser in any of the iOS devices. Whatever be the issue if you want to listen to songs from Cloud Player on your iPad / iPhone / iPod, just download the file using the browser and you can still listen. This is not a solution ...

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How to Disable / Hide Facebook Questions

Remove Facebook Questions

Facebook clearly says that there is no way to turn off the Question Feature but if you see your Facebook updates full of questions there are ways you can control them to make your timeline clean and set your email notifications to zero follow some simple steps. Hide Facebook Questions : As of now, there is a chrome extensions which ...

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Make a copy of Old Google Documents before you convert to new editor

Google Document just released an update to its Document Editor. An important point in the update is when you open any old document in Google Docs you might get a message which says Would you like to see this document in the latest version of the editor? Preview . This will give you a clear view on how your document ...

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How to display Indian Rupee symbol on Websites

Indian Rupee Symbol Without any CSS

After recent update my Microsoft on Indian Rupee Symbol to be displayed in documents, next step is to use it on Websites. I am sure many Indian Websites or Online shops want to have this on their products price tag and sales page. Below are couple of options : #1 Use the HTML code &#x20b9 to display the Indian Rupee ...

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How to type Indian Rupee Symbol using Keyboard [ Windows ]

Microsoft has released an update which lets Windows users write the Indian Rupee symbol in Microsoft Office Applications like Word, Excel and in Wordpad. The support is for common Windows font like Arial, Microsoft, Times Now etc. The only problem is writing the Indian Rupee Symbol is not straight forward but you need to use certain combination of keystrokes to ...

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How to add pdf files to iBooks from your computer ( iPad )

Download PDF to iBooks

Apple is very strict when it comes to add files from external sources, you should be using iTunes for every file you want to sync but then not all of us wants to do it that way. Coming to PDF files, if you are using iBooks for organizing all your e-books you can keep in sync the pdf files on ...

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How to shoot the Super Moon

Shoot the Moon

Today, 19th March is the day when the Moon will be close to earth  in 10 years and for photographers, Super Moon is the best time to take a great shot of the moon.  Though  most of the people are fearing what effect its gonna cause on Earth , like Big Tidal waves and all and probably assuming what natural disaster ...

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