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Clip and share parts of any webpage on the fly

Clip and share specific parts from a webpage

It often happens that you want to share some selective content from a webpage, in such case simply copying the URL and sharing it doesn’t serve our purpose well. We do have some tools which help us in posting only the specific content from the page, in the same series; here is a tool, named as Memonic. In order to ...

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Simple tool to Cut Mp3 Songs and create Mp3 Ringtones

Cut Mp3 files online with Cut Mp3 Online

If you are hunting for a very simple and easy to use tool which can help you to cut Mp3 files, in order to create some amazing ringtones, or may be for any other purpose. ‘Cut Mp3 Online’ is a nifty online tool, when on the Cut Mp3 Online page, you will have to click on the ‘Open Mp3’ button, ...

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Uploading your Photos online? Beware

Sample Exif Data

Uploading personal photos online is a very common activity we all do at some point of time. Well, while uploading or sharing your photos on a platform where anyone can have a look at your photos, have you ever thought that unknowingly you are doing much more than just a simple photo sharing, you are actually also disclosing personal information ...

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Free Download Friendship Day Wallpapers

Wine Friendship Wallpaper

Friendship Day has arrived, I am sure you would have been really busy wishing Happy Friendship Day to all your friends, so here are some Friendship Day wallpapers. My favorite Friendship Wallpapers Download This Download This Download This Download This Download This Download This Download This Download This If you liked them go ahead, and download the ones you liked, ...

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Free Download a Pack of Car Wallpapers [40+ Wallpapers]

Free Download Car Wallpaper Pack Vintage Beauty

Here comes another Wallpaper Pack for Car Fans. This pack has 45 Car Wallpapers, and showcases the cars from some of the best cars manufacturers in the world, like Lexus, Mercedes, Lamborghini, etc. It also has some vintage car wallpapers. Have a look at some of the scaled versions of Wallpapers from this pack. All the wallpapers in this pack ...

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Extract EXIF data from your photos in text or CSV format

Extract EXIF data from your photos in text or CSV format

EXIF data is a set of information which is stored with in the image files of your photos. There are several set of information in EXIF, which is helpful in many ways, like you comparing the EXIF data of two images you can get to know the date when the photo was shot, also you can know about other specifications. ...

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Talking Pet Cat on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Talking Tom Cat for your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

Tom is the name of the cat, which can become your Pet on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (microphone is required in case of iPod Touch). To get this Cat, Tom on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you need to get the free app named as Talking Tom Cat. ( May be you can share your LOLCat jokes ...

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Online Services to meet all your media conversion needs

Conversion Options at

Online file conversion is something which really makes it damn convenient to convert files from one format to other, without any type of installation.  Wn often need to convert video, pdf, images, word documents and what not. I am listing down six services which you should bookmark. #1 allows you to several types of file conversion, and also ...

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How to avoid the screensaver launch, even if the system is idle

Jiggle mouse to avoid Screensaver

Suppose you are working on something which requires lot of thinking or may be lo of some kind of offline reference, your system might irritate you by launching the screensaver, you keep hitting some key or you make a mouse movement. In such case, one option is to either set a very long delay for your screensaver or just completely ...

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