Windows 7

How to mass export Tasks from Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler Folder Structure

Windows Task Scheduler holds all the tasks which was created by an application to periodically check for updates or by you to send an email when somebody logs in. Now if you want to create same type of tasks in another folder, Task Scheduler gives you an option to export them one by one and not all of them together. ...

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Delay Service Startup to boot your Windows event faster

Delayed Startup Windows Services

Anything set to start with your windows will increase the time to get your control over the windows machine i.e. in simple language windows booting time is increased. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 has important feature, Automatic Delayed Startup,  which I have not seen many people using it but it actually can speed up your computer booting time ...

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How to stop Windows monitoring some programs for problem reporting

Reporting Problem Exceptions

Problem Reporting is one of the feature of Windows  which collects data when the installed program behaves abnormally. This data is sent over to Microsoft anonymously and when a solution is find you are notified through action center. We have talked about it in detail here. Now what if you have programs for which you do not want Windows to ...

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Download Free Windows 7 Colourful Themes and Styles

Holi Theme for Windows 7

If you don’t like Black or the Pink themes then today we have got you the best of free colorful themes for Windows 7. These themes have the best of wallpapers and also very nice color scheme which you will love. Remember the themes color can be changed from Personalization section of Windows 7. Soney Theme for Windows 7 The ...

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Get email notification when somebody Login to your Windows computer

Send email from Task Scheduler via smtp

In this tutorial we will learn how you can send an email from your computer when somebody login either for a specific account lets say a Windows Guest Account or For all the accounts if you have multiple users on your home desktop. What we will use : Windows Task Scheduler An SMTP server which binded to your computer for ...

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Clearing Corrupt ARP Cache might help in fixing website time out issues

ARP Table

Windows Only  : If so happens that in-spite of having a high-speed internet and resting your modem and router and clearing your IP config, you still get loading failed and giving you timeout for some websites like Google or Microsoft or Apple which are supposed to be up all time, Clearing ARP cache might help you. Remember this is one ...

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Indepth guide to System Performance Report for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Windows Performance Monitor

Performance Report for any machine is very important to find the reliability so when you run your applications on top of them you know it’s not going to break down. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 both come along with an inbuilt Performance System which gives you detailed report on System Diagnostics, Performance, Event Trace and so on. In ...

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What’s inside Recovery Option in Windows 7

Backup in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes along with a built-in option, Recovery which provides ways to restore your windows machine to a previous state using easy methods like System Restore to long shot method of reinstalling the Windows again. The idea of coming up with this post is to make you aware that Windows is capable of making backup, performing restore and even ...

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How to reduce CPU usage by controlling the Affinity

Processor Affinity for CPU usage

Since yesterday I was trying to use HandBrake to convert my videos from MTS to MP4 format but for some reason my computer was shutting down all of a sudden. Today morning I found that Handbrake was using 97% of the CPU and my laptop has developed heating issue. Both of them combined was shutting down the complete system. Now ...

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Download Free Santa Christmas Theme for Windows 7

Free Download Christmas and Santa Theme for Windows 7

I hope by now you would have almost finished preparing for Christmas, just two more days to go, and then it is Christmas, the festival begins. If you have finished with all the preparations and decorated every nuke and corner of your home for the occasion, here is something you probably missed on, why is your Windows 7 PC not ...

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How to disable the dim desktop when UAC prompts in Windows

Group Policy Editor Secure Desktop

In Windows 7 and Vista when a program requires higher privilege to execute or when the Windows System finds it not safe, the user is given a prompt which dims the background and a pop up displays where you need to confirm to go ahead or cancel back. For many users specially in family this becomes little annoying so lets ...

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How to import Google Chrome Group Policy Settings in Windows

Google Group Policy Settings

Google Chrome is ready for business as declared in Google Enterprise latest  post and for that Group Policies are in the place to deploy.For Windows the policies come as templates in form of ADM or ADMX files which you need to install. Below are the steps : Download the Policy Templates from here Extract it. Here you will find two ...

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