Windows 10/8/7

Troubleshoot your Windows 7 PC with Fix it Center

Fix it Center

Troubleshooting Windows PC is a common scenario which we all do to solve issues that pops up from time to time. Right from Windows 7, Automated Troubleshooting became a part of the operating system. This not only helps you understand what is getting fixed but gives Microsoft a good feedback on their operating system is behaving in different environment. Also ...

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How to convert VMDK to VHD ?

Convert VMDK to VHD

VMWare creates virtual hard disk in VMDK format where as Microsoft’s Windows 7 Windows Virtual Machine does it in VHD format.  Now it might be necessary for many IT Pros to test the virtual disk in different environment to find the stability or could be for testing purpose while trying to evaluate it.  So how do you convert from VMDK ...

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BranchCache reduces WAN traffic with faster Application Response

How BranchCache Works

Saving on bandwidth is one of the major concern in an IT Environment. There are two reasons for it, first financial and second how much time do the employee have to wait to download anything. So unless you spend on good bandwidth you cannot have productive environment but spending too much on Bandwidth is costly. Irony! From Windows Server 2008 ...

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Download Nasa Themes for Windows 7

Nasa Themes

Traveling into Space has always been one of my fantasies and to fulfill it out I always read about space, galaxies and stars from time to time and Now I have it on my desktop with the new Nasa Themes for Windows 7. This Windows 7 Theme brings you images which was taken by the infrared imaging of NASA’s Spitzer ...

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Sharing Drives and PnP devices on Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop connection is one of the most powerful feature and one of the most commonly used tool in IT industry. I remember when I was in project last year I had to use this lot of times for deployment purpose. One of the hurdles was how to copy files from my local computer to the remote computer. Though FTP ...

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7 Plus for Windows 7 Power users

Enhance Windows 7

Power users are often obsessed of doing everything with keyboard and 7 Plus application is just the right application if you are looking forward to enhance your Windows 7 Experience using Keyboard. This is a script based application which adds  and overrides features in windows 7 making it available  through the keyboard hotkey and shortcuts. Here is the feature list ...

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The Alt Tab Tuner for Windows 7

Since Windows Vista, Windows Alt-Tab has changed for good which displays not only context but a preview of the windows giving you clear idea if you would like to switch and now we have an excellent Al Tab Tuner which gives you power to customize it. Alt Tab Tuner lets you choose how this windows utility should behave for you. ...

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Make Windows 7 remember Explorer location

Windows 7 by default doesn’t remember all the windows explorer’s default position on your desktop. In fact if you move anything beyond the desktop view i.e. like moving it extreme to the end, it will open that again in the scope. Though this feature does have advantage but many users would like Windows to remember individual explorer exact position like ...

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How to include multiple Folders in changing Desktop background using Windows 7

Desktop Background Picture Library

Though Windows 7 came with changing wallpaper automatically but including lot of wallpapers from different folder or sub folder is little tricky as you cannot include more folders directly. However Windows 7 Library can help you in including sub folder or any some folder you want to include in changing desktop background, also called as Wallpaper Slide Show. Default Settings ...

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Manage and Install Themes easily in Windows 7

Windows 7 Theme Installer

Windows Themes Installer is a good alternate application for people who do not like the so detailed view of  Windows 7 Theme changer. This application lists down all the third party and default themes installed in your computer and then lets you Apply Theme or remove theme with one click. It also helps you to replace system files like Explroer.exe, ...

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Run Windows XP mode without Hardware Virtualization

Windows Xp Mode in Windows 7

One of the major drawback of  PC which wanted to run Windows XP mode was to support Hardware Virtualization  which in many old computers wasn’t there.  This has disappointed many IT companies and users but now they have a good news. Micrsoft has released a patch for Windows Virtual PC which allows you to run Windows XP mode in Windows ...

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