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Free Love, Leadership and Success Quotes app for Android

Free Android app Success Quotes

If you love reading quotes, here are three free Apps for Android Devices. You can get them from the Market for free. These apps not only allow you to read quotes but also provide you an interface using which you can share any quote with others as a SMS, Facebook status message, Twitter update, etc. Leadership Quotes – An app ...

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Sing to Record, Auto-correct the pitch, and much more [Free Android App]

Sing and Record with free Android App

Here is an awesome Android App, which has been designed especially for the people with singing talents in them. MicDroid is a nifty Android app, which actually is a voice recorder app with some advance features. It has a minimalistic interface, which comes with a large button to start the recording. Later when you stop the recording by pressing the ...

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Using Foxit Create PDF toolbar as standalone PDF creator

Create PDF files for Free with FPDFCT

Foxit has launched a PDF Creator Toolbar for Windows; this is an awesome way to create PDF files from almost any printable file. You simply need to download the executable file as setup to Foxit PDF Creator Toolbar, later; you come to see a Toolbar in your web browser window, as shown below. This toolbar, like any other toolbar has ...

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Free Android App to use your Device Camera as Document Scanner

Use your android device's camera as a Document Scanner

A very important use of mobile camera which we all have done at some point of time is using it as a document scanner. Generally the photos clicked using the camera of your mobile device work pretty fine as a scanned document. Here is an Android app, named as CamScanner, which makes this process of scanning documents using the mobile ...

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Know your Disease Risk for Cancer, Diabetes, etc. [Free Online Tool]

Know your chances of being affected from Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease for free

Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, etc. are the most common diseases of the current times. We all want to stay away from them; your lifestyle, working conditions, workplace environment, surroundings, feeding habits, etc. play an important role in your chances of being a victim to any of them. Here is an online tool which takes you through a questionnaire, and ...

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Instantly convert your photos to sketch with free Android app

Free Android App to Convert Photos to Sketch Manav and Anusha Mishra

Converting photos to sketch is something we all like; at times even a simple looking photo becomes a masterpiece when converted to sketch. Here is an app for Android devices, named as Sketch Me. It’s an awesome app for converting photos to sketch, it instantly does it, and is damn simple to use. Once you have installed Sketch Me on ...

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Free Download Birds Wallpaper Pack [50+ high resolution]

Free Download Birds Wallpaper Pack Beautiful

Here is a chance to grab an awesome wallpaper pack, which has more than 50 high resolution Birds Wallpapers. You will love this wallpaper pack, especially if you love wild life and animal wallpapers, you just can’t afford to miss downloading this pack. Here are some of the scaled versions of the wallpapers from this pack, have a look – ...

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Free Dictionary apps for Android [Compared and Tested]

Free dictionary app for Android

If you are one of those people who keep on referring to the dictionary, instead of guessing the meaning of unknown words or somehow you are interested in making your vocabulary richer by finding out the exact meaning of every word you encounter on daily basis, you will definitely like to have some dictionary app on your Android mobile device ...

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Free Battery Widget for Android: Not just a battery level indicator

Free Battery Widget for Android

Battery Widget for Android is an awesome widget for battery. As the name says it accurately displays the Battery Level on your Android device. Also it gives you access to the major battery hogs, so that you can easily change the settings. It actually gives you shortcuts to the settings of Display, and turning on and off the GPS, Bluetooth, ...

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Download Free Santa Christmas Theme for Windows 7

Free Download Christmas and Santa Theme for Windows 7

I hope by now you would have almost finished preparing for Christmas, just two more days to go, and then it is Christmas, the festival begins. If you have finished with all the preparations and decorated every nuke and corner of your home for the occasion, here is something you probably missed on, why is your Windows 7 PC not ...

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Free Download 2011 Calendar and Spreadsheet

Free Download 2011 Calendar and Spreadsheets

2011 has almost arrived, we are about to say Good Bye to another year, several sites are offering planners, calendars, and spreadsheets for the year 2011, here 2 resources, where you can download free calendar and spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel format., in my opinion the best blog which can make you pro in Excel, has come up with couple ...

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NINJUMP – Become a Ninja with Free Android game

Free Arcade Game Ninjump for Android

Generally I am not much into gaming, but at times this bug bites me too, though the period is often very short, recently I found this game in android Market, named as NINJUMP, and have been spending a lot of time on this game lately. Also, I came to know that this Game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod ...

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