Windows 10/8/7

Should you install Windows 7 SP1

Windows Update

We got an email from one of reader asking if he should install Windows 7 SP1 which came out recently. In one word, YES. I did installed it on my computers,one from MSDN and other using Windows Update and it was smooth and I do not see any issue with performance on 64 and 32 bit system. There are two ...

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Download Free Windows 7 Green Themes

Clearscreen Green Theme Windows 7

Love Green and want to go green on your Windows 7 Desktop ? Here is handpicked collection of Windows 7 Themes which will make your desktop super green. Clearscreen Sharp Theme for Windows 7 The best green theme we have found. The icons are very clear and the colour scheme chosen doesn’t hurt the eyes. A must download. Windows 7 ...

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Free download Arsenal FC Theme for Windows

Free download Arsenal FC Theme for Windows

English Premier League football club based in North London, Arsenal Football Club (Arsenal FC) doesn’t need an introduction. Arsenal FC holds the record for the longest, uninterrupted period in the English top flight and they also are the only side to have completed a Premier League season unbeaten. If you too are an Arsenal FC fan, here is a Free ...

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How to change Windows Service Pack Setup File Path

Specify Windows Service Pack Installation File Location

Windows Service packs are huge in size most of the time and if you windows drive is already running out of space it is best that you change the location where windows store  the service pack setup files. By default the setup files are downloaded in system drive and lack of space will not allow you complete installation. Follow the ...

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Enable server like Shutdown Event Tracker on your Windows PC

Display Shutdown Event tracker Config

Windows Server OS come with a security feature, Shutdown Event Tracker, which pop ups every time a server is initiated for shutdown or restart. This is required for auditing purpose to track the reason for server reboot or shutdown. The same feature can be enabled for your Windows machine ( XP, Vista or Windows 7 ). This screen cannot be ...

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Smart way to select a folder for Windows Desktop Background aka Wallpaper

Desktop Background

Here is my quick tip for selecting a complete folder for your Desktop Background. Select a folder where you have lots of images. Select any image and right click. Choose option Set as Background. Now Right click on Desktop > Personalize > Desktop Background. Now here you will see all the images already available and your folder already selected. Only ...

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How to stop Windows monitoring some programs for problem reporting

Reporting Problem Exceptions

Problem Reporting is one of the feature of Windows  which collects data when the installed program behaves abnormally. This data is sent over to Microsoft anonymously and when a solution is find you are notified through action center. We have talked about it in detail here. Now what if you have programs for which you do not want Windows to ...

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Download Free Windows 7 Colourful Themes and Styles

Holi Theme for Windows 7

If you don’t like Black or the Pink themes then today we have got you the best of free colorful themes for Windows 7. These themes have the best of wallpapers and also very nice color scheme which you will love. Remember the themes color can be changed from Personalization section of Windows 7. Soney Theme for Windows 7 The ...

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Get email notification when somebody Login to your Windows computer

Send email from Task Scheduler via smtp

In this tutorial we will learn how you can send an email from your computer when somebody login either for a specific account lets say a Windows Guest Account or For all the accounts if you have multiple users on your home desktop. What we will use : Windows Task Scheduler An SMTP server which binded to your computer for ...

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Indepth guide to System Performance Report for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Windows Performance Monitor

Performance Report for any machine is very important to find the reliability so when you run your applications on top of them you know it’s not going to break down. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 both come along with an inbuilt Performance System which gives you detailed report on System Diagnostics, Performance, Event Trace and so on. In ...

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What’s inside Recovery Option in Windows 7

Backup Windows 10

Windows 7 comes along with a built-in option, Recovery which provides ways to restore your windows machine to a previous state using easy methods like System Restore to long shot method of reinstalling the Windows again. The idea of coming up with this post is to make you aware that Windows is capable of making backup, performing restore and even ...

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