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Free Calendar and To Do list organizer for Windows

Free Calendar and To Do list organizer application for Windows

If we talk about the calendar or to-do list organizer applications, the list is huge; almost every application is unique in its own way. And no doubt, this class of application is pretty useful and must have. We need a digital assistant, which can remind us of important appointments, to-do, deadlines, etc. I am sure you might already be using ...

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Free Download Justin Bieber Never Say Never + 3 New Windows 7 Theme

Free Justin Bieber Never Say Never theme for Windows 7

Releasing new themes for Windows 7 seems to be an important agenda for the Microsoft, we often come to know about launch of new themes, in the same series, Microsoft has come with some new themes, here is the list of some new themes launched recently  – Justin Bieber: Never Say Never theme – Justin Bieber, the name says it ...

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Group Taskbar Items in Windows 7 for better access

Free Taskbar Organizer to group taskbar icons

Ever since the launch of Windows 7, we have experienced a new way to interact the programs by pinning them to taskbar. The Taskbar in windows 7 came with several other enhancements, like it allowed shuffling the icons, and so on. Well if you are often found with so many windows (read several taskbar icons), here is an awesome desktop ...

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5 New and probably unseen Windows 7 themes [Free Download]

free download Romantic Love Hearts Windows 7 Theme

Microsoft keeps launching new themes for Windows 7, we try to keep you updated on all of them with short reviews, here are some new themes released by Microsoft, and there is one theme which isn’t from the Microsoft, but is awesome and is worth a download and install. Here is the list, have a look – Best of Bing: ...

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List of Best News apps for Android seen so far [Mostly Free]

List of Best News apps for Android

The concept of accessing the news sources on the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and eBook readers is picking up at a very fast pace. There are several factors which are make this concept a hit, like the portability issue, now just to get updated on the news while traveling you no more need to carry that bundle of papers ...

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Broken Windows Wallpaper pack looks awesome [Free Download]

Shattered Broken Windows Wallpaper

Keeping different types of wallpapers as your desktop background is something we all love to do, however the choices vary, some like to keep their wallpapers beautiful and smooth one, whereas some want them to be damn simple, also there are people who like some weird wallpapers. If you are the one who loves weird wallpapers, or if there resides ...

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Disable / Hide Facebook Questions [Browser add-ons and Scripts]

How to Disable or Hide Facebook Questions

We recently saw the Theater View for Photos on Facebook wasn’t very warmly welcomed, people kept on looking for ways to get rid of it ( manually or using Extensions ) , by resuming the same old style of viewing the photos, later Facebook recently launched the Questions feature, a feature which was probably an initiative to get the queries ...

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Visually analyze the SD Card with free file manager for Android

Free File manager for Android with Visual representations

The storage space is one of the biggest issues faced by people these days, if said, there could never be enough storage space, probably the statement is the universal one, and the scenario worsens if there resides a download junkie in you. We keep looking for more storage space, there could be several ways to do so, sometimes it is ...

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Play around with Animals on Google Earth Day Doodle

Google Earth Day doodle

Google keeps showing us the doodles inspired by different occasions, and I think this is the best way to keep us educated about the occasions, as well as the reason behind the occasion, this definitely is a great initiative by Google. Well, in the same series, today’s Google doodle in inspired by the Earth Day. Here is a small video ...

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All round Cricket updates with Free Android application

All round Cricket updates with Free Android application

I recently came to know about a Free Android application, and trust me saying that it is a ‘must have’ for every cricket fanatic, wont at all be an exaggeration. It’s not that this is the first Android application for Cricket updates I have seen and tried, but I liked it most amongst the ones I have used. Cricket Pro ...

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