Windows 10/8/7

How to disable or enable Hybrid Boot/Fast Startup in Windows 10

Disable Enable Hybrid Boot Fast Startup Windows 10

Windows started booting up a lot faster since Windows 8. Thanks to the Hybrid Boot feature that changed the way Windows used to shutdown and restart. That said, if, for any reason, you want to switch to non-hybrid mode to shutdown or restart Windows instead of Fast Boot, here is how to disable or enable Hybrid Boot in Windows 10. ...

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How Windows Activation & Valid Key work? Why some Windows Keys cost so less?

Windows Activation Valid Key

Starting from Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced a new anti-piracy mechanism, which is still followed in Windows 10. Users will have to activate the OS within 30 days of installation. Failing to do so will result in a reduction of functionality, blocking certain key features. During the grace period, the user will get alerts to validate. For those buying branded PC, ...

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Use Printer Migration tool when switching to new Windows Machine

Migrate Printers Printe Servers

When switching to a new Windows Machine or Deploying a new Windows Print Server, Reinstalling Printer Drivers and adding all the existing printer on the network again is time-consuming. In this post, we will show how you can use the Printer Migration tool to migrate all printers and drivers to a new computer or print server. Use the Printer Migration ...

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Bypass UAC: Launch Program with elevated permission in Windows 10

Launch program Bypass UAC

UAC or User Account Control is an inbuilt security system which pops up into action whenever a program window determines cannot be trusted to grant complete or partial access. It is necessary to keep your computer and data secure. But what becomes annoying is even though you know that the program is trusted, you are asked for it. In this ...

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How to take regular and scheduled backup in Windows 10

Select File and Folders for Backup

Taking backup is always important because data is valuable. You can buy a new PC, but you cannot get your data and files unless you had made a copy somewhere. Today we will talk about how to take regular and incremental backups using an inbuilt feature of Windows 10. It allows you to take backups of files, hard drives, user ...

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How to Remove Shutdown and Restart Buttons in Windows 10/8/7

Windows 10 lets you take control of preventing a user not to shut down the machine by editing the group policy. For example, if your friend is using your computer and you went somewhere (and you have still some unsaved document left) and he shutdowns the pc without saving them. You will end up losing a considerable amount of data. ...

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Turn monitor display off with keyboard shortcut in Windows 10

Turn monitor display off

While you can always lock your computer using a WIN + L which will, in turn, turn off the display, but here is something even more useful. A keyboard shortcut to turn off the monitor display. It will not lock down the computer, but turn off the screen. Turn monitor display off with keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 There are ...

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How to remove personal information from files and images in Windows 10

How to remove personal information from files and images in Windows 10

Personal information is always attached to the files as soon as you create them. It contains the username: actual name date time and things which could reveal your personal information. Similarly, for images, they carry EXIF information which can include location, date of creation, device information, resolution, and other details. When you copy files, these data are also copied. So ...

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Turn your Android Phone into WiFi Computer Speakers

stream audio computer android

If you are using a computer, I am sure you already have a speaker attached. But what if you have an Android Smartphone which comes with an incredible speaker. It would be great if you could stream the music from your phone to your smartphone’s speaker. It comes in very hand in case of laptops which usually don’t have a ...

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How to get Android notifications on your Windows 10 Computer

Notifcation Control Windows 10 Your Phone App

Microsoft’s Your Mobile feature in Windows 10 can display Android notifications on Windows 10 computer. The best part of this feature is that you don’t need to use any third-party launcher. In this guide, I will share how you can get  Android notifications on Windows 10 computer. Get Android notifications on your Windows 10 Computer The best part of the ...

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How to increase partition space by extending in Windows 10

increase Partition space

It may so happen that you might need to increase your partition size of an existing drive. One option is where you get a new hard disk, but if you have enough space on the primary drive, you can increase/decrease the size to create more space. In this post, we will suggest how to increase Partition space or hard disk ...

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