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Iconlet : Pretty advanced search engine for free icons and images

Looking for some free icons and on top you have specifications like size, image type, licenses and resolution ? Welcome to Iconlet , a search engine for finding icons with all specifications you can give. This is probably the most advanced icon finder I have seen till now.  It allows you to specify the the following things which you see ...

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Workplace angel, Software to keep you fit

software suggests you the exercises at workplace

I have talked a lot about the disorders caused due to working a lot on computer for several hours. The first post in this series was based on the disorders which are caused due to long working sessions on the computer, and the second one telling about some stretching exercises in the same context. While preparing these posts I came ...

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Working on your Computer for too long?? Beware!!


Working on computer is something which has become totally unavoidable these days, most of us here, use computers for more than 12 hours a day, or even more than that. Researches have proved that several disorders are outcome of long working sessions, inappropriate postures, lack of timely breaks etc. if you are wondering what this post is doing on a ...

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Improve your one minute speech with

Improve your one minute speech with OneWord

Ever though of  improving your one minute speech when all of a sudden you get a topic and you need to talk on that something. Well its not easy because you need a lot of presence of mind but there is one saying “Practice makes a man perfect” If you have ever encountered those free speech sessions, you can understand ...

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Few things to get good results from your Digital Camera

This article will tell you how you can take good photographs / photo by understanding some of the terms in easy words. An advanced camera will always take good photographs but with digital camera its difficult. So just read on and I can bet at the end of this article you will learn things which will make you a good ...

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Track your time and billing info with

Time tracking tools are a very efficient way for Improving productivity Keeping track of billing details and other financial issues Achieving goals in time Finding out the reasons for delays. 1time is a perfect time tracking tool, with several features as follows, Time sheet recording – Managing time is very easy with simple and easy to use time sheet system Email ...

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iLocker – Perfect online Locker for your text

ilocker is a new innovative way to keep your text safe. It works as a locker for your text. Access the link and there you will get the option to ‘Create a Locker’, clicking on this button takes you immediately to the locker creating process, you get a editor, which has the capacity to save 64,000 characters. Now just enter ...

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Write online Personal Journals with Penzu

“Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you.” – Mae West Writing a Diary has always been promoted as a very good habit, My parents always used to tell me to write a daily dairy, and wanted to cultivate this habit in me, I slowly did, and even today I write at least a page in it daily. The service ...

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Box.Net – Why its an impressive file sharing solution

Box is another file sharing service, with some great features, I compared it with Dropbox in my last post DropBox Vs Box, without testing it just on the basis of information available on the Box homepage. As the overall functionality of Box and Dropbox is quite similar, I will try to focus on the features which are different in both ...

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Create an E-mail Account with a Unique Domain Name

How about you having a email account with a domain name of your choice without even paying or owning a domain ? Sounds fishy right ? Don’t worry I am not asking you to hack around but its still possible. Mail.Com is an email service which allows you to choose a domain name out of the listed once. For example ...

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