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Windows 11/10/8/7 Tips, Tricks, and How to

The ultimate stop for guides on Windows 11, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows. Right from upgrading Windows to all the small tips and tricks, you need to manage your Windows PC

Fix Can't Adjust Brightness In Windows

Fix: Can’t Adjust Brightness In Windows 11/10

Regardless of being the best software and best version of the decade, there are just some things that will bug Windows, and brightness is primarily one of them. If you cannot...
Best Video Editors For Windows

The Best Video Editors For Windows 11/10

When using Windows, you have the option of using a variety of tools for editing videos. An effective video editor will aid in showcasing your product from all angles, for making...

Best Screen Recorders For Windows 11/10

Looking for a screen recording tool that can help you professionally and personally? Then worry not. There are tons of free and paid screen recording software that can easily get the...
Using Snipping Tool In Windows

How To Use Snipping or Screenshot Tool In Windows 11/10

Screenshots come in handy in various ways, from showing proofs to screenshotting recipes you have found online. Everyone should know about this very basic tool which is used in our daily...
Remove recently added apps from the start menu

Hide/ Show/ Remove Recently Added Apps From Start Menu In Windows 11/10

Have you recently added some apps to your Windows 11/10 but couldn't find a way to remove them? The Start menu shows up all the recently added apps to your computer,...
How To Find Windows 11 Product Key

How To Find Your Windows 11 Product Key?

Starting with Windows, Microsoft ensured that Windows copy is linked to a Microsoft account. So if you reinstall Windows, you don't need to activate it again. However, if you are one...
Fix Corrupt Windows User Profile

How To Fix Corrupt Windows User Profile?

Are you frustrated with not being able to log in to your computer due to a Corrupted User Profile? You may get an error message that prevents you from signing in,...
Speaker Sound Issue Windows

How To Fix Speaker Sound Issue In Windows 11/10

Needless to say, Windows 11/10 does have some audio problems because of some faulty software installation, wrong audio output, or maybe a minor error It doesn't only happen in the old...
How to Show or Hide Libraries on Windows

How to Show or Hide Libraries in Windows 11/10

The Windows Libraries let you organize all the related files from different folders and computers into one centralized location. This guide will tell you how to show or hide libraries on...
How to Unhide Desktop Icons Windows

How to Unhide Desktop Icons Windows 11/10

Are you discovering how to find the hidden desktop icons on your computer? This guide will tell you how to unhide the desktop icons in Windows. Icons on your Desktop can be...
Set App Notifications Priority From Windows Action Center

How To Manage App Notifications Priority in Windows

Are you tired of getting too many notifications on your Windows PC? Did you know Microsoft offers a way to control the notifications from the Windows Action center? Read this quick...
Start Voice Typing On Windows 11

How To Start Voice Typing On Windows 11

Too lazy to type something or maybe don't want to type? Windows 11 got your back. It offers a Voice Typing or dictation tool to help you type with your speech....

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