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Bing Translator Comes to Windows 8, Translate Texts Using Camera

If you have ever used Windows Phone, the vision feature or the camera lens allows you to translate text from any language to your language. Something similar has come to Windows 8 via Bing Translator which was already available in Windows Phone. This app will allow you to translate any written text into one you want. The best part of ...

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TouchPal : An Alterative Keyboard for Windows 8 Tablets

Touchpal for Windows 8

Even though Windows 8 touch interface comes with a virtual keyboard it’s not as efficient as standard keyboard. If you have used alternative keyboard on your Android phone, you know features like prediction based typing or even different layouts are missing. In this post we have talked about TouchPal, a flexible, alternate and prediction based keyboard. Features of TouchPal Keyboard: ...

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Run Windows 8 Apps in Desktop

Windows 8 Native apps are designed to work full screen which gives better experience and more space for one to interact with it. However, switching between the apps, specially when you work with Desktop Apps and Native Apps together, this feature becomes one of its biggest drawback. As an example, I am mostly a desktop user and desktop apps are ...

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Nokia Music App & Music Plus comes to Windows 8 / Windows RT

Nokai Music Plus Features

When we visited MWC 2013, we met the Nokia Music Team ( Dean and Robbins) and were lucky enough to get our hands on the Nokia Music App for Windows 8 and Wind0ws RT.  This app is now available for Windows 8 Devices in UK, US, Ireland and Australia with others to follow up. (Learn how to install outside these countries) ...

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Package Tracker : Best parcel tracking app for Windows 8

Package Tracker for Windows 8

Tracking an incoming package is always a restless job. This gets even messier when you have loads of coming every week. So what most of us do is get in the carrier website and start tracking. This goes on and ends up in a lot of wasted time which cannot be recycled. So today, for Windows 8 Users, we are introducing ...

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Windows 8 Valentine’s Day Apps for the Committed Couples

Cocktail Windows 8 App

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and its time you better plan it out either if you are looking for someone or hanging out with your partner on that day. Below are few Windows 8 Apps to get things done and have a good one. 99 Labels:  This app is perfect event based app which helps you find deals and ...

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Disable the slow background scroll of Windows 8 Start Screen

Start Screen Animator

If you have tones of tiles on your start screen or when you make a search with lots of result, you must have noticed that scrolling of tiles and the background image doesn’t go hand in hand. The background scroll is much slower compared to background. While this animation effect is in place to make you feel of a very ...

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Backup & Restore Windows 8 App Data

Windows 8 Data Backup and Restore

Its pretty uncommon that you always have to start from level zero if you have reinstalled a game on Windows 8 or mostly in any other PC. Starting with Windows 8, you have apps now which are more or less locked down into their area and there is no easy way to find where all the data is stored.  It ...

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Pin a file to Windows 8 Start Screen

Tile a File

One of the features that Windows 8 missed is pinning a file like document, video, playlist etc to Start Screen. Even though it supports pinning Folders to start screen but probability of pinning a file to start screen cannot be overruled.  As an example I would love to pin my playlist to start screen and launch to start listening to ...

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Windows RT : Add any website to display Flash on IE

Windows RT has another restriction apart from inability to run the desktop apps, Flash does not work for every website. Microsoft has this security inbuilt which only allows set of white listed websites to display flash and rest of them are cornered. Now since RT users don’t have the desktop version of IE App, the only choice is to add ...

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