Ask F-Secure if the website is safe to visit

Generally the Antivirus system installed on your computer takes care of websites you open in your browser, and in case of any malicious data/activities it warns you before rendering the page in front of you.

In order to add another layer to you security, here is an online tool F-Secure Browsing Protection, all you need to do is enter the site URL in the below interface, and it will tell you if it’s safe to browse the particular website.

Ask F-Secure if the website is safe to visit

So, if you are finicky, and avoid browsing new websites and pages just because you are not sure about them, then try this tool, you will like it.   Try F-Secure Browsing Protection

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  1. Is this site F Secure Browsing 100% accurate I don’t have to worry if it is correct or not. Just want to be sure that I can be sure knowing that I will never have to worry about any website again thanks to this website F Secure Browsing and your blog.
    Thanks. 🙂


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