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Android app for Indian Penal Code, Constitution of India and more [Free]

Apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, CPC

It is interesting if you are an Indian, or somehow you are interested in India, here are some Android apps which you will love to install on your Android Device. These Android apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, CPC and they allow you to improve your insight about the Indian Laws and Constitution. Android apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, ...

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Hide Desktop Icons in one click in Windows

Hide Desktop icons in Windows 10

I often post videos (screencasts) or take a screenshot in my posts. While creating them, I try to hide the icons on the desktop, because I generally use my desktop as a dumping ground. My desktop is often found with loads of downloaded files, though I keep moving them to specific folders and even to recycle bin still it often ...

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How to hide Firefox Tabs using a keyboard shortcut

Hide Tabs Firefox

When you have multiple tabs open in Firefox, the info about the content is always visible in the Tab bar. The area which helps you identify the webpage. While it is necessary, it is also open to preying eyes who can see what you are up to. Many a time you also don’t want anybody to see what you are ...

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Best macOS Themes for Firefox

macOS Themes for Firefox

Firefox is still one of the popular browsers, and if you like to customize it, today we are listing down some of the best macOS Theme for Firefox. Just like extensions, these themes can be installed on the browser, and after a restart, you can experience a completely different look. Best macOS Themes for Firefox mac OS X Clean & ...

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Free Download In Vitro Full Glass theme for Windows 7

Full Glass theme for Windows 7

In this Windows 7 Theme post, we are talking about Full Glass theme for Windows 7. These themes make almost everything fully transparent on your Windows 7. You can see through almost all the windows, have a look at these snapshots below. Yes, it gives a full glass effect.   Free Full Glass theme for Windows 7 Glass Onion Theme ...

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Control Privacy and Data usage on Android Phones

Prevent apps from accessing your Location and or the Internet Connection

If you are an Android user, you might be using so many apps downloaded from the official Android Market or from any other trusted sources. The apps which we keep downloading often access our location and the internet, sometimes the user is aware of this i.e. at times a user knows that certain app is accessing his/her location or internet ...

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Find apps for your phone while you browse [Chrome Extension]

Find the best apps for your phone while you browse settings

Computers, internet, and now smartphones and tablets have become the part of almost everybody’s life. There are several types of mobile OS in the market these days and so is the list of mobile phone apps, which keeps on increasing with every passing day.  No doubt, people use different methods to search for a specific app for their phones, some ...

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Free Valentine’s Day themes for Windows 7

Free Download Valentine's Day Theme for Windows 7

Microsoft keeps giving us free themes for every occasion, now as the festival of Love on February, Valentine’s Day is about to arrive and they have launched  free windows 7 themes for this occasion to express your love even more beautifully. Find the download link at the end. Roses Theme for Windows 7 : This should have come as the first ...

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Video : Two Way Sync Android SD Card with Dropbox

Free Android app to sync a folder on SD Card with a Dropbox folder

We all are well aware of the Dropbox, and if you are a Dropbox user, I am sure you are already using the Desktop Client and probably the Dropbox app for your respective Smartphone as well. Using the Desktop Client for Dropbox makes it damn convenient for the user to share the files using the Dropbox service. The Problem – ...

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Record a message to be posted on your Facebook profile after your death

Upload a video message to be posted after your death on your Facebook profile

Facebook is becoming more and more popular every day, developers all across the globe keep on developing several Facebook apps. You might have seen several Facebook apps but this one which I came across recently is little different. Let us have a look at what this app is all about. This app actually is related to a bitter truth we ...

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