Windows 10/8/7

Five Free Windows 7 themes your kids will love

Free Download Nicole doll theme for Windows 7

Applying new themes based upon something you like is a great way to spice up your system. There is a theme for almost everything you are in love with. Here are five themes which are damn beautiful and especially your kids will love them. Nicole Doll Theme for Windows 7 – A theme with 4 wallpapers in high resolution, Nicole ...

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Download Windows 7 Game Themes

Starcraft 2 Windows 7 theme

Games and consoles are now the most popular entertainers and if you are already a game lover why not get windows 7 themes right on your desktop. Games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3, Battlefield 2, Prince of Persia 2, WarHammer, Left 4 Dead,  Shooting Games are pretty popular. Below is the list of hand-picked windows ...

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Download Gears of War 3 Windows 7 Theme

Gears of War 3 Theme

Gears of War 3 is a shooter video game which is coming to Xbox 360 in April 2011 and the last in the Gears of War series. If you want to know more about it, there is an official site already and Microsoft has an official theme also which you can enjoy to catch up with whats coming next. The ...

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Free Download Seven Wonders of the World Windows 7 Theme

Taj Mahal Free Download Seven Wonders of World Windows 7 theme

Looks like it is a Free Theme Day on, Ashish already wrote about the Creative Theme and the Girls Rock Theme, here is another one to join this celebration, Seven Wonders of the World Windows 7 Theme. It has 10 beautiful wallpapers in High Resolution; all of them are perfect examples of great photography.  The wallpapers listed are of ...

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Download Creative Theme for Windows 7

Imagination Windows 7 Theme

Out of the 5 recent themes for Windows 7,  three themes are pretty creative when it comes to the messages passed along with wallpapers or the way cartoon characters are designed and the patchwork done. Below is the list  and click images to download the theme. Imagination : Showcases the artwork of artist Yeh, Hsin-Hung. Bakehouse : Theme having  cartoonish ...

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Download Girls Rock Theme for Windows 7

WIndows 7 Girl Rock Theme

Why should guys have all the fun ? So here you have an exclusive theme for Girls who love to Rock and now have musician desktop as wallpapers / backgrounds. This theme has typical girlish touch with Pink color all around, 5 wallpapers and sounds. Download it from here. | Looking for More pink themes ? Check out handpicked set ...

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How to do No / Yes to All for File Copy or Move

File Copy Not to All

Windows warns you when you are about to overwrite a file having same name as source file name. That’s a good thing but when you have 100 files with same name it becomes an issue saying no 100 times. Good News is that since Windows Vista, Windows gives you a direct option to repeat if you want to say No ...

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How to remove Windows 7 Evaluation Copy / Test Mode Build Watermark

Windows 7 Watermark

Few of my Email Subscribers asked me why they see Windows 7 Evaluation Copy build 7601 or even Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7600 at bottom right corner of the desktop, area right above desktop. These are popularly known as Windows 7 Watermark. When asked back they had installed Legal copy of Windows which either they have bought online or ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer

Free Download Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer

Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer is a small utility which changes the color of Taskbar instantly. It is a small standalone utility. Once downloaded the zip file for Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer, you can now unzip and run the exe file. Running the exe file shows you a window as shown below. Here simple click on the color tile ...

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How to get update of other Microsoft product along with Windows Update

Windows optional updates

If you are using Microsoft Products along with Windows, you need not to get the updates individually of  the product separately. In fact Windows Update comes along with a feature in built to get you updates for installed MS Products. This makes it lot easier for you to get the updates in the background and install it when its ready. These ...

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How not to allow other users to install Windows Update

Windows Update Who can install

Windows Update by default is configured so that it can be installed by any user of your computer when prompted. Though its ok as updates should be installed but if you want to know what is getting updated and only you should do it, here are the steps : Type Windows Update in Windows 7 Start Menu Search box click on item which says “Windows ...

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Windows 7 Slate vs Apple iPad

Windows Slate vs Apple iPad

If you are confused which one to opt for when it comes to tablets and if you are really waiting to get a Windows 7 Slate and have kept Apple iPad for hold till that time, Here is a video comparison of Windows 7 Slate and Apple iPad to get you clear ideas on Navigation YouTube video performance, Browsers etc.

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