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Free Download ‘Loading’ message Screen Savers for PC and Mac

Loading message Screen Saver 1

Remember those Loading messages, which are not seen very often these days. These messages were actually a request to wait and hold on for the user, designers used their creativity to create several types of animated Loading messages, hour glass, speedometer, revolving globes , animated logo formation etc. were the most commonly seen Loading messages. Seems like designers poured their ...

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Free download Internet TV and Radio recording application

Play Internet TV or Radio For Free Solway's ITV and Radio Player

If you searching for a nice Internet TV and Radio application, your search ends here, here is a small application named as Solway’s Internet TV and Radio Player. Once you download and install this small application you can have an instant access to several Radio and Internet TV stations. Using the radio button option as shown in the above snapshot, ...

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Free download Google Earth app for iPad and iPhone

Google Earth Free app for iPad

With the launch of iPad several apps for it have been launched, and several new apps keep launching on daily basis, here is another new arrival in same series. Remember Google Earth, almost every computer user has used Google earth at some point of time. Now Google Earth is available for iPad, and iPhone as well. Using the Google Erath ...

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Easily Download Photos from Facebook in a zip or a PDF file

Online tool to download Photos from Facebook

If you ever wanted to download photos from Facebook either from your own account or from your friend’s profile? As long as you are interested in copying 2-3 photos, that won’t require any special arrangement, simply right click on the Photo and use the ‘Save image as’ from the menu, but, if you are interested in downloading the whole album, ...

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DocFetcher makes searching faster with smarter Indexing technique

Search for specific text within the Documents on your Computer DocFetcher

Generally we download files, and save them with the same name as they have it on the server where they are hosted. In such case biggest issue is faced when you know that you have the file, as you remember downloading it lately, but you don’t know the name of the document file. Here is a search utility, which can ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Car and Bikes Theme

Ducati Theme for Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7 and looking forward to get some Car and Bike based themes, here are 10 handpicked resources to download the Car and Bike Themes, have a look, and download the ones you like. In order to activate these themes on your Windows 7 PC, all you need to do is simply double click on the ...

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Free Download BlackBerry app for 2010 FIFA World Cup

Calendar Integration 2010 FIFA Worldcup BB app

So, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is almost here, and Football Fans are all set to catch the fun, people have planned not miss even a single match, and those who won’t be able to catch the matches on their TV sets have made an alternate arrangements, like downloading the ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup app for iPhone, iPod Touch ...

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Share and Post sticky notes on any computer in your network

Advance Sticky note app, create Sticky on computers in same network

Windows 7 and Vista have the inbuilt program which allows you to place Sticky Notes on your desktop but what if you want to share it over network ?  Here is another Sticky notes application, known as StickIt which like other applications you can create notes but the most eye-catching feature of this application is that you can post this notes on any machine which ...

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