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How to avoid the screensaver launch, even if the system is idle

Jiggle mouse to avoid Screensaver

Suppose you are working on something which requires lot of thinking or may be lo of some kind of offline reference, your system might irritate you by launching the screensaver, you keep hitting some key or you make a mouse movement. In such case, one option is to either set a very long delay for your screensaver or just completely ...

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Auto Saver automatically saves the changes as you work

Set time interval for automatically saving files while you work on it AS

AutoSaver is a small nifty utility for automatically saving the changes after every specific interval in a file as you work on it, i.e. suppose you are creating a word document, the AutoSaver will automatically keep saving the changes after a certain interval, without any manual intervention. All you need to do is download the AutoSaver and run the exe ...

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Free download 1700+ Nature Wallpaper Pack for HTC HD2

HTC HD2 Nature Wallpaper Pack Green Garden Wallpaper

Nature Wallpapers is probably the most popular category when it comes to the types of wallpapers, we have been posting about several Nature Wallpaper Packs, time to time. Here is another nature wallpaper pack, especially for the owners of HTC HD2, this pack has 1700+ beautiful wallpapers have a look at some of them. If you liked them, go ahead ...

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Free PDF Reader for iPad: iRead PDF

Free PDF Reader for iPad

PDF reader is probably one of the most sought applications for any device. If you own an iPad, and you are looking for a PDF Reader, here is iRead PDF which is a PDF reader application for iPad. Apart from general PDF Reader features, it also allows you to open PDF files from your emails. iRead PDF is based on ...

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Easiest way to quickly edit your photos for that perfect look

Preview the perfect photo with PPE

So, you just returned from a nice vacation, or may be from a weekend outing and now when you transferred your photos from your digicam to your Pc, you felt some of them aren’t looking so good, and you want to edit them to improve. There are several photo editing apps (Photoscape is my favorite), however if you are not ...

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Independence Day Countdown App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Independence Day Countdown app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

July 4th The US Independence Day is almost there, if you are excited about it, here is a Free iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch app you will love to grab. July 4th – Independence Day – Countdown is name of the app, and as the name itself says it is an app which actually is countdown timer app, using this ...

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Free Download 175 Amazing Widescreen Wallpaper Pack

Road to hell Free Download Wallpaper

We have been posting the free download links for several types of Wallpapers, here is another Wallpaper Pack, which I found recently, this is a lovely pack of Wallpapers, which has 175 Wallpapers, and all these wallpapers are widescreen with resolutions like 1920×1200 and 2560×1600. As such these Wallpapers aren’t of any specific category; this pack is a mixture of ...

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Record a video of activities done on your Computer in your absence

Create Video of activities done on your Computer Nepflex Screen Recorder

There could be several reasons because of which you would like to know what all was done on a particular computer while you were away. Sometimes just to keep an eye on your kid, or may be to know about the activities of your employee, or colleague, etc. Here is a nice application, named as Nepflex Screen Recorder, which can ...

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Read Kindle Books on your Android Phone

Kindle comes to Android Kindle for Android

As we know Amazon’s Kindle is an awesome device designed especially for reading books, newspapers, magazine etc. Kindle has a huge database of books, and other reading resources, generally to get an access to this database, Kindle is must, but recently we heard about the app which allows you to access and read the stuff available in Kindle database on ...

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