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Review Lava Iris 504Q

After reviewing Lava Iris 458Q, I was eager to try the 504Q which places itself in mid range phone and I have to say its a pretty good phone for that price after using it for 14 days straight which also includes one of my family members using it for around a week. No complaints so far, the screen is just ...

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Hot Watch – Gesture based Smartwatch that makes Private Calling Possible

Looks like Smartwatch area is picking up and during 2013-2014 we will be looking at many such smartwatches. Today I discovered another Kickstarter project and its called as Hot Watch which are providing something unique of their own. Lets check out the features: Private Calls Made Possible: Most of the smartphone allow you to take up calls and have the conversation over speakers which ...

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Gesture Apps for Android to Control Your Phone with Air Waves

Air Call Accept

Gestures are becoming more common in upcoming Android phones and manufacturers are trying their best to attract users towards it. That said sometimes these features are only limited phones and who knows it might also come with future version of Android but the phones which cannot get these features at all, there are apps to get this done. Magic Unlock ...

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Nexus 7 (2012) Available for Rs 11,999 on Amazon India

As Nexus 7 second generation is already announced by Google Recently and it should become available in Indian market soon, Amazon India has gone ahead and dropped the price of the Old Nexus 7, which was released in 2012, to a sweet price of Rs 11,999. The version of Nexus 7 listed above is 16 GB Black Model, WiFi Only. ...

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Minimize Incoming Calls Screen in Android and Do What You were Doing

Small Call for Android

Calls are the most primary task when it comes to mobile phones. None of the Android mobile makers have come with a customization which makes this task secondary but then these days mobiles aren’t just used for calls, it’s mostly used for everything else and call has become a featured. So what happens now, doesn’t matter what you are doing, ...

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Android App to Track Passport Status and Find Centers India

Passport Application Status Tracker

Android being the most popular platform in India, Indian Government and Ministry of External Affairs has finally decided to make it easy for each of you who been having tough time in finding status of yours passport application or even to figure out where is the nearest Passport application center. Around 2 years back, TCS did a huge task by ...

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Save Battery by Turning off your Android Mobile Processor Cores

Pickup any smartphone, it runs out of battery sooner or later. So what do we do ? We start turning of all the smart features including background syncing to save lot of battery. That does help but then it defeats the purpose. There are two hardware in any phone that consumes a lot of battery. First is the display & ...

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Google Announces 2nd generation of Nexus 7

The wait is finally over as Google has finally gone ahead and announced the second generation of their Nexus 7 Tablet which is improved and ready for technology that’s coming in future. Like always, this version of Nexus 7 runs the latest version of Android, 4.3 which includes Restricted Profiles, Bluetooth Low Energy support and more. I have been using ...

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Is Nexus 7 Still a Better Choice Compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samasung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung India today launched new Tablet, Galaxy Tab 3 in two versions with their agenda of performance and portability . The tablet is also claimed to be smart because of the customization Samsung built into this phone — Multi Window, Smart Stay and Popup Video. The first is Tab 7 inches while the second tab has 8 inch screen. Though looking at it the ...

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