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Windows 8 How To & Tutorials

List of Windows 8 How to and tutorials including videos and screenshot.

Windows 8 to Windows 7 without double Restart

How to boot into Windows 7 from Windows 8 without double restart

If you have installed Windows 8 as a secondary OS along with Windows 7 or XP or Vista, you must be aware that your computer has to reboot twice when switching...
Video in Windows 8 Account Picture

Windows 8 : How to set video as Account Picture (Video)

Every Windows user loves to have a picture of different style and  in Windows 8, it is now possible to have a small video clip as your account picture apart from...
Desktop Folder Options in Windows 8

Windows 8 : How to get back the Desktop Icon in the Explorer View

Windows 8 Explorer view is pretty simplified compared Windows 7. It seems to be not listing many folders, Devices by default, even if you expand the collapsed folders.  Most importantly I...
Open Links in IE Desktop Mode

How to always open Links & IE Live Tile on Desktop in Windows 8

Windows 8 is all about Metro, Apps Settings and even Browser. Like always, Windows 8 comes IE 10 as the default browser which here comes in two avatar. One that is...
Windows 10 doesn't start boot

Troubleshooting in Windows 8 just got even cooler

F8 or F2 is one most used keys when you want to troubleshoot Windows either in safe mode or command prompt or get into bios to change settings. Starting Windows 8,...
Wallpaper Selection for Different Monitor

Windows 8 Multiple Monitor, Wallpaper and Taskbar Enhancements

A good news for all Windows users having tons of monitors setup on the desk, Windows 8 is coming up with some cool enhancements which will make you productive and also...
App Specific Settings for Windows 8 Device Center

Microsoft Device Center for Windows 8 will help you configure devices easily

We all remember Device Manager, Devices and Printers Windows where all devices were used to be listed and then can be configured by finding the settings option for each of these...
Windows 8 Panoramic Theme

Windows 8 Themes will not work on Windows 7 and its Incomplete

I was not surprised when Microsoft today gave out details on Windows 8 Themes and clearly said that Windows 8 Themes will not work on Windows 7 even though themes made...
Windows 8 File Explorer My Computer

What is new in Windows 8 File Explorer

Windows 8 File Explorer is a major area of interest where most of people like you, and me will be interested and the good news is that you wont be disappointed.Starting...
Windows 8 Start Screen

An intro to Windows 8 Start Screen and the Missing Start menu

Start Menu will be the first thing Windows 8 users will be first looking at when they finish installing or upgrading to Windows 8 and as we trust there is going...
Upgrade to Windows 8

How to Upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7, Vista and XP

Upgrading to next OS is always a nightmare, and when there is a significant shift like what is happening in Windows 8 with cloud and metro UI and other fundamentals changing,...

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