Aten KVM CS-62B switch – Connect two computers with one keyboard-Review

Many a times you have 2 computers which you want to use simultaneously.Place can be anywhere, your home office.Some of the solutions are like using a remote access but then it needs switching between computers and highly uncomfortable.

Aten cs62b KVM Switch

Introducing The Aten KVM CS-62B switch. It has a control unit that we can use to connect with two computers from a single console like keyboard or monitor or mouse. The long cables to connect two systems which are even a little far away.

The main features are of the CS-62B:

  • It has 2 sets of video output along with inputs for keyboard,mouse,sound.Letting you use the audio of one of them at a time.
  • The Best part is it does not need a software, its like a plug n play device.
  • No external power is required to run CS-62B.
  • The KVM can connect VGA and PS/12 keyboard and mouse along with microphone and a set of speakers.
  • Set of Cables come attached along with the device.So that you can just connect them directly instead of first configuring it.
  • Its compatible with DOS、WIN98、WIN ME、WIN NT、WIN 2K、WIN 2003、WIN XP and LINUX.
  • Support for MS intelli mouse and scrolling mouse.

One of the major advantage of it is, you don’t have to get up every time to switch between the 2 computers connected.It uses a hot key (ctrl+ctrl+enter) which makes easy for power users to just switch between two of them.The CS-62B KVM switch has auto scanning which switches every 5 sec.


  • One disadvantage I feel is lack of connecting to other CS-62B switches.You cannot connect them to each other so you can have a control more number of computers.
  • Secondly there is no extension wires available, so if you have 3 computers you have to buy another set of CS-62B switch which is costly.
  • You don’t have any wireless model of this too.It would have been easy if this was implemented in Wireless also.

Conclusion: Best suited for people who are more of power users,For small scale its good.But when you have to go for multiple computer you will have to look for a different option. Price In India: Rs 3000( 1 yr warranty) which is approximately 67$.

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