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How to quickly change region / country for YouTube insights

Youtube insights search country

YouTube insights are used to track from where traffic comes to your videos. It is possible that you can change the  region by clicking on the map but locating a particular  country is difficult as the size is small. So If you want to change the country rather quickly just click on the which should be saying “All” for the ...

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How to print from iPad even on non ePrint HP Printers

Dropbox HP iPrint Issue

iPad by default only supports printers which can work with AirPrint technology. The latest HP ePrint  printers work fine but the problem comes with the older printer which do not have ePrint technology and cannot be upgraded. Below is my technique to print documents ( PDF and TXT only ) from iPad using a non ePrint HP Printer which in ...

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Get email notification when somebody Login to your Windows computer

Send email from Task Scheduler via smtp

In this tutorial we will learn how you can send an email from your computer when somebody login either for a specific account lets say a Windows Guest Account or For all the accounts if you have multiple users on your home desktop. What we will use : Windows Task Scheduler An SMTP server which binded to your computer for ...

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How to restore deleted applications to iTunes

iTunes Restore Apps

Many a times after deleting a purchased application from iTunes you must have though sometime that you should have kept it and now since its gone you will have to download again.  There are two ways to restore deleted apps even if you deleted it permanently from your iTunes. In case you have deleted it to recycle bin using the ...

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Try these to correct misspelled long commands at the DOS Prompt

Correcting Wrong Command First

If you work over terminal and all those black screen also popularly known as the DOS prompt, re-typing a misspelled or in correct command is so painful. I remember working on Linux at college and it was a night mare. Windows Command prompt gives you an option to correct these mistakes in simple ways. If you have made mistake in ...

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How to create an iTunes App Store account without Credit Card

Payment Method iTunes Account

I got an Apple iPad today and realized that I need to create account which should have a payment option set like Credit Card and PayPal with it so you can buy the paid apps without any extra step. Guess what I was wrong. You can create an Apple iTunes account without using your credit card or paypal option by ...

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Facebook asks to Add computer to your account

Facebook Add Computer

In case you have opted to receive notification when you login through new computer or mobile device, Facebook asks you to name the device next time you login and adds it to your Facebook Account. As soon as you do that, you will receive a notification on email. Below is snapshot where I was asked name the computer from where ...

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How to know if somebody is logged in your Facebook account

Facebook Account Security

In current scenario an account on sites like Facebook or Google means almost your reputation and you daily earning. The problem occurs when it gets hacked and you have no idea. Like Google Gmail, Now Facebook also has an Activity Feature built right into your account so you can see if somebody is logged in from different place.The best part ...

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How to Speed Up Your Computer in 20 Minutes ( Windows 7 / Vista / XP )

System Configuration utility

Recently within a couple of years the use of computing technology has hugely increased and the machine has created a revolution in the world of technological advancement. But there are basic requirements that need to be maintained with the machine. Once you use a computer it’s well known that it starts running a bit slow after days of usage. Very ...

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How to enable Aero Themes in Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Server 2008 R2 Aero Glass

I recently got a 64 Bit Machine with i5Processor to start learning Windows Server 2008 R2 features. After installing the OS, I was expecting the Windows 7 Like GUI and Aero Glass features to be available by default but was disappointed when I saw the interface which was similar to old Windows Server.   Basically Server OS aren’t supposed to ...

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