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Free EBook Reader supports multiple formats: KooBits

free ebook reader to download and read book from bookstore

We have been posting about several types of EBook Readers and other possible options; here is another free EBook reader, named as KooBits. KooBits is an Adobe AIR based desktop application, so before you plan to install it, make sure you have the AIR installed on your system. If I say that KooBits is an EBook reader on steroids, that ...

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Android App to calculate Taxi Fare in India

Android app to Save you from being overcharged by the taxi and Auto rickshaw driver

Being overcharged while traveling in a Taxi or an Auto–Rickshaw (Tuk-tuk) is something every Indian knows about. Tourists are the most common victims of this. I remember reading a news lately where a foreigner was charged Rs.5000 for a 2Kms ride by an auto-rickshaw driver in Pune. Faulty meters are often installed in the Taxi/Rickshaws to make the traveler pay ...

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Best desktop application to remove the Red-Eye from your Photos [Free]

Results, Red Eye removed, using free application S10 RedEyes

Red-eye effect is the phenomena of appearance of Red Pupils in a photograph, caused due to the reflection of camera’s flash lights. This really makes the photo look scary, when everything in the photo looks so perfect, but just one element, i.e. due to the re-eye. Here is an awesome desktop application, which works really great for removing the red-eye ...

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Free Love, Leadership and Success Quotes app for Android

Free Android app Success Quotes

If you love reading quotes, here are three free Apps for Android Devices. You can get them from the Market for free. These apps not only allow you to read quotes but also provide you an interface using which you can share any quote with others as a SMS, Facebook status message, Twitter update, etc. Leadership Quotes – An app ...

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Sing to Record, Auto-correct the pitch, and much more [Free Android App]

Sing and Record with free Android App

Here is an awesome Android App, which has been designed especially for the people with singing talents in them. MicDroid is a nifty Android app, which actually is a voice recorder app with some advance features. It has a minimalistic interface, which comes with a large button to start the recording. Later when you stop the recording by pressing the ...

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Using Foxit Create PDF toolbar as standalone PDF creator

Create PDF files for Free with FPDFCT

Foxit has launched a PDF Creator Toolbar for Windows; this is an awesome way to create PDF files from almost any printable file. You simply need to download the executable file as setup to Foxit PDF Creator Toolbar, later; you come to see a Toolbar in your web browser window, as shown below. This toolbar, like any other toolbar has ...

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Free Android App to use your Device Camera as Document Scanner

Use your android device's camera as a Document Scanner

A very important use of mobile camera which we all have done at some point of time is using it as a document scanner. Generally the photos clicked using the camera of your mobile device work pretty fine as a scanned document. Here is an Android app, named as CamScanner, which makes this process of scanning documents using the mobile ...

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Know your Disease Risk for Cancer, Diabetes, etc. [Free Online Tool]

Know your chances of being affected from Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease for free

Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, etc. are the most common diseases of the current times. We all want to stay away from them; your lifestyle, working conditions, workplace environment, surroundings, feeding habits, etc. play an important role in your chances of being a victim to any of them. Here is an online tool which takes you through a questionnaire, and ...

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Dislike button for Facebook

Dislike button for Facebook

Probably we all know the Facebook interface very well, and we also know about the Like button Facebook, which appears below almost any type of postings made on Facebook, let it be a status message, a photo, a link, a comment, the Like button is ubiquitous. The sole aim of Like button is to show your love to what others ...

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