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How to Type in 11 different languages using US standard keyboard [ Office Tips ]

Type French Accent

Typing mails or any other documents in different languages is now possible with Type it and that too with your US keyboard. This means you can include their accent and characters using the same keyboard. This online software which incorporates Unicode and JavaScript allows you to do in following languages: Czech Polish French Portuguese German Romanian IPA (English) Spanish and ...

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How to enhance your Vocabulary [ Online Tool ]

Probably every individual wants to have a rich vocabulary, there are certain traditional methods to do this, like, pen down every new word you come cross and look the dictionary and thesaurus in order to learn everything about that word, reading more and more of newspapers and magazines etc. How about having an online service to enhance your vocabulary? Quizlet ...

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5 Popular Free Anti virus – Compared and Tested [ Windows ]

Here goes the third part of the series on compared and tested and this time we picked up 5 Popular Free Anti virus softwares. Windows users and viruses are like chums, who keep playing Hide and Seek, with each other, and somehow the only tool to win this battle is, Antivirus Softwares. In this post I am trying to compare ...

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How to fix when BlackBerry cannot make a cellular connection

In the last post we talked about How to fix delay in receiving mails on Blackberry. Th second issue which was faced by my friend was Problem : BlackBerry cannot make a cellular connection The Possible causes and solutions are #1 Your BlackBerry does not have sufficient Power Check the battery charge level as shown by the battery icon on ...

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5 Popular Audio Players – Compared and Tested [ Windows ]


Welcome to the second part of the series. Generally the very preliminary stage of every Geek is either a Music Lover or a Die hard Game Player, the first thing one learns to do on the PC is either of them. I not sure about other countries but probably in India the first software a child interacts with is none ...

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5 popular PDF Readers – Compared and Tested [ Windows ]

PDF Files have been a very powerful mode of communication (used esp. for long text files), and unfortunately none of the Windows versions have that as an in-built utility. PDF Files need special software to open/read a PDF File, this software is generally termed as PDF Reader. Here I am enlisting the five most widely used PDF Readers with a ...

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How to Fake magazine covers with your picture [ Tricks ]

Ever dreamt of being popular enough to have your picture on the front page of some popular international magazine??? If yes, All The Best, May you achieve that soon, but, for the time being try Magmypic , and have a preview of this dream of yours. Searching for unique personalized gifts, fake magazine covers are affordable and fun. A photo ...

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How to keep your Old PC running smooth Part 2 [ PC Tips ]

In my last post I discussed the Software Activities to maintain your PC, Now I am going, to discuss some hardware activities, which should be performed manually by the user to keep your PC healthy. Cleaning the RAM Importance of RAM in a PC, does not need any explanations, so, in order to keep your RAM working properly, you can ...

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How to keep your Old PC running Smooth? [ PC Tips ]

Defragment Hard Drives

Owning an old PC, takes a lot, as far as the maintenance part is concerned, you need to take good care of it. Here I am trying to offer few tips to maintain your old PC and Make It  Fast. Defragment your Hard Drives Regularly Fragments are small chunks of free memory, spread all over the hard-drive, Defragmenting the drive, ...

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How to create Free Screensavers and Slide Shows using your own Images and sound

How about having your images embedded with your favorite soundtrack, as your screensaver, sounds good isn’t it? Yes, you can have this, and that too quite easily. You can create free Screensavers and Slide shows with personal images, using FotoAngelo.  It is an application by ACD Systems. Which allows you to add sound, text, and transition effects. Simple tools like ...

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