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Windows 11/10/8/7 Tips, Tricks, and How to

The ultimate stop for guides on Windows 11, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows. Right from upgrading Windows to all the small tips and tricks, you need to manage your Windows PC

Lets connect you to a network

Stuck on Let’s Connect You to A Network on Windows 11

Windows 11 installations nowadays require internet connectivity to complete a fresh installation or upgrade of the OS for both Home and Professional versions. Microsoft has added this option as a part...
Perform Automatic Maintenance in Windows

How to Perform Automatic Maintenance in Windows

Keeping your PC running in the optimal state requires more than just keeping it clean and light. Activities like Disk Fragmentation, cleaning up temporary files, and others help maintain your PC...
Set Multiple Passwords for A Windows User Account

How to Setup Multiple Passwords For a Windows User Account

Starting with Windows 8, it is now possible to login to a Windows Account in 3 different ways. This gives an advantage to recover windows account for many users who forget their password immediately after setting up a strong password. But with Windows 8 New Login System, you can have a strong password and forget about it by setting up additional PIN based password ( Numerical Based ) and Picture Based.
Change the Boot Timeout Time

How to Change Boot Menu Timeout in Windows 11/10

This article explains how to change the boot menu timeout period that is set by default. The methods covered below work with most Windows versions, including Windows 11. You can adjust...
How to Change Country or Region in Microsoft Store

Windows 11 Upgrade Checklist for Upgrade without An Error

Windows 11 is the latest and the most advanced version available today. If you are still working on Windows 10, it is time to upgrade to Windows 11. In this post,...
Connect to Hidden Wi Fi Networks on Windows

How to Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Networks on Windows

Hidden Wi-fi networks are a sizeable part of the whole Wi-fi experience. Hidden Wi-fi networks provide better security and can only be accessed if the user has the correct SSID and...
How to Change Country or Region in Microsoft Store

How to Change Country or Region in Microsoft Store

Windows Store picks up your location to filter and shows apps, which makes sense for most users. A power user might be interested in knowing what apps are coming out in...
OneDrive Personal Vault Unlock Time

How Do I Increase the Unlock Time on The OneDrive Personal Vault

You can use Personal Vault to password-protect your private or essential documents when using OneDrive on a Windows computer, a mobile device, or a browser. OneDrive locks down Personal Vault by...
Your PC Can’t Project to Another Screen on Windows

Fix: Your PC Can’t Project to Another Screen on Windows

Windows OS is very hardware-friendly when using multiple display devices, both wired and wireless. Thanks to the built-in features of these OS’s, they are compatible with a wide range of monitors...
Windows Hello Sign In Options Disappeared

Windows Hello Sign-In Options Disappeared for Windows 11

Windows Hello offers a more personalized login experience, ditching passwords for PINs, fingerprints, or facial recognition. This streamlined approach extends beyond your device, letting you access web accounts and applications simultaneously...
Open Technospot Net Directly on Chrome Edge Firefox

How to Open Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox Using Windows Terminal

Do you want to open Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox without using a window frame, address bar, or tabs section? So, on Windows 10 or 11, you can perform nearly any...
Fix HP laptop won't turn on or charge

HP Laptop Won’t Turn on Or Charge

Have you ever encountered your HP laptop not turning on or charging even when your cable is plugged in? It is not entirely unique, as many HP laptop users have repeatedly...

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