Windows 10/8/7

How to enable DreamScene in Windows 7

Set as Desktop Background

Windows 7  DreamScene feature lets you play a video as  desktop background. The beauty of this applications is that you can run a video without using any video player. Enabling DreamScene in Windows 7: DreamScene is not available by default in all version of Windows but if you want to use in Windows 7 Home version and Personal Version, Door2Windows ...

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How Default Location in Windows 7 is useful

Windows 7 Control panel comes with an interesting feature called as Default Location. This default location stores your Geo location ( your ZIP code, Country and latitude and longitude.) . This can mean a lot as it might be used in future or might be already in use where Wifi applications or Any internet applications which are location dependent and ...

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How to change default program association in Windows

Its a common problem that when you install a new program it changes the file association i.e. Lets say you use Pain to view image files but after you installed Adobe Photoshop it now opens with it. Most of time software do ask this as an option but this till can happen. Another scenario is when you want to change ...

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Windows 7 : Automatically dim the display screen [ Power Settings ]

Windows 7 has several awesome features, Ashish has already talked about windows 7 features many a times. I  recently came across this feature in Windows 7, and according to this you can set to dim the display after certain period of times (1 minute or above) while the system is idle. Different time interval can be set for while on ...

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How to take regular and scheduled backups in Windows 7 and Vista

Backup in Windows 7

Taking backup is always important because data is valuable. You can buy a new PC but you cannot get your data and files unless you had made a copy some where. Today we will talk about how to take regular and incremental backups using an inbuilt feature of Windows Vista /  Windows 7 which allows you to take backups of ...

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Guide to Manage Windows 7 / Vista Firewall

Firewall is like a security guard in any company which determines if any person or material is allowed to connect to outside world or any connection from outside can enter your system.  It has been asked to follow some rules, which in Windows are called as Inbound and Outbound rules, before any thing goes out or comes in. Now what ...

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Download Free Windows 7 Themes and Styles for Windows 7

windows 7 themes free download

Windows 7 is already out and so are the Windows 7 themes. Below is the list of  Windows 7 themes free download which you can install and get Aero effect in different colours like blue, green and even apple and mac theme if you want to. You can learn how to change and manage windows 7 themes by reading the post. ...

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Download Windows Media Player 12 ( WMP ) Skin ( Vista Only )

If you do not intend to download windows media player 12 , you can always try to use the skin of Windows Media player 12 on Windows Media Player 11 ( Vista ) to get same kind of look and feel. Remember this will not convert your media player in Vista to Media player in Windows 7. iurst thing first, ...

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Download Windows Media Player 12 ( WMP) for Vista

Windows 7 holds the next media player version 12. You can download this version ( Thanks to Devian Art people ) and run it on Windows Vista. Its not available as a separate download but it had been extracted from Windows 7 builds and works on Vista. This might not work in XP  but you can try at your own ...

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Decrease Windows 7 / Vista load time by Delay Executing Start up programs

Normally in Windows even after you login to your account the system keeps on executing and it takes sometime before you actually can start working normally. This latency is due to set of programs which are programmed to load one after the other and hence keeps the system busy consuming high resource and memory. Delay Execution of Start up programs ...

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Create virtual drive of any folder from windows command prompt

Few days back I talked about a software which allows you to create a virtual drive of any folder i.e. like your c drive or d drive it can create another drive say Y which appears in your my computer.  The software name was Visual Subst which made me thought if it was a windows command. I looked around and ...

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How to merge wireless network locations in Windows 7 and Vista

It is usual that every time you connect to a wireless network location the signature is left in windows which makes it easier to connect it next time.  But sometimes when you connect manually to the same wireless network again it creates another signature. This results in creation of multiple network profile. Windows Vista and Windows 7 allows you to manage ...

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