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Windows Update Device Manager Search Driver

Keyboard Number Pad not Working on Windows 10

Numeric keypad not working or NumberPad on the desktop right side of your computer cannot type any number on official documents? In this guide, we will help you to fix Keyboard...
Where are my documents in Windows 10

Where are my documents in Windows 10?

Are you looking for your saved documents in Windows 10? Many Windows 10 users revealed an unusual problem, such as files and folders disappearing from their computer. The My Documents folder is...
No Internet Connection After Connecting to VPN Server

How to fix No Internet access when connected to VPN

Does your Windows 10 have a VPN connection but no internet access? There is a possibility that your VPN is blocking your internet connection. In this guide, we will help you...
How to Fix We Couldn’t Complete The Updates

How to Fix We Couldn’t Complete The Updates in Windows 10

Whenever updates arrive, Windows tries to install them, but sometimes it ends up with the message We couldn't complete this update. Undoing changes. Don't turn off your computer. In this guide,...
fix touchscreen issue Windows 10.

How to Fix Your Windows 10 Touchscreen Not Working

Touchscreens are great when they work, but when it stops working, it feels like you're locked out with your device altogether, especially for those devices in which the only way to...
Fix Missing One Drive Icon in Windows 10

Fix: OneDrive icon missing from Taskbar in Windows 10

OneDrive icon is the gateway to the rich features that the OneDrive Service holds. Sometimes this icon goes missing from the Taskbar. It is usually placed on the right side of...
How to adjust your PC's Screen Brightness

How to adjust your PC’s Screen Brightness

If you spend a lot of time on your computer or device, you must know how to turn up the brightness and lower it as per your surrounding. Most people may...
fix ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration error in windows 10

Fix: Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP Configuration Error in Windows 10

The error message Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP Configuration may occur in your Windows. It is because your Windows Operating System is unable to receive a valid IP address from...
Boot to UEFI Firmware Windows

How to Boot to UEFI Firmware Settings from Windows

UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is a modern software created as a replacement for legacy BIOS with additional features. As this is a pre-boot environment, you cannot access it without...
How to change default microphone Windows 10

How to change default microphone Windows 10

In Windows 10, having a microphone as a part of your device enables the user to do online chatting, voice recording, computer gaming, and more. When you connect more than one...
Reinstall Mouse Driver Windows 10

How to reinstall mouse driver in Windows 10

One of the most important input devices of a computer, aside from its keyboard, is the mouse. This hardware component allows you to select, open, or execute objects found on your...
Reset Clear all Pinned apps Taskbar Windows

How to reset and clear all Pinned Apps on Taskbar in Windows 10

The Taskbar on your Windows 10 machine is extremely useful. You can easily pin your most-used apps to the Taskbar and launch it pretty quickly. But, if you have added lots...

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