Windows 10/8/7

Christmas, New Year Themes and Wallpapers for Windows 8 / Windows 7

Every Windows users love themes to get new images, new background music and background images and since its time for Christmas and new year just few days to go, here is our hand picked collection of  Christmas and New Year Themes for Windows 8. Christmas Wallpaper and Theme Decorate the Christmas tree with these beautiful and glittering balls. These three ...

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Immersive Explorer brings Windows 8 Metro Explorer View to Windows 7

WPF Explorer for Windows 7 Windows 8

We all love to transform our existing Windows OS to something else like a Mac or even Windows 8. So if you are one those guys who love to change experience, here is something new to try for you. Immersive Explorer, a beautiful metrosih application, which gives you Windows 8  Like experience to browse files, folders, view drives and do ...

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Batman : The Dark Knight Themes for Windows 7

Dark Knight Windows 7 Theme

If you are a Windows users, the experience is never complete without a Windows Theme. So here is our lost of hand picked Batman: The Dark Knight edition themes which includes wallpapers from movies and other artworks. Some of them are from the theme creators themselves. If this is not enough, don’t forget to grab the Dark Knight wallpaper collection ...

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Free Valentine’s Day themes for Windows 7

Free Download Valentine's Day Theme for Windows 7

Microsoft keeps giving us free themes for every occasion, now as the festival of Love on February, Valentine’s Day is about to arrive and they have launched  free windows 7 themes for this occasion to express your love even more beautifully. Find the download link at the end. Roses Theme for Windows 7 : This should have come as the first ...

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Fix Audio Device ( HDMI ) unavailable after restart : Hotfix

HDML Audio Hotfix

It seems for some set of users the audio device used to become unavailable after restart even though it was working fine when plugged in. This resulted in no sound when an audio device was connected to HDMI section of a computer running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Good news is that there is a hot fix available which you need to ...

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Shutdown Windows without installing updates ( Hibernate it )

Many a times it happens that when you go to shutdown your computer at the end of the day, it asks you to install updates without giving any option to skip it. Though its a good thing to do that but then if you are in a hurry you cannot wait for the update to complete for next 20 minutes ...

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Windows 8 Lock / Login Screen for Windows 7

Windows 8 has a complete revamped lock screen which not only makes it beautiful with a custom background but also brings the notification system like email, music play etc and hopefully custom notification will come soon. Now I am assuming many of you might not migrate to Windows 8 so early because apps wont be metro based but if you would like to have the lock ...

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Skin Packs for Windows 7: Angry Birds, Zune, Android and more

Free Download Angry Birds Skin Pack for Windows 7

It’s been long for most of since we started using the Windows 7, and hence it is pretty natural that many of us would like to have a change in the look and feel of our operating system now, isn’t it? So if you too are looking for a change, here are some Skin Packs which are damn easy to ...

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Fix Windows 7 virtual IPv6 interfaces ( Troubleshooting Pack )

Repair IPv6 Transition Technologies

While the world is still not ready for IPv6 Transitions but if you have started using it and because of some software  like ISATAP, 6to4, Teredo and IPHTTPs ( These are  IPv6 transition technologies virtual interfaces ) the whole thing has stopped working, Reset IPv6 is here to rescue. This is a troubleshooting pack for Windows 7 similar to other troubleshooting packs which come along ...

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Skin Packs for Windows 7: iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8

Free Windows 8 Skin Pack installer for Windows 7 and Windows XP

If you are bored of the look of Windows 7 interface, or maybe you just want to spruce up your Windows 7 with a new look and feel, here is a collection of some skin packs for you. They will definitely allow you to have almost an all new look to your same operating system i.e. Windows 7. The Skin ...

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Download Official Captain America Windows 7 Movie Theme

Captain America Windows 7 Theme

If you do love Superhero stuff, Captain America has now got a Windows 7 Theme, official from Microsoft Themes Section.  The theme is definitely influenced by the movie., The First Avenger and displays different scenes of the movie in total of 8 High resolution wallpapers. If you ever think of changing theme but want to keep the wallpaper for your ...

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