Windows 7

Free Download Windows 7 Mac Theme

Mac OSX White Theme

Apple’s Mac machines are little costly to buy and if you just want the look and feel, Windows 7 Mac Theme is what you can download. This is an extended Windows 7 Theme which modifies the complete GUI and give it exact look and feel of  Apple Mac OS X. Some of the themes use  Application launcher for Windows which ...

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Download Inception Movie Theme and Wallpaper

Inception Breaking Buildings

Here is the list if High Resolution Wallpapers of the Inception movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao , Cillian Murphy , Tom Berenger , Marion Cotillard , Pete Postlethwaite , Michael Caine , Lukas Haas. Click on the images to download. Inception Theme for Windows 7 Inception Timeline or the Infographics Inception ...

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Track Recently changed files on Windows Taskbar with POW

Piles for Windows 7

Jumplists is one of the most appreciated feature of Windows 7 which is used to create quick access to menus and actions of any applications right from the Windows TaskBar. On similar lines, Piles for Windows brings a list of files which has changed in any directory on the Taskbar. It also lists the folders in which there had been any modification making ...

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Use images from Flickr & Picasa as Windows 7 Login Screen

Windows 7 Login Changer Picasa Flickr

Changing the Windows 7 Login Screen is the second thing users love to do after changing wallpapers. How about getting Images for Login Screen from Picasa or Flickr or the featured images ? 7Logon Changer does exactly that.  Once you install this it, all you need to do is search using tags or keywords and you will have the image preview before you. ...

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How to smartly use Windows 7 Restore

Restore Configuration Windows 7

System Restore is the only option in Windows which can help you in getting back your stable configuration when you cannot work further with your computer. Now when the restore happens it brings back the installed softwares and drivers along with the earlier version of your files. Which means any changes you might have made in your documents will get lost. Irony! ...

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Free Download Independence Day Theme for Windows 7

Free Download Independence Day Theme for Windows 7 1

US Independence Day is about to arrive, i.e. on July 4th, so, if you want to have some nice wallpapers for the occasion, here is a nice theme for the US Independence day. It has 4 Beautiful Wallpapers; one of them is that of the US Flag, have a look – You will have to download a Zip file, extract ...

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Free Download In Vitro Full Glass theme for Windows 7

Full Glass Theme For Windows 7 Free Download

In Vitro is a free Windows 7 Theme, which makes almost everything fully transparent on your Windows 7. You can see through almost all the windows, have a look at these snapshots below. Yes, it gives full glass effect. The download links for In Vitro can be found here. Go through the instructions found on the page and after you ...

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Failing to install Windows updates and service packs ?

Many a times you might have noticed that when you try to install any windows update or service pack ( I have even seen it happening with driver update in Windows 7 ) it fails for some internal reason or you might also get notice like a restart is pending or a previous installation is not complete. Most of the ...

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Download Iron Man 2 Theme for Windows 7

Iron Man 2

This one is for lovers of Iron man movie. In case you havent seen it yet, catch the scenes of Iron Man 2 in 1920 x 1200  resolution wallpapers in the form of Windows 7 Theme. It includes pictures of Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mickey Rourke and Samuel L. Jackson. If you haven’t seen Iron ...

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Watch Windows 7 Media Center recordings over Internet

Remote Potato

This one goes for TV Loves who used Windows 7 Media Center to record  but don’t get time to sit and watch. Report Potato is a free application and lets you view those recording over the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you are using a Phone Browser or a Laptop at the Hotel Room. It does it all. Here is a ...

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Killer Tweaker for Windows 7

Windows 7 Tweaker Pack

We have seen lot of Tweak utility that came along as soon as the beta was rolled out but Tweak Now Power Pack 2010 is definitely will lead the race. This tweaking application has a lot of stuff and pretty straight to use, in short you wont get confused using it. It has many tweaks includes which    Features List :  Change ...

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