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The ultimate stop for guides on Windows 11, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows. Right from upgrading Windows to all the small tips and tricks, you need to manage your Windows PC

Scan Item Windows Defender

How To Scan An Item With Windows Defender or Windows Security

Do you want to scan an individual file with the built-in security system in Windows? If yes, then this post will guide you to scan an item with Windows Defender or...
Edit Context Menu On Windows

How To Edit Context Menu Items In Windows 11/10

Many of us have used the Context Menu of Windows without ever knowing the term itself. The menu that pops up when we right-click on something in our computers is a...
Manage Startup Programs Windows

How To Manage Startup Programs In Windows

All of us are well aware of program management in our PCs. We install several programs, use them, and uninstall them when we don't need them anymore. However, there are some...
Project The Screen Windows

Complete Guide To Project The Screen From And To A Windows Laptop

You can project the screen of your Windows laptop to another display screen so that you and your colleagues or guests can see your laptop on a different screen instead of...
Projecting The Screen From And To A Windows Laptop

How To Turn Off The Desktop Background In Windows 11/10

Are you running an OLD PC? Do you want to reduce the number of resources Windows uses? Or maybe you don't want wallpaper at all. One of the ways is to...
Perform Clean Boot In Windows

What is Clean Boot in Windows? How to Restart PC in Clean Boot?

Windows offers multiple ways to troubleshoot problems on PC, and one such method is Clean Boot in Windows. This post will guide you on Restart PC in Clean Boot and troubleshooting...
How to Recover Uninstalled Programs on Windows

How to Recover Uninstalled Programs on Windows 11/10

Have you accidentally uninstalled a program and then realized that you may need it later? There is no need to worry. This article will learn how to recover uninstalled programs on...
Windows File History Backup

Windows 11/10: How to Backup and Restore Files using File History

Starting with Windows 8 and now in Windows 11/10, there is a native Backup and Restore feature which allows you to regularly back your data into an external drive and restores...
Change Screen Resolution Windows

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 11/10

You can improve the quality of your visual experience by changing the display's resolution. Windows makes it easy to change your resolution. Before we get into the solutions, let's show you...
Ultimate Guide to Multitasking in Windows

Ultimate Guide to Multitasking in Windows 11/10

Windows comes with several multitasking options which allow users to become more efficient and productive. Microsoft has introduced new features to multitask on Windows 11 specifically to customize the shortcuts. Even...
Icons Disapearing from Desktop on Windows

Fix: Icons Dis­ap­pear­ing from Desk­top in Win­dows 11/10

Are you facing the problem of missing or disappearing icons on the Windows 11/10 desktop? In this article, we will fix the problem where Icons Dis­ap­pear­ing from Desk­top is becoming an...
How to take a screenshot in Windows

How To Take a Screenshot in Windows 11/10 (Multiple Ways)

You can take a screenshot from Windows 11 pretty quickly, so why waste time taking notes? The desktop operating system comes with various screen-capture tools, many of which are built right...

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