Windows 10/8/7

Download Best of Bing 4 : Windows 7 Theme

Best of Bing Kingfisher

Best of Bing 4 is out for download and this time it has 18 High resolution wallpapers of animals, landscape, space from Bing Images which I have seen them using the Bing Live Theme for Windows 7. Below is of Kingfisher catching fishes, Love it!! Download Best of Bing 4

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How parents can control kids activity on Windows

Windows Live Family Safety

Multiple users on same computer brings in a lot issue for Administrator user though it’s a fun for rest of the people. Admin/ Parents not only needs to make sure the computer is safe so the files are in place but also educate him or her about using a strong password and keep up a good policy for it for ...

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Free Download Android theme for Windows 7

android all over Free Windows 7 theme download

Android is gaining popularity at a very enormous rate, people for falling in love with it, moreover looks like an era of Android is about to come, several tablets are also using this platform. If you too are an Android fan, you will definitely love to have the Android Theme for Windows 7. Here are some of the wallpaper snapshots ...

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Free download Jesus Christ Windows 7 theme

Free Download Windows 7 Jesus Christ Theme

Jesus Christ Windows 7 theme, as the name itself indicates is dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ, and is free. This theme has 10 high definition wallpapers of Jesus Christ, probably all the wallpapers in this theme are either a painting or art work done on computer; none of them seems to be a photograph. Here are some of the wallpapers ...

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Bring Back the Classic Windows XP Start menu into Windows 7

Handy Start Menu Organized

Many of you who migrated to Windows 7 from Windows XP might find the start menu in Windows 7 a bit confusing. Probably because there is no such thing as start menu because of the integrated search of Windows 7 which brings you anything by just typing few alphabets of it. Though powerful many people don’t prefer to type and ...

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How to Delete files by Date

Delete Files by Date

When you have huge number of files to handle every day and your archive is getting too messy deleting some older files is a good option. When I say older it can be of a specific date or a date range like first and last of February. I found an application which helps in doing  and the same can be ...

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Free Download Country Themes for Windows 7

Free Windows 7 China Theme

Ok, so here are some more themes for the Windows 7 free Theme Lovers community, get ready to download some more themes. Here are the themes, which showcase the wallpapers of the landscapes, buildings etc. from a particular country, there are several Country based themes available for Windows 7. Below is a list of Themes from China, Australia, South Africa, ...

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Windows 7 Language Pack not available for you? Try LIPs

Hindi Language Pack For Windows 7 32-bit

Windows 7 Language Packs are great way to get the Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise Interface in your preferred Language. However, there are only 34 Language Packs available as of now for Windows 7, and if the language in which you want your interface isn’t available in the list, don’t worry, keep your hopes high and alive, Language ...

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Install Windows 7 Language Pack to access Windows in your Language

Free Download Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate Language Packs

If you want to enable some other language (other than English) for the interface in Windows, e.g. you want to access Windows in Greek Language, or may be in Danish, Estonian, Polish, Russian, etc.  In such case, you will have to install the Language Pack, i.e. install the Official Russian Language Pack, developed by Microsoft, for Windows 7 Ultimate or ...

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How to remote connect Windows computer from iPad

Windows on iPad

If you have been dying to connect to your Windows computer from your iPad because you are so much into windows application, Splashtop Remote makes it possible. This application lets you remote connect and you can use your Windows 7 or Vista or XP like you do from any normal computer. You can even watch flash on your iPad, videos, ...

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Free Download Animal Themes for Windows 7

Free Download Tiger Theme for Windows 7 Tiger Attacking

Animal lover? Love to have animals as your desktop wallpapers, here is a set of themes which is based exclusively on Animals, using these themes you can have several Wilds and Pets as your desktop background. Microsoft offers you seven Windows 7 themes, which are solely designed to quench the thirst of Animal Lovers. Cats Anytime – Personally, I don’t ...

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How to check if you have admin rights for Windows


In Windows there are two types of account by default, Standard User and Administrator. Though Standard users can do most of the things including installing software and settings which is applicable to his or her account, they are still restricted for advance usage which affects network settings, remote reboot or setting timed login for  other user accounts or create hidden ...

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