Windows 8 How To & Tutorials

Important Facts about Microsoft Surface answered at Reddit AMAA

Surface Windows RT

Microsoft opened up the online store for pre ordering Surface, the awesome tablet running, Windows RT starting at 499$ for Australia, Canada, Deutschland,  France and UK. There are three versions of Surface as of now, the basic version is 32 GB with no cover + keyboard but if you are ready to pay 100$ extra, you get the touch cover. In case ...

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Windows 8 : Password protect Xbox Game & App Store Purchases

Windows store password protection

Windows 8 Games section will be one of the attractive section for kids and if you have ever kept your account logged in and unattended, quite possible, that your kid or anybody else might buy a game accidentally. So just to make sure you don’t get into trouble, Xbox App & Windows Store has settings in place which you can turn ...

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Windows 8 : How to set video as Account Picture (Video)

Video in Windows 8 Account Picture

Every Windows user loves to have a picture of different style and  in Windows 8, it is now possible to have a small video clip as your account picture apart from the regular picture. Even though Windows 8 allows this, you can only have a video clip of only five seconds. To setup the video follow the steps below : ...

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Windows 8 : How to get back the Desktop Icon in the Explorer View

Desktop Folder Options in Windows 8

Windows 8 Explorer view is pretty simplified compared Windows 7. It seems to be not listing many folders, Devices by default, even if you expand the collapsed folders.  Most importantly I saw the Favourites and the Desktop icon was missing from the explorer view.  Both of these were important for me as it was easy not navigate to those folders ...

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How to always open Links & IE Live Tile on Desktop in Windows 8

Open Links in IE Desktop Mode

Windows 8 is all about Metro, Apps Settings and even Browser. Like always, Windows 8 comes IE 10 as the default browser which here comes in two avatar. One that is purely a Metro App and has all metro gestures, settings etc available, while the second one is close to how you use Internet explorer currently i.e. Opens in Desktop ...

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Troubleshooting in Windows 8 just got even cooler

Windows 8 Boot Options

F8 or F2 is one most used keys when you want to troubleshoot Windows either in safe mode or command prompt or get into bios to change settings. Starting Windows 8, users will find it impossible to enable those options by pressing those hot keys at the boot time. Why ? Because Windows 8 boot is so damn fast that ...

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Windows 8 Multiple Monitor, Wallpaper and Taskbar Enhancements

Wallpaper Selection for Different Monitor

A good news for all Windows users having tons of monitors setup on the desk, Windows 8 is coming up with some cool enhancements which will make you productive and also let you enjoy wallpapers smartly!!!. Well Jokes apart but with the announcement made by the official blog posts on the Windows 8 Wallpaper, Multiple Windows Support and Taskbar enhancements,  ...

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Windows 8 Themes will not work on Windows 7 and its Incomplete

Windows 8 Panoramic Theme

I was not surprised when Microsoft today gave out details on Windows 8 Themes and clearly said that Windows 8 Themes will not work on Windows 7 even though themes made for Windows 7 will work on Windows 8 but will not be able to utilize all the features. In this post, I am first explaining why it is different ...

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