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Record a video of activities done on your Computer in your absence

Create Video of activities done on your Computer Nepflex Screen Recorder

There could be several reasons because of which you would like to know what all was done on a particular computer while you were away. Sometimes just to keep an eye on your kid, or may be to know about the activities of your employee, or colleague, etc. Here is a nice application, named as Nepflex Screen Recorder, which can ...

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Read Kindle Books on your Android Phone

Kindle comes to Android Kindle for Android

As we know Amazon’s Kindle is an awesome device designed especially for reading books, newspapers, magazine etc. Kindle has a huge database of books, and other reading resources, generally to get an access to this database, Kindle is must, but recently we heard about the app which allows you to access and read the stuff available in Kindle database on ...

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Search, Listen and Download Mp3 for Free

Search, listen and Download with Free Mp3 Downloader

MP3 Free Downloader is a desktop application, which allows you to Search for songs, listen to them online, and if you want you can download it as well. As seen in the snapshot above, you can easily search for any Mp3 song; options like advance search, browse hot songs, and browse by category are also there and can be found ...

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Free Download Independence Day Theme for Windows 7

Free Download Independence Day Theme for Windows 7 1

US Independence Day is about to arrive, i.e. on July 4th, so, if you want to have some nice wallpapers for the occasion, here is a nice theme for the US Independence day. It has 4 Beautiful Wallpapers; one of them is that of the US Flag, have a look – You will have to download a Zip file, extract ...

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How to add a shadow effect to the Windows

Add shadow effect to Windows

Ever thought what it look like if the Windows had a Shadow effect, i.e. you could see a shadow of any open window on your desktop, let it be a simple folder or some application in you Windows PC. Would you like to have a Shadow Effect in your Windows? If yes, here is a small app, Y’z Shadow, which ...

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Free download Firefox Cheat Sheet

Free Download Firefox Cheat Sheet

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers, though people have different opinions when it comes to their favorite browsers. However it has been my favorite for years now. If it is same for you, i.e. if you too love it as your favorite web browser, here is something which you will love to download, The Mozilla Firefox Cheat ...

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Add a grain effect to your photos, like grains in old analog photos

Add grain Effect to Photos to make them look like old Analog Photos

There are so many ways to add some special effects to your photos; probably all of us enjoy playing around with photos. We have featured several tools, using which you can enjoy adding effects to your photos, here is another tool, named as Film Grain, this standalone app can be used to add grain effect to your photos (remember those ...

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Play Pacman, Tetris and Sudoku online

Play Pacman online for free

Remember those DOS games, especially the Pacman and Tetris; these were probably most popular games, during our childhood days. The popularity of these games can be understood by the fact that not only the computer versions rather several handheld video games were available on very cheap rates to enjoy these games. If you too were one of the kids who ...

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Free Quran recitation app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Quran Recitation with iQuran Free ipad iphone and ipod Touch app

iQuran is a free app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. As the name says it’s all about the holy Quran, Users get complete Quran in the Uthmani Font along with verse by verse translation and recitation. Here is the list of features for iQuran – Full Quran with Translation: Potrait and Landscape (Landscape only in Surah Fatiha) Translation: Shakir ...

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Free Download Windows Live Messenger for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Free Windows Live Messenger app for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch

Windows Live Messenger app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch was recently launched, now you can fully access all the features of Windows Live Messenger on any of these Apple devices. This app is compatible with iOS 3.0 or the latest iOS 4.0 Features of this Windows Live Messenger app are as follows – Instant message with your Windows Live ...

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Free Download User Manuals for 1000+ Consumer Electronics Brands

1000+ Consumer Electronics Manuals for free download

Whenever you go to buy a consumer electronic product like, a digital camera, binocular, camcorder, dishwasher, CD player etc. you generally get a manual, which tells you all the ins and outs of the product in few pages, and this manual is damn useful while troubleshooting and handling the product. It often happens that we misplace this manual, and the ...

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