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The ultimate stop for guides on Windows 11, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows. Right from upgrading Windows to all the small tips and tricks, you need to manage your Windows PC

Spotify Keeps Randomly Crashing

Fix: Spotify Keeps Randomly Crashing on Windows

Spotify is one of the best ways to listen to your favorite podcasts and music. Despite offering a flawless and speedy listening experience, Spotify's Windows desktop software is not without issues....
Open Group Policy Editor in Windows

How to Open Group Policy Editor in Windows

Local Group Policy Editor will allow you to manage many settings that don't necessarily have a graphical representation without changing the Registry. When appropriately used, Group policy is a powerful resource...
Fix Wrong Battery Percentage in Windows Laptop

Fix: Wrong Battery Percentage in Windows Laptop

In this post, you will find guidelines to solve the problem of your Windows laptop displaying the wrong battery percentage in Windows laptop. Sometimes, when clicking on the battery icon in...
Hosts File Location Edit

What Is Hosts File, Location and How to Edit It

We are all aware that DNS (Domain Name System) is the phone directory of the internet. But did you know that your PC's host file can also serve as a directory...
Cant Create New Folder Needs Permission Windows

Fix: Can’t Create New Folder, Says It Needs Permission (Windows)

Are you a Windows user with problems creating new folders on your PC? If yes, you're not alone. One common problem Windows users have been facing lately involves receiving an error...
Reset Windows Terminal Settings

How to Reset Windows Terminal Settings to Its Default

Windows Terminal allows you to customize settings such as text size, color, default shell, etc. However, suppose you wish to return to the default settings to start again or are experiencing...
Hide Drive Letters in Windows

How to Hide Drive Letters in Windows

Sometimes, you may require to hide your files on your Windows PC. For instance, you do not want others to access the hard drive's private files. You can keep important files...
Fix Keyboard Is Locked And Can't Type Anything

My Keyboard Is Locked and I Can’t Type Anything

Are you stuck with a locked keyboard and can't seem to type anything? Don’t panic! It may not be your actual hardware that is causing the issue. Instead, it could be...
Update Graphics Card Driver

How to Update Graphics Card Driver in Windows?

Updating your graphics card driver from time to time can be pretty beneficial. You will enjoy improved performance, speed boosts, and a smoother experience. However, things can be confusing when it...
External Hard Disk IO Device Error in Windows

How To Fix External Hard Disk I/O Device Errors in Windows

External Hard Drives are one of the most convenient storage devices, especially if the data stored amounts to or exceeds several hundred GBs. However, challenges occur when the Desktop or Laptop cannot...
How to Extend Volume on Windows

How to Extend a Volume in Windows PC

Sometimes, users run short of storage space on a particular drive and want to increase it. Windows offers built-in tools that help you extend volume on Windows on any of your...
Adjust Left and Right Audio Balance in Windows

How to Adjust Left and Right Audio Balance in Windows

You might occasionally hear an imbalance in the left and right audio balance of a playback (output) device, like a speaker or headphones. You might need to manually change the left...

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