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Robocopy: Powerful Copy utility for Windows with user interface

Robocopy Copy utility Windows

Robocopy is a GUI version and utility of the copy command for Windows 10. It offers advanced options of copy command without using the command line. The power of Robocopy makes serious file replications or drive replication a more straightforward job. It was initially designed to replicate or mirroring directories or directory trees and can work over network drives as well. ...

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How to Change Video Format or Convert Video to Audio for Windows

Convert Video to Audio

Need the help to convert video formats or convert videos to audios for Windows? For example, your downloaded Titanic cannot be played on your smartphone since your device doesn’t support the video format of this film, so you have to convert it to the format compatible with your mobile phone. Or, a newly released song is available on condition that ...

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Quickly create copy of your Windows Setup into USB Drive

Copy Windows Setup USB

If you are planning to install Windows by using a USB drive, Win to Flash is a quick option that lets you create an exact copy of Windows DVD or CD to flash. Not all software allows you to create a copy of Windows Setup on the USB drive, but with this, you can. It is useful when it comes ...

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Create a Windows 10 Bootable USB or a DVD from ISO file

Windows bootable USB ISO

One of the common ways to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB is using the media creation tool. However, it takes a very long time as the download happens in real-time. In this post, we will share how you can create a Windows 10 bootable USB or a DVD from ISO file. The software is called Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. ...

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Auto send SMS or text messages to missed calls (Android)

auto send SMS Missed calls

Most of the smart-phones now have the option to send a text message at the time of rejecting any incoming call. However, the situation is different when you aren’t even around to attend the call or never heard your phone ringing. In this post, we are talking about an application that can auto send an SMS or text message to ...

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How to manually install Chrome Extensions from outside Chrome Web Store

Manually Install Chrome Extensions Developer mode

When it comes to installing the extension from third-party sources, Chrome is very strict about it. Its been tightened so much that even if the extension is available on the stores but hosted from an external source, it will fail, and hence they need to update the Web store & use the inline method to prompt installation. That said, if you ...

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Remove broken shortcuts and links in Windows

Remove broken shortcuts Windows

Shortcuts are, handy but at the same time, as you keep installing software and uninstall them, there are chances that some shortcuts either created by you or system stay. This state of shortcuts or links of which the target files have been removed or moved is called as broken shortcuts. In this post, we will show how you can remove ...

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Best Screenshot Extensions for Chrome Browser

Best Screenshot Extensions Chrome

Taking Screenshot of web pages is always useful whether you want to save it as proof of what was there or need it to explain somebody. It can be to suggest what can be fixed there or to get help from somebody when you are filling up something because what you might be seeing is not what others may see. ...

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How to check if your AntiVirus is working on Windows 10

How to check if your AntiVirus is working on Windows 10

Most of the time, we install the  Anti Virus or the antimalware programs and relax that they are working fine. One beautiful morning you see things not working, and finally, you realize that it’s your antivirus program that was not working at all. Here is a small test which you can do in case you are not sure if your ...

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How Word Count Tool Helps Every Aspiring Blogger

Benefits of Using Word Count Tool

Creating high-quality content on our site can become the most excellent digital marketing approach to earn more leads. High-quality content also assists us in proving a more consistent online spirit. If you are composing about a theme that you are most enthusiastic about, possibilities are, you become brought away with the words at times. But you perhaps already recognize that ...

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