Windows Homer Server

How to install Windows Home Server on VMware Server

Vmware WHS

In this tutorial we will learn how to install Windows Home Sever on WMware Server which is a web based Virtualization tool. Overall installation is like any other Operating system but there are some configuration like Hard Disk Drivers, Disk Size, Memory Allocation etc you should be aware of as it differs from VMWare Workstation Tool at many points. Pre-requisites ...

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Manage Home Server UpTime with Smart Power plans

Smart Power Config

If you have used Windows Home Server, you know how much everybody wants it to be turned on all the time so they can access their media files, make a backup etc. Though servers are built for 100% uptime but not everybody is at home all the time and there are situations at which keeping it turned off makes more ...

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How to share files to HomeGroup users in WHS

Sharing to HomeGroup

By default files are only shared with users who are connected to the Windows Home Server or have an account in the server by using dashboard. And when a scenario comes where lets says few of your friends join you for couple of hours and you want to share few files available on server, it fails.   Windows Home Server “Vail” now has the feature of Home ...

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Unable to access WHS shared folders ?

WHS Shared Folders

I just reinstalled the Windows Home Server again which was before running in Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper V. When I tried connecting a client machine  ( Windows 7 )  to the server machine by using the connector, I got an error message which asked me to remove the already installed connector. It seems the connector installed is hard-coded and cannot be changed. ...

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Manually clean failed backup in Windows Home Server

Failed Backup List

While taking manual backup of my home computer today using WHS dashboard > Computers and Backups, there are an error reported which said backup failed for network disruption. In Windows Home Server the failed backup arent removed immediately so it stays and keeps space occupied until a server cleanup task runs which is set to happen manually. However it is possible that ...

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How to Add Windows 7 computer to Windows Home Server using Home Group

Status of Connected computers with WHS

I had played around the new Beta Version Vail and found it very useful if you have like 4-5 computers at home and you want to manage each of them and also give them a central place for media, softwares, file etc. With Introduction to Home Group Concept in Windows 7, Windows Home Server has also taken complete advantage of this and now ...

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