Watch Full Length Movies on YouTube for Free

Watch Full Length Movies YouTube Free

Looks like YouTube is finally gearing up its longtime waited rented movies though it has not started it with a collection of over 400 movies on its dedicated movies section seems to be taking a direction. Now you can watch full-length movies on YouTube for free which on an average are one hour plus except the Bollywood Movies which are like ...

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YouTube may offer to use One Name on YouTube, Real name elsewhere

YouTube Name Options

Many YouTube users were annoyed when YouTube asked them to switch to their real name instead of the username they chose for their YouTube Channel. Even though it does make sense for many to switch to real name but not every body would like to get their real name displayed everywhere. This option becomes completely useless when it comes to brands. They ...

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YouTube : Add Image Watermark and Promote any Video in all your videos

YouTube Watermark and Intro Video

YouTube has rolled out one of the biggest feature request from any YouTube Publisher, weather he is a pro and or a hobbyist video maker. You are now allowed to have a custom watermark for your channel which will be always shown on  videos, at any corner, and you can increase visibility of any video by making it appear on all ...

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How to Feature the most recent upload in YouTube Channel ( New Design )

YouTube Add Featured Video

The recent redesign of YouTube channel has triggered a big confusion among YouTube Channels about featuring their recent videos i.e. Featured Videos when a visitor comes to the channel.  Dont worry YouTube has not removed the featured video but its bit changed. If you had used the interface from beta, you already should know but may be you did not try ...

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How to convert YouTube Videos into 3D Videos

Which Figure Resembles your video the most

YouTube has recently launched a tool which allows you to convert any video into 3D videos without you loosing your real video.  This basically comes as an option for you like changing from Normal to HD or enabling captions for the video. Now there are two ways to create 3D videos Converting Videos which have Left and Right recorded separately. Converting ...

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YouTube Partners get option to Schedule Video Publishing

Scheduled Publish Video in YouTube

YouTube till date did not allow any video to publish a video on scheduled time but this option is now open for YouTube Partners which I saw it today in my account. This means now I can schedule it in sync with any scheduled post for my website and I am very excited about it. Before this update the only ...

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