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Configure Windows 10 Firewall

How to Configure Windows 10 Firewall

A firewall is like a security guard in any company. It determines if any person or material is allowed to connect to the outside world, or any connection from outside can...
Windows app backup Restore

How to Backup & Restore Windows 10 Apps Data

Windows 10 Apps have their way of storing data. If you are using an app or game, and you had to reinstall it, then configuring it again takes time.  In this...
Windows 10 Certificate Snapin

How to access encrypted files in NTFS partition after reinstalling Windows 10

When an NTFS partition is encrypted, it can only be accessed via encryption certificates. These files are stored in the Windows 10 PC. So if you want to access them after...
Windows 10 Defrag Schedule

How to schedule Windows 10 defragmentation or drive optimization

If you deal with a lot of copy, and editing work on Windows, then defragmentation is an option you should try. The inbuilt function can optimize disk drives, so you get...
Shutdown Restart Shortcut

How to shutdown and restart PC with a shortcut?

There are several ways you can shut down your personal computer, but most of them are tedious and involve more than one step. Now imagine if you are in a hurry,...
Windows 10 System Folder

How to create a System folder in My Computer in Windows 10

System folder like My Document, which appears in My Computer or My PC in Windows 10, are special folders that can not be deleted. Now, if you want to create something...
How to instantly abort Windows 10 System Shutdown

How to instantly abort Windows 10 System Shutdown

Ever got a message on Windows saying, “The system is shutting down. Please save all your work. The system shutdown was initiated by Administrator”? I used to get this kind of message...
How to lock Windows 10 using a USB drive

How to lock Windows 10 using a USB drive

If you are tired of people who use your computer, here is a small trick that will not allow your computer to boot without a USB Drive. It will act as...
Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Keyboard Shortcuts

Remote Desktop Connection is an application in Microsoft Windows which allows any user to get remote assistance from another Windows user. However, there is a lot of trouble while using it,...
MMC Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Management Console MMC Keyboard Shortcuts

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is a component of modern Microsoft Windows operating systems that provides system administrators and advanced users with a flexible interface through which they may configure and...
Uncommon Windows Keyboard shortcuts

Uncommon Windows Keyboard shortcuts

Some of the keyboard shortcuts are not mentioned at all the places. We use the same old shortcut keys all the time. This post, I will be listing out some “Uncommon”...
Windows 10 doesn't start boot

Windows 10 PC doesn’t start or boot: Basic Troubleshooting in ten steps

Personal Computer is one of the essential aspects of life now. Be it games or the internet; you need one. But what do you do when it turns off? It just...

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