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Shared Folders Offline Windows

How to make Shared Folders content available offline in Windows

Many a time when a folder is shared is not available unless the computer is turned on. It is understandable but not desired as you might be away for a day...
Shaodw explorer VSS Windows 10

Recover Deleted or Old versions of Files in Windows with Shadow Explorer

Many a time, you delete files or change anything, and at some moment you want them back. It is possible for some applications like Microsoft Office word where you can track...
Windows Search Operators

How to use operators in Windows 10 Search

In this post, I have discussed how you can use operators to use the integrated search in windows. It works in Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows as well.  The...
Save Search Result Windows

How to share search result of a folder in Windows without exposing all files

This article tells you how you can share a search result and filter files in a network using Windows. It also tells you about creating a filter search over the existing folder...
rename multiple files windows

How to smartly rename files in Windows

It's an old trick, but those who have started using Windows recently, there is a quicker way to rename multiple files without using the software. Usually, when you try to rename...
Fix: Add/Remove Program still shows entry after uninstall

Fix: Add Remove Program still shows entry after uninstall

This is one of the common problems which I used to face in college times. Some of the software used to have the entry in Add still and Remove section of...
Windows System Uptime

How to find your Windows system uptime?

In case you need to find how long your computer is up and running, there are a couple of tools that let you know about the duration. However, finding from how...
the auto-restart feature in Windows 10 in case of System Failure

Enable or disable the auto-restart feature in Windows 10 in case of System Failure

Windows Blue Screen of Death is the most terrible thing which happens when there is a system failure and machine comes to a halt. The next you do is power down...
Virtual Drive Folder Command Prompt

Create a Virtual Drive of any Folder from Windows Command Prompt

A few days back, I talked about software that allows you to create a virtual drive of any folder i.e., like a folder on one of the partitions. It can create...
Change Folder View

How to Change the View Mode of Multiple Folders Together

Any folder has multiple view modes. You can view them as large icons with thumbnails, details section which shows modified time, large folder view, and so on.  File Explorer in Windows...
Manually Automate Troubleshooting Windows 10

How to Manually or Automate Troubleshooting in Windows 10 and Windows 7

Any application after a long use gets buggy and Windows is not an exception. There are many issues that users face and they try to solve but certain issues that are...
Save windows search

How to save frequent Windows Search in Windows

Many a time we search for the same set of words or correlated words which are similar and we just keep repeating it. Let say you have a folder where files...

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