Windows 10/8/7

Get Windows 8 like User Tile in Windows 7 Taskbar

User Tile in Windows 7

Windows 8 is supposed to get a new feature in Taskbar which adds User Image right next to where your clock is. I am sure it will not be just an image but there will be more shortcuts or app integration will be there but we will need to wait till it comes out. Now if you do not want ...

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How to play any video format in DreamScene ( Windows )

Play any video in Dreamscene

DreamScene in Windows lets you use video files as your desktop background. This means you do not need a player to run a video and you can enjoy full movie on your desktop. You can learn how to enable this in Windows from this tutorial. Now the problem with DreamScene is that it does not support all video formats. It ...

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How to disable or delay Windows 7 Automatic Update Restart Prompt

Windows 7 Restart Delay

After every Windows Update, a notification is sent to the logged in user asking him to restart his computer. This is important from security point of view so the computer and your data is not affected by any malware or security holes. However most of the time a user is not in state of restarting the machine because you might ...

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Free Download Surfing Theme for Windows 7

Sunset Surfing theme for windows

Microsoft has released yet another Sports Theme for Window 7 and this time its surfing the waves on the mighty ocean. This theme has  brilliant high definition wallpaper along with sound scheme will take you to the sea shores, sea birds and the cool waves. You will get to hear one as soon as you install the theme, just loved ...

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How to add more programs to Startup Programs in Windows 7

Add Programs to Windows Startup

When a program gets installed in Windows 7, majority of them ask the user if that should get added as a Startup program. This is required depending on users need so the program is ready when Windows 7 boots. However if you have chosen not to add to startup program, How do you add them into the list again. Windows ...

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Quickly run slideshow of Wallpapers in any Windows 7 Theme

Preview of Wallpapers

Wallpapers being one of the key attractions, it is likely that you would like to see  a preview on how it looks on your desktop once you have applied or may be even before it. Below  I have demoed how you can quickly run a sideshow once you have applied it. You can do that even without applying ( use ...

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Best way to add, copy and delete wallpapers from Windows 7 Themes

Managing Windows 7 Wallpapers

Many Windows 7 Themes become a perfect choice when you consider the overall sound scheme, colour combination, screen saver, wallpaper etc.  However if you want to just change the set of wallpaper i.e. remove wallpapers of the existing theme or add your wallpapers to the current wallpaper of theme, below is the quickest way which is like one click solution. ...

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Download Free Movie themes for Windows 7

Missong Impossible Ghost Protocol

Below I am listing down few top movie themes like Alice in wonderland, Matrix, Iron man etc which has been always on my list and stayed for long as one of the themes on my Windows 7 desktop. Some of the themes have just wallpapers and some are a complete theme with styles and sounds. The Dark Knight Theme Download ...

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