Windows 8 How To & Tutorials

How to Video : Windows 8 Storage Space Guide

Manage Storage Pools

Starting with Windows 8, Now it is possible for end users like you and me to take advantage of Server feature, called as Storage Space. This concept allows you to merge multiple drives, which can be, USB or Sata or even IDE as one single logical drive instead of multiple devices which can not only do better space management but ...

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Windows 8 Themes will not work on Windows 7 and its Incomplete

Windows 8 Panoramic Theme

I was not surprised when Microsoft today gave out details on Windows 8 Themes and clearly said that Windows 8 Themes will not work on Windows 7 even though themes made for Windows 7 will work on Windows 8 but will not be able to utilize all the features. In this post, I am first explaining why it is different ...

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What is new in Windows 8 File Explorer

Windows 8 File Explorer My Computer

Windows 8 File Explorer is a major area of interest where most of people like you, and me will be interested and the good news is that you wont be disappointed. Starting with Windows 8, I hope it continues, File explorer has become aware of what you do next when you open My Computer, Select a Drive, Select a File ...

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An intro to Windows 8 Start Screen and the Missing Start menu

Windows 8 Start Screen

Start Menu will be the first thing Windows 8 users will be first looking at when they finish installing or upgrading to Windows 8 and as we trust there is going to be a lot of complaint on it and so today we take this post to help you understand where it has gone why you have a better option. ...

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10 Reasons why Upgrading to Windows 8 is easy

Compatibility Center for Windows 8 CP

Upgrading to next OS is always a nightmare and when there is a major shift like what is happening in Windows 8 with cloud and metro UI and other fundamentals changing, Industry and users are already skeptical about the upgrade and migration. This even Windows team knows and they have posted an exhaustive details of how much easier it will be ...

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Features of Windows 8 for IT & Business

Windows to Go USB Drive

Probably the biggest roadblock for Windows 8 will be to get into IT and make business adapt it and there are two reasons for it. First switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8 like any other OS migration is an extra cost to the business and second Windows 8  is an extreme change to any version of Windows users because ...

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How to switch to classic shutdown / restart in Windows 8

Windows 8 Hybrid Boot

Though not advisable but if you ever fall in a situation where you need to do a classic shutdown or restart your Windows 8, instead of fast boot( which is under 8 second even on existing hardware ) Windows 8 Power Options have settings which you can disable. The setting is called as Hybrid Boot  Follow the steps as below ...

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