Windows 10/8/7

Get email notification when somebody Login to your Windows computer

Send email from Task Scheduler via smtp

In this tutorial we will learn how you can send an email from your computer when somebody login either for a specific account lets say a Windows Guest Account or For all the accounts if you have multiple users on your home desktop. What we will use : Windows Task Scheduler An SMTP server which binded to your computer for ...

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Indepth guide to System Performance Report for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Windows Performance Monitor

Performance Report for any machine is very important to find the reliability so when you run your applications on top of them you know it’s not going to break down. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 both come along with an inbuilt Performance System which gives you detailed report on System Diagnostics, Performance, Event Trace and so on. In ...

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What’s inside Recovery Option in Windows 7

Backup Windows 10

Windows 7 comes along with a built-in option, Recovery which provides ways to restore your windows machine to a previous state using easy methods like System Restore to long shot method of reinstalling the Windows again. The idea of coming up with this post is to make you aware that Windows is capable of making backup, performing restore and even ...

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How to reduce CPU usage by controlling the Affinity

Processor Affinity for CPU usage

Since yesterday I was trying to use HandBrake to convert my videos from MTS to MP4 format but for some reason my computer was shutting down all of a sudden. Today morning I found that Handbrake was using 97% of the CPU and my laptop has developed heating issue. Both of them combined was shutting down the complete system. Now ...

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Download Free Santa Christmas Theme for Windows 7

Free Download Christmas and Santa Theme for Windows 7

I hope by now you would have almost finished preparing for Christmas, just two more days to go, and then it is Christmas, the festival begins. If you have finished with all the preparations and decorated every nuke and corner of your home for the occasion, here is something you probably missed on, why is your Windows 7 PC not ...

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How to disable the dim desktop when UAC prompts in Windows

Group Policy Editor Secure Desktop

In Windows 7 and Vista when a program requires higher privilege to execute or when the Windows System finds it not safe, the user is given a prompt which dims the background and a pop up displays where you need to confirm to go ahead or cancel back. For many users specially in family this becomes little annoying so lets ...

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How to import Google Chrome Group Policy Settings in Windows

Google Group Policy Settings

Google Chrome is ready for business as declared in Google Enterprise latest  post and for that Group Policies are in the place to deploy.For Windows the policies come as templates in form of ADM or ADMX files which you need to install. Below are the steps : Download the Policy Templates from here Extract it. Here you will find two ...

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Pin files, folders & Web Pages to Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 Taskbar by default allows only executable or programs to get pinned to Windows 7 Taskbar. But what if you want to pin a folder or a file which you often visit ? You might argue that I can drag and pin any folder to Windows 7 Taskbar but then it does not get listed as separate pinned item but within ...

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Download Your Country’s Theme of Windows 7

Windows 7 Country Themes

Windows 7 has unlimited number of themes that we have covered here but did you know there is an official theme collection for every country also ? Windows 7 Themes Places collection lists 35 country specific themes so you can enjoy and know more about that country without going there. If you don’t see your countries theme in your computer, get ...

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How to launch Windows Program with Administrator Privilege

Launch in Admin Mode

Control + Shift + Enter instead of enter. Thats the key. If you want to launch a program in Admin mode instead of doing right click and launch as administrator, Type its name in Windows Start Menu When you see it, navigate to the program using arrow keys and select it. Now hit Control + Shift + Enter. This will ...

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Download Free Winter Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 Sports Theme

Winter is here and its time to revamp your desktop to have some cool Windows 7 Themes just made for winter. Below I have listed few Free Windows 7 Themes for Winter which have snowboarding to Snow laden trees to roads in wallpapers. It also includes Christmas Theme including a cartoonist theme. Winter Sports Theme : These themes are from ...

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How to create custom Windows System Admin Control Panel


Control Panel, specially the Administrative Tasks have too many items which is not only confusing but since we don’t use most of them it is waste of time for some of us. In this tutorial I will talk about a feature in Windows which lets you create a Administrative Control Panel which can be used to control your PC or ...

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