Ask Santa to phone call your beloved ones this Christmas ( US and Canada Only )

Gmail has rolled out a fun loving program which lets you ask  Santa to call up your beloved one living in US and Canada with a personalized message of yours which includes calling them by cute names and so on.  Its an awesome tool to have fun with and give everybody a surprise. If I am not wrong this application must be using Google Voice in background.

What You can personalize in this message ?

  • Your and the person’s name to whom call will be made
  • Your relationship with the person.
  • Your Birthday
  • How to pronounce name of the person.
  • His or her location
  • Christmas Gift the person wants and the style which can be from Art Deco and Wizard Deco.
  • Food, Holiday, Nickname.
  • You can even set when Santa should call i.e. not the time but before an Activity Santa does i.e. Combs his beard

How it works

Then either you can choose a Video to be send over email or an Audio to the phone. The later is what most of you will prefer and you will get a preview of how it sounds like in case you want to change something. All this info is then compiled and out in place in the script Santa is supposed to say.

Ask Santa to Call

Try the Chrome Extension :

Taking this one step ahead, this whole thing can be done using this chrome extension which is basically a bookmark for the website. This way anybody on your computer can make use of this.


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