Windows 10/8/7

Why plugging headphone in Vista / Windows 7 might not just work

Normal users might just think that plugging in the Headset to the machine running Vista will allow them to use it but that’s not the case vista. I received a bluetooth headset along with my dell studio 15 laptop which I was excited to use. I connected it via bluetooth. What came to my surprise was that the speakers were ...

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How to access encrypted files in NTFS partiton after re-install

If you have many encrypted files in NTFS partition of windows and you want to access it after re-installation of windows the only way to do is to backup your encryption certificates before going for a fresh installation. Many people make this blunder mistake and they are not able to access those files. Follow the following instruction to backup your ...

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How to create a system folder in My Computer

System folder like My Document which appears in My computer are special folders which appear can not be deleted. Now if you want to create something like that, a folder which cannot be deleted!!!! . Here is how you do it to create a folder which cannot be deleted!!. It should work both in Windows XP and Vista and Windows ...

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How to shutdown and restart PC with a shortcut ?

There are several ways you can shut down your personal computer but most of them are tedious and involve more than one step. Now imagine if you are in a hurry and you just want to shut down by one click what would you do? Honestly you just cant do anything other than the tedious stepped steps. In this post ...

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Game Explorer in Windows 7 and Vista

Gaming has taken a big leap with Windows Vista and Directx10. Now even the in house games of windows comes with 3D support, not the least Games on Windows  7  and Vista have their on explorer now. Yes you heard it right!!. Games when installed on windows either leave a shortcut on desktop or a link on program menu but ...

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How to Tag Your files in Windows 7 / Vista

Add tags from Windows Explorer

Now its easy to search files on Windows 7 / Vista with a new property called as “tag”. With all previous edition of windows it was very difficult to search a file if you have forgotten the exact name. Even if you remember partial name, search was difficult.But with this new feature of of “tagging” a file in Vista, searching ...

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