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The ultimate stop for guides on Windows 11, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows. Right from upgrading Windows to all the small tips and tricks, you need to manage your Windows PC

Task Scheduler Not Running Windows

Task Scheduler Not Running, Triggering or Starting Programs in Windows

Task Scheduler happens to be a built-in Windows utility that aids in automating and scheduling various system tasks.  Users can schedule particular tasks that can be triggered based on the occurrence...
Reset Windows Firewall Default Settings

How To Reset Windows Firewall to Its Default Settings

You can use Windows Firewall, also called Windows Defender Firewall, to filter and block potentially dangerous programs and ports on your PC. Occasionally, various factors, including misconfigurations, accidental modifications, or malware...
Remove Show More Options Context Menu item in Windows

How to Remove Show More Options Context Menu Item in Windows

In Windows 11, upon right-clicking, only a limited version of the context menu opens, and to access it completely, you need to do an extra click at the Show More Options...
Change Product Key Windows

Windows deactivated after BIOS or UEFI update

BIOS or Basic Input/Output System, or firmware, helps a computer work with the hardware and the operating system. It also plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of...
Enable or Disable Copilot AI in Windows

How to Enable or Disable Copilot AI in Windows & Edge

Microsoft recently introduced the Copilot AI feature to Windows, which utilizes the capabilities of Bing AI chat to provide the same experience in the Windows operating system without using the Microsoft...
Shortcut Tab missing in Properties window

Fix: Shortcut Tab missing in Properties window in Windows

The error Shortcut Tab missing in the Properties window in Windows OS manifests itself when users try to access or modify the Properties of a shortcut or link file (.lnk). The...
Security Tab Missing in Properties Window in Windows

Fix: Security Tab Missing in Properties window in Windows

The Properties option in Windows offers many options related to Files, Folders, and drives. The menu can be invoked by right-clicking on the File, Folder, or drive, highlighting the item, and...
Enable Never Combine Taskbar Buttons With Labels in Windows

How To Enable Never Combine Taskbar buttons with Labels in Windows

Windows always combines multiple instances of the same program into one on the Taskbar. So if you have multiple File Explorer open, you would not have multiple File Explorer icons next...
How to extract Text from Images with Snipping Tool in Windows

How to Extract Text From Images in Windows PC (Snipping Tool & PowerToys)

Do you want to extract text from images in Windows PC for free? Then, this guide will share tools that allow you to extract text from any image or anywhere in...
How to remove Image Background using Paint app in Windows

How to Remove Image Background Using Paint App in Windows

Removing background images is essential to photo editing, and several tools are available. Windows now has a built-in feature for removing image backgrounds using the Paint app, eliminating the need to...
Total identified Windows installations

Fix: Total identified Windows installations 0 in Windows 11/10

The error Total identified Windows installations 0 in Windows is observed to occur in pursuit of repairing or reinstalling the Windows OS. Troubleshooting the above error, when confronted with it, essentially...
Fix Error Writing A Temporary File

Fix: Error Writing A Temporary File. Make Sure Your Temp Folder Is Valid

During installing or uninstalling applications on Windows, users may experience premature termination of the installation process with an error popup—NSIS Error, that reads, Error writing a temporary file. Make sure your...

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