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Fix Network Connection Issues on Windows 10

Fix Network Connection Issues on Windows 10

Even though Microsoft keeps updating Windows to remove any possibilities of malware and viruses, to introduce new features, Windows often with the latest update is known to crash a few drivers...
Computer Management Sharing

How to find all shared folders in Windows 10 and Stop Sharing them

When you are working in an environment where computers are connected over the same network, then it becomes important to share files and folders with everyone. Over a period of time,...
Change User Folder Location Windows 10

How to Change the Location of User Folders in Windows 10

Users' folders are that specific folder, which is the default location for your download, pictures, music, links, favorites, contacts, etc. In Windows 10, they have been organized into the Libraries section,...
Allow programs through Windows Firewall

How to allow Programs to pass through Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall program allows you to add Programs and Port numbers that you trust to be added to the Firewall settings so they can pass through it. While Windows allows most...
Shared Folder Real-time Access

Find who is accessing the shared folder in real-time in Windows

Sharing folders is probably one of the most common activities when you are on the network. But as time passes, you forget what folders you shared, and if your folder is...
Set Delay Time for Startup Programs to decrease Windows Load time

Set Delay Time for Startup Programs to decrease Windows Load time

Generally, in Windows, even after you login to your account, the system keeps on executing, and it takes sometime before you actually can start working regularly. This latency is due to...
Shared Folders Offline Windows

How to make Shared Folders content available offline in Windows

Many a time when a folder is shared is not available unless the computer is turned on. It is understandable but not desired as you might be away for a day...
Shaodw explorer VSS Windows 10

Recover Deleted or Old versions of Files in Windows with Shadow Explorer

Many a time, you delete files or change anything, and at some moment you want them back. It is possible for some applications like Microsoft Office word where you can track...
Windows Search Operators

How to use operators in Windows 10 Search

In this post, I have discussed how you can use operators to use the integrated search in windows. It works in Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows as well.  The...
Save Search Result Windows

How to share search result of a folder in Windows without exposing all files

This article tells you how you can share a search result and filter files in a network using Windows. It also tells you about creating a filter search over the existing folder...
rename multiple files windows

How to smartly rename files in Windows

It's an old trick, but those who have started using Windows recently, there is a quicker way to rename multiple files without using the software. Usually, when you try to rename...
Fix: Add/Remove Program still shows entry after uninstall

Fix: Add Remove Program still shows entry after uninstall

This is one of the common problems which I used to face in college times. Some of the software used to have the entry in Add still and Remove section of...

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