Windows 10/8/7

Use Printer Migration tool when switching to new Windows Machine

Print Management Print Servers

When switching to new Windows Machine or Deploying a new Windows Printer Server, Reinstalling Printer Drivers and adding all the existing printer on the network again is time-consuming. Good thing is Starting from Windows Vista and Now in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Print section comes with an inbuilt utility called as Print Management. This utility not only allows ...

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AppLocker : How to block specific software from running in Windows

AppLocker Export Rules

Users running and installing any software they want is a big challenge or any IT Administrator because it increases the load work at time system crash and it goes against the company’s policy many a time. Now since Windows 7 has started rolling out in corporates, IT Admin should now about an excellent feature in Windows 7 which helps them ...

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How to restrict users to change Network Locations in Windows 7

Network List Manager Policies

Windows 7 Network Location is pretty amazing feature not only because it remembers the default printer for each location but it also lets you run certain task based on it. For example when you connect to Office network you want backups to be done to local drive from office network drive to local and reverse when you connect to  home ...

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How to hide recently accessed shared folders from Network

Recent Network Folder Access

If you work in a network environment where you need to get access to lot of shared folders across computers, you must have noticed that the these folders are listed under your My Network folder or Network area. Windows by default keeps the listing so that you save time when you access them again. That’s good but if your computer ...

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How to make Windows Installer search removable media first ?

Windows Installer Search Order

Windows Installer when initiated for any kind of installation starts looking around the network to find the files. Now if you aren’t on a network at all its a waste of time. taking the reverse case if computers at office do not have any removable media allowed, looking on a network first is always a better option when deployment is ...

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How to block specific program for any Windows user

Block Programs for Windows Users

Sometimes when you install applications on your computer, you dont want others to use it. This can be achived partially by choosing to install for all or yourself only when initiating the installation but if existing windows user is smart enough he can still use the program by directly launching it from the program folders.  Though he will never see ...

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CustoPack Tools brings ultimate Windows 7 Style Customization

CustoPack Tools

We have talked about a lot of Windows 7 Theme which changes the wallpaper, sound notification etc. Today we picked on another tool which brings so much of customization that themes can never do.  As a summary this tool, CustoPack, lets you change icons, visual styles, background, fonts, cursors, notifications,  use colour folders, add softwares, change DLL. It’s a complete Visual ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Lightning Theme

Lightning Falling

Lightning is one of the most awesome and a scary phenomenon of nature but when photographed with natural beauty turns out to be most stunning too. Lighting is an Official Theme for Windows 7 which includes Sea, leopards, Mountains, Falling Terrains, Red Skies as background.     Download

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Download Best of Bing 4 : Windows 7 Theme

Best of Bing Kingfisher

Best of Bing 4 is out for download and this time it has 18 High resolution wallpapers of animals, landscape, space from Bing Images which I have seen them using the Bing Live Theme for Windows 7. Below is of Kingfisher catching fishes, Love it!! Download Best of Bing 4

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How parents can control kids activity on Windows

Windows Live Family Safety

Multiple users on same computer brings in a lot issue for Administrator user though it’s a fun for rest of the people. Admin/ Parents not only needs to make sure the computer is safe so the files are in place but also educate him or her about using a strong password and keep up a good policy for it for ...

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