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How to disable the Priority Inbox feature in Gmail

How to disable Priority Inbox in Gmail

Gmail recently launched the Priority Inbox feature; the feature seems to be nice enough, though in my opinion, choosing the Multiple Inboxes feature accompanied with the filters can work better for you. On the other hand, I came across several posts and found people loving this new feature. By now this feature is available to almost all the Gmail users, ...

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A unique way to enable Alt+Tab via a Mouse Gesture

How to enable Alt+Tab functionality with a mouse gesture

The ‘Alt+Tab’ key combination as we all know is a great way to toggle between the running applications window, any other open windows, or desktop. Probably we all use this, reason being it is the easiest (and laziest too) way to switch from window to other, without closing or exiting anything. How about enabling this feature just on a drag ...

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Detach embedded videos from browser and show them in a separate window

Detach embedded videos from browser and show them in a window of their own

We all watch online videos at some point of time, generally the options available on the video page allow you to watch them in full screen or may be in different resolutions, here is cool little utility, DetachVideo, which allows you to detach the video from the browser, and launches a small frame showing the video, giving you a feel ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Codecs Pack

Windows 7 Codecs to play almost every format in Windows Media Player

Here is an awesome Codec Pack, designed especially for Windows 7, and is known as Window 7 Codecs. You just need to download the exe file, and run it, done!! All the codecs have been installed, no need to play around with anything else. Installing Windows 7 Codecs will allow you to que up the following formats in your Windows ...

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Adobe AIR based application to easily batch resize images

Batch Resize images with Adobe AIR app

Here is an AIR based image resizing tool, named as Shrink O’Matic, the UI of this tool is damn simple, it can resize images for height, width, or both, or you can resize on the basis of ratio, say you want to resize an image simply to 50%. It has option so that you can produce the output in a ...

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Free Download Seven Wonders of the World Windows 7 Theme

Taj Mahal Free Download Seven Wonders of World Windows 7 theme

Looks like it is a Free Theme Day on, Ashish already wrote about the Creative Theme and the Girls Rock Theme, here is another one to join this celebration, Seven Wonders of the World Windows 7 Theme. It has 10 beautiful wallpapers in High Resolution; all of them are perfect examples of great photography.  The wallpapers listed are of ...

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Find Social Media records of any person : KGB People

Comprehensively search for a name in multiple social networking sites, online docs, etc. in one go

‘KGB People’ is the name of the search engine, which when queried for a name, produces the comprehensive results, which tell you about the profiles with that specific name on sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Also it allows you to have a look at any kind of other online entries with this name. It has a simple search engine like ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer

Free Download Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer

Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer is a small utility which changes the color of Taskbar instantly. It is a small standalone utility. Once downloaded the zip file for Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer, you can now unzip and run the exe file. Running the exe file shows you a window as shown below. Here simple click on the color tile ...

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Find alternate words for effective writeups with Ambiguous Words

Create attractive titles, songs, etc. using Flexible Words

‘Ambiguous Words’ is an online resource, which basically showcases the words which have flexible meaning, in other words we can say that it is an online database of words which do have several meanings and hence are flexible. This flexibility can be utilized to flaunt you writings, let it be poems, stories, songs, or just a title of a write-up. ...

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